List Building Traffic: How to Build a Huge Email List

By | February 15, 2017
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list-buildingWhen building sites there are two primary alternatives: big content site or small mini-sites. Large material websites are normally more “information” focused. Mini-sites, however, usually have one purpose only, to sell.

Provided what online search engine want, big material websites are much better for getting online search engine traffic. The majority of the time (unless you’re outstanding at enhancing), it’s difficult to obtain mini-sites to rank well for competitive keywords.

This is why most do NOT depend on online search engine for traffic to their mini-sites.

In all honesty, the best strategy is to combine the two kinds of sites by having a large content site to rank well with search engines that feeds traffic to your mini-sites.

However, not everybody have the time or know-how to easily build big websites that succeed with online search engine. The majority of us simply want to set up a little site and start earning money.

Here are the 3 traffic producing methods I use everyday for traffic to mini-sites.


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Forums/Discussion Boards

I have actually made more than $5,000 from one mini-site simply by targeting it to the best forum in my signature file.
All I did was leave a nice declaration in my signature file; in 1 month I attracted over 5,000 targeted visitors that converted to over $5,000 for me.

The standard strategy here is that you have to discover related forums and end up being active in them. Get yourself understood, learn exactly what those members discuss and discover an affiliate product to fit their need.

Then, make a good, simple, yet captive site with an excellent heading followed by an evaluation of the product. Check it and if it pulls well, you have a winner. If not, choose another item.


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Ezine Advertising

I would rate ezine advertising at the second best method to collect traffic to your mini-sites only since this strategy can cost some cash. Forum promotions have no cost (generally).
However, ezine advertising can provide much bettersendin email marketing outcomes.

Online forum marketing needs you taking the time to make practical responses or asking great concerns. However, with ezine advertising, you just write a good promotion and let the publisher send it out.

An advantage of ezine advertising is that you understand before you promote that you have a targeted audience that has actually currently revealed an interest in your subject.

Also, the customer and the publisher most likely have an excellent relationship (considering the subscriber has actually not left) therefore your promo features credibility and may get more attention.

Among the keys to doing well with ezine advertising (for me) has been duplicated ads in the exact same ezine. I have actually discovered that my outcomes are best in the second of 3rd promotion. Nevertheless, if I get no results on my very first mailing, I do not repeat that ezine again.

Warning: Not all ezines are the same. Some will be major winners and others will be major flops.


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Directory Sites

Alright, here is the controversial technique that I use extremely successfully.

I know, I know, some of you will believe that it is “wrong” – however in the end, my task is to teach you how I get my traffic; that is precisely what I am going to do.

Directory site websites are websites developed by software application that automatically develop you a site which is 500 or more pages. These sites are just simply published to a domain name. The majority of (if done right) tend to do well with search engines. That traffic is then forwarded to your mini-sites.

As you can see, we’re cling to our policy of constructing a funnel system where we utilize the big websites to generate the “no cost” online search engine traffic (which is also highly targeted). Nevertheless, all the “selling” happens on our mini-sites.


Large websites = Traffic Gathering Mini websites = List Building / Conversion Into Sales


Obviously there are a lot more techniques to use to bring in traffic to your mini-sites such as banners, pay per click, connect exchanging, etc. I just wished to discuss the leading 3 that are the simplest to execute and require the least knowing curve (in my viewpoint).


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