From Instagram: Double TAP and comment if you agree πŸ™‹πŸ™Œ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . πŸ“Έ credits to owner Follow @makemoneysendingemails for more πŸ‘ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . In this time I was realizing the many people I have around me and that within this group of people I know, maybe only a small part of these people will be the rest of my life. How did I learn it? In the worst way, and was to see people who really worth defending suffer when, from the beginning, what they wanted was to be happy. . False people can hurt you without thinking twice, just to laugh a while. They want the worst in your mind when you are telling them how much you appreciate them. . And worst of all, you may even take advantage of what you can offer and, when you have received what you wanted from the beginning, will extract what you can from yourself). A phrase that came to me from Stamateas that comes from this book says: << Many times we are not happy because we are busy trying to please others or taking care of wrong responsibilities, belonging to third parties >> . So just let’s keep away fake people of our lifes ☺ . Feel free to share and tag us πŸ‘ Follow @makemoneysendingemails ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #inspiration #quotes #wp #motivation #photos #truth #picoftheday #beyourself #internetmarketer #internetmarketing #internetlifestyle

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