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in the article above: march 2018 of the bests email marketing autoresponder deliverability .

The winner is Activecampaign! <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

a lot of the back laying around what is
the bass also responded the best
delivery wait lots of people think that
it’s a weber or get response because
they are the two major autoresponder
used so they think that okay it’s good
going without our bar or get response or
at least Infusionsoft but the reality is
quite different if you go to a meal test
of tools of them I put the link below
they made a test around the major
autoresponder a 2018 and it gives this
thus the final sentence
active campaign is the best auto
responder in fact if you see it has the
best deliver weight better than our bar
no promotion tabs there is it’s a very
detailed test and you can read all the
things as a another responder needs to
have an active campaign is the best for
all the features so there’s no debating
around this also to keep images by cheap
price for five hundred contacts and also
more determined I think it’s very cheap
for all the futures it gives you mmm you
can have automations you can also track
where the contact goes a division the
cities countries it has a lot of
features to track everything in your
email campaign so there’s no reason to
choose another tow responder yes one
year ago in active campaign had some
issues with the delivery rate as all the
autoresponders all the autoresponder as
issues when they started because mmm as
the contest go you have issues if you
are new okay but they fix this they did
some they grind out the server’s the
server so I’ll switch as an example to
another server of a chick campaign and
the delivery weight increased a lot so
now is the top-performing delivery top
performing automation there are no
reason to choose another one okay so
click the link below and sign up with
act a campaign

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