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how to use Instagram for promoting
affiliate offers Instagram is the new
Facebook ads okay this is a new Facebook
mmm instagram has 70 more 70% more
engagement than facebook and 30% more
engagement than twitter so you have to
be only circum okay
and as the beginning of youtube people
try to monetizing it with product
placement by putting links for selling
directly okay for selling the affiliate
offers directly because they cannot
monetize like with Adsense like they
have done with the YouTube using SSO
they try to monetize it using affiliate
offers or putting directly the link
directly okay
did you take a picture a picture they
put some hashtag and they put the links
okay of the half-liter person first of
all first of all Instagram does not
allow this so you have to cloak the link
so doing blackhat things you have to use
custom domains a cloaking etc okay but
it’s not it’s a no-no cuz as an example
you need to have a flow of income okay
if you put your affiliate offer even if
the link is cloaked etc sooner or later
you will be banned and you only make
money once okay you have as an example
1000 of people looking at your picture
okay then 10 sales but there’s a better
method to
this do not try to advertise directly
the affiliate offer what you have to do
is put the link in your description your
caption the link in the buyer you need
to put the link of your opt-in page as
an example yeah assuming that you are
doing affiliate marketing in the weight
loss niche so you can put your affiliate
offers in the funnel okay you put your
opt-in page you have an autoresponder
mmm this is all written explained in
make money and amazing day if you link
if you see the link below you can opt-in
and you have been told you will be
taught about this ok so you need an
opt-in page for your niche for your
athletes offers okay for your
dissolution of the problem you are going
to solve with this product as an example
you can put your affiliate affiliate
offers you can have affiliate of us
about weight loss as an example women
who wants to lose weight because the
summer is approaching so you take this
opt-in page ok opt-in page one day when
the user can put their meal and you
check a domain as an example my domain
make money Sonny Mays calm and you will
put this link in every post and in the
bio ok you can also buy a shutout what
is a shutout it’s a post with the link
of course
you came by in other Instagram profiles
in a change of money as an example you
can have you can find out Instagram
profile with a good engagement regarding
weight loss regarding mmm some physical
training or class on our training or
game something like this okay and you
have affiliate offers an opt-in page
regarding this niche so you can go to
different marketplace or better try to
contact directly the the Instagram users
about this about this niche click the
lens in your Instagram hub and then put
the hashtag and you can find in several
Instagram profiles about there the niche
you put then you can contact them
directly asking if they sell shut out
and how much okay so you can pay them to
oast your post in it’s a very good way
to build your list of we are users also
you can buy stories you can buy some
stories a story in other Instagram
profiles with your custom domain your
domain of your opt-in page so you have
two strategies that can run both control
at the same time and which are Instagram
profile with which must be a business
profile okay a page as an example weight
loss for women women
we lost for white colors etc you must
have a link of your opt-in page in every
post okay
and then I’ll link the same link in
their bio bio file and then you can buy
us a shootout in other Instagram
profiles with this link and post you can
make okay you put the silicon even if
it’s not clickable at this time
Instagram does not allow clickable links
but you can easily put only as an
example if you go to my page make money
send emails come or my Instagram profile
and John Vianney or also an Instagram
page make money send emails calm my
money enemies you see that I always put
this link make money sending means if
you want to make money in your line
using email marketing go to make money
send emails come okay so you have this
poster which can deliver you a constant
flow of leads a constant flow of people
interested in your marketing materials
in your solution okay so after you have
yet this constant of leads you have to
nurture these leads with emails and you
can sell a lot of products that’s why
it’s insane to put affiliate of first
directly because you will be pants
sooner or later
Instagram will catch you Instagram is
clever than you okay and then you you’ll
leave a lot of money in the table you
leave a lot of money in the table doing
this okay so the the right way the best
way is advertise your opt-in page buy a
custom domain like motley make money
send image come and put this link in
every post by shut out by Instagram
stories which is which are better than
only post this post you can buy
there are a lot of Maccabees and stay
for 24 hours something like this that’s
enough to have a constant flow of leads
okay mmm
there are a lot of ways to make money
with Instagram post shut out stories
also your stories you have to put
hashtag not more than 15 okay and one of
the worst thing you can do is put the
link of your opt-in page in the pile and
in a blue post if you want to have a
step-by-step coaching about making money
with email using this strategy click the
link below and go to make money send
emails that can put your past made and
you will have free report free
step-by-step coaching by me okay so go
to make money Sonny Mays calm have a
nice day

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