#discipline #mindset How to Master Self-Discipline

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Self-discipline is the secret ingredient to success. Motivation drives you, but only discipline can keep you going, ensuring that you continue to work hard towards your goal, even if there are countless obstacles in your way. Having great self-discipline prevents you from being reckless and remove all impulse from your thoughts and actions. Which in turn allows you to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

In this video i will teach you how to master the art of discipline to achieve unimaginable success. You will learn strategies to implement self-discipline in your own life and enjoy incredible rewards.

With this course you will:

Bring your level of productivity to a new stratosphere
Incorporate the Power of Discipline in your daily lives
Become the Top Performer in your personal and professional life
Accomplish so much more than you ever thought possible
Experience exponential growth in your character values
Achieve ALL your dreams as quickly as possible <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

most of us hate rules when we hear the
word discipline were automatically
reminded of convents and boot camps who
doesn’t love living each day as it goes
without any rules of course there are
joys that can be experienced by living a
carefree life but if you want a life
filled with happiness that can be
sustained you need to bring in some
rules and there is no necessity that
rules are always bad you won’t believe
how incorporating discipline as part of
your life can help you improve the
quality of your life and sustain your
happiness I encourage you not to be
immediately put off by the idea of
adding some discipline to your life I am
sure that this video course will give
you a fresh perspective on discipline
and help you realize how it improves
your life hence I strongly urge you to
stay patient until you finish this video
course your patience will be duly
rewarded the first chapter of this video
course deals with the art of discipline
and how it’s an important ingredient for
achieving success the second chapter
highlights the various benefits of
incorporating discipline as part of your
life the third chapter stresses on how
lack of discipline can damage your life
the fourth chapter focuses on strategies
or tips that can help you incorporate
self-discipline the fifth chapter of
this book talks about famous celebrities
who have incorporated discipline as part
of their lives and finally the sixth
chapter throws light on why
self-discipline is better and more
important than motivation
in this video we’ll throw more light on
what discipline entails especially what
discipline and self-discipline is all
about and how it can help you achieve
success why do we need discipline we’re
part of a generation which likes living
each day on its own terms we shy away
from rules and aspire to live each
moment to its fullest without any
restraint while this might not sound too
bad have ever wondered why you didn’t
get into the college that you wanted or
get that job you coveted the most have
you ever thought why you find it
difficult to sustain your relationships
have you always been puzzled as to why
your results are never commensurate to
the amount of effort that you put in the
answer to these questions could be the
lack of discipline the reason why some
of us fail to meet our targets despite
our best efforts is because we lack
discipline again as I said before do not
look at discipline as a negative element
in your life let me give you an example
to prove how discipline is important for
even following your passions let’s
assume that you’re part of your school’s
basketball team you have an important
tournament coming up in a month luckily
all your fellow players are in good form
and are extremely talented is this
enough to get you that trophy
no you must practice every day for a
certain number of hours you will have to
practice your routine several times even
if your strategy for this game is the
same and you’ve played your opponent
several times in the past to understand
their style you still need the practice
why are you indulging in so much
practice to ensure that your body is in
good form and to mentally prepare
yourself for the game isn’t this a form
of disciplining your body and mind out
of passion for winning all of you come
together and engage in so much practice
all of you may have different playing
styles but it’s extremely important that
your styles are aligned on the day of
the game to reap the maximum benefit
it is discipline that brings you
together as a team you will see in a
while how discipline self discipline
will help you to achieve success living
with no regrets is a good thing but
living without worrying about
consequences is bad and detrimental to
not just you but to the people around
you as well most of us don’t really see
how our actions impact others we fail to
appreciate the importance of the things
that we have this is one important
reason why this generation are pros at
procrastination we would rather spend
hours on snapchat or Twitter or
Instagram instead of focusing on the
work at hand you’ll be able to get away
with this reckless attitude only while
the consequences aren’t too severe but
why wait until things get out of hand to
do course corrections when you are
disciplined you will surely be cognizant
of your actions and behaviors now that
I’ve spent quite some time talking about
discipline let’s see what it refers to
so what is discipline discipline is
nothing more than the practice of
getting trained or conditioned to think
or react in a certain way within a
certain framework of principles sounds
boring and daunting well let’s look at
what self-discipline is all about you
will probably realize that discipline is
not about a life based on someone else’s
rules it’s about having your own set of
rules and living your life based on that
what is self discipline self discipline
is nothing more but the ability to
control one’s thoughts actions emotions
and behaviors with self-discipline you
will be able to control your impulsive
reactions by exercising self-discipline
you are consciously letting go of the
need to be immediately gratified or
upset by your surroundings it is a
conscious effort to hold back your
emotions and not react immediately in
other words self
Appling is all about being in control of
your life and reaping the maximum
benefits from it when I say that you
need discipline in your life it does not
mean that you should let go of your
happiness and lead a boring life
you can continue having fun and do all
the things that you like so long as
they’re not detrimental to your overall
well-being like a drug addiction in fact
you will realize that having a bit of
discipline can improve the quality of
your relationships and help sustain your
hence it is not a bad thing after all
self-discipline is all about improving
your focus directing your efforts in a
more effective manner and reaping the
maximum benefits from all your
undertakings self-discipline plays an
important role in helping you achieve
success in whatever you do it helps you
hit the mark in the following manner
when you are disciplined your tolerance
levels are increased hence you end up
persevering more you will not be easily
disturbed by situations which may put
you out of your comfort zone when your
perseverance increases you will keep
going at your goal no matter how many
obstacles are placed in your way
discipline automatically Tunes your mind
to keep trying
despite failures we all know that it is
not possible to strike gold at the first
attempt with some patience and
consistent efforts on your part you will
most certainly taste the fruits of
success self-discipline equips you with
the required patience discipline helps
you stay focused on your target when
you’re focused you will be in a better
position to put in your best efforts
discipline also helps you deal with
distractions you will not be easily
distracted by things around you and will
be able to focus on your target another
important quality required for chasing
success is the ability to maintain a
calm and composed head all the time
discipline will help you achieve that
when your mind is not clouded by other
impulsive thoughts emotions or opinions
it becomes
much easier for you to focus these are
some of the top reasons which indicate
the discipline self-discipline is
required for achieving success the
various benefits of self-discipline are
highlighted in the upcoming chapter for
you to fully appreciate its importance
including discipline into your life is
not an unpleasant experience contrary to
popular belief it is all a matter of
perspective you can look at discipline
as a set of rules and dismiss it only to
regret it later
or you can look at it as an opportunity
to align your life with your goals
aspirations and passions again don’t try
to change your life all at once under
the pretext of disciplining it make
incremental changes to your thought
processes and your routines and see how
it goes
make course corrections as and when
required also don’t try to incorporate
discipline as part of your life in a
rush to matter nothing good ever comes
out of doing things in haste to help you
get started I’ve provided a separate
chapter detailing tips to incorporate
discipline as part of your life so don’t
break your head too much yet about
disciplining your life I am sure that by
the end of this video course you will
realize that disciplining your life adds
a lot of positivity to the various
spheres of your life in this video we’ll
talk about the benefits of
self-discipline practicing
self-discipline can most certainly help
you alter your life in so many ways it
can improve the quality of the various
spheres of your life at the same time
some of the top benefits of self
discipline are as follows
helps in achieving success as we’ve
already seen discipline is extremely
crucial for achieving success in
whatever you do being self disciplined
helps you channel your time and effort
in the most constructive manner possible
you would be surprised by how much you
can get done
in a short span of time if your efforts
are channeled in a systematic manner you
will also be able to better manage your
time when you learn to discipline your
mind improves your personality when you
include the practice of self-discipline
into your life your persona will change
gradually you will no longer be the lazy
and carefree person you were you will
weigh each option more carefully and
ensure that you are completely focused
on what you are doing
this will automatically improve your
productivity at work when your
productivity is rewarded you will
automatically feel more confident your
outlook will become more and more
positive hence if you were someone with
low self-esteem and low confidence
levels inculcating the practice of
self-discipline will certainly help you
improve these you will start believing
in yourself when you discipline your
you will be able to channelize your
efforts in a systematic manner when your
efforts are directed in an efficient
manner you will be able to accomplish a
lot when you are able to see your
efforts translating in the results you
will feel a sense of accomplishment you
will start believing in yourself more
you will trust yourself to see a task to
its completion your confidence levels
will approve tremendously and will have
a positive effect on the quality of your
work as well helps and improving
relationships on the personal front when
you are disciplined you will be more
balanced as a person this will ensure
that you don’t immediately react to a
situation without deliberating about the
pros and cons of each decision your
conversations with others will also be
more measured you will be trusted by
others to stay calm and take an informed
decision this trust removes unnecessary
troubles or misunderstandings in your
relationship with others when your
reactions are controlled the chances of
you wreaking havoc in a relationship are
slim hence you will be able to improve
your relationships by practicing
self-discipline improves your mental
clarity as I mentioned before when you
practice self-discipline you will be
able to exhibit calmness in all
situations you will tackle any situation
in a systematic manner this
automatically improves your mental
clarity how so let’s assume that you are
in a chaotic situation when your mind is
not disciplined you will be all over the
place there will be thousands of
thoughts crossing your mind at the same
time you may end up reacting without
actually thinking it through your mind
will be clouded by the emotions and
anxiety and you wouldn’t be able to
think straight on the other hand when
your mind is disciplined you’ll be able
to assess the situation in a calm and
composed manner you will approach the
situation in hand in a systematic manner
by breaking it down into smaller
components this will help you make
better decisions hence without a doubt
self-discipline improves your mental
clarity and your ability to make sound
decisions helps you appreciate life
better as I said before your attitude
changes when you discipline your mind
when your outlook turns positive you
will learn to appreciate life better you
will start seeing that silver lining in
any situation you will start being
grateful for the various things around
you this is possible only when you are
calm and composed and have a positive
mindset all this comes hand-in-hand with
self discipline when you learn to
appreciate even the smallest things
around you you’ll be able to find
happiness and whatever you do you don’t
need external stimuli to keep you happy
you’ll feel contented and happy even
when the odds are stacked against you
this also adds to your mental clarity
helps you let go of your addictions
self-discipline is extremely crucial
when you were trying to mend your ways
and get rid of your bad habits
especially addictions unless you learn
to control your mind
you will not be able to resist the bad
habits for instance if you’re trying to
fight off procrastination you need to
discipline your mind first this is
because procrastination has got more to
do with your lazy mindset
the sooner you discipline your mind the
sooner you will be able to limit your
tendencies to procrastinate
hence disciplining your mind is the
first step before you attempt to let go
of any habits when your mind is
you don’t need external motivation to
stick to your schedule inculcating good
habits self-discipline need not apply to
just letting go of addictions
self-discipline is important even for
incorporating good habits and practices
for instance if you’re trying to get on
a diet you need self-discipline to stick
to the diet no matter how tempted you
are to eat out similarly when you are
trying to get on an exercise regime you
need the discipline to get on with your
schedule every day disciplining provides
a sense of direction which can help you
stay on track control your stress levels
oh when you learn to discipline your
mind you will most certainly be able to
regulate your stress levels owing to the
following reasons you will not panic at
the outbreak of any situation you will
assess it with a calm and patient mind
this way you are not reacting to the
problem in hand immediately this is
vital for preventing you from acting out
on impulse
this will automatically regulate your
stress levels in fact there will be
fewer things that will stress you out
with self-discipline you will be able to
practice meditation regularly this is
another way of regulating your stress
levels easily when you introduce
self-discipline you’ll be able to
approach any situation with renewed
positivity this positivity will help you
find solutions to your problems quicker
and thus help you reduce your stress
levels accordingly
thus self discipline will definitely
improve your mental health by not just
regulating your
stress levels but also by keeping your
mind calm increased energy levels when
you are disciplined both physically and
mentally you will not be spending your
energy on things not worth your time
when you channel your energies in the
most productive manner you’ll accomplish
a lot within a given period of time this
will give you a sense of accomplishment
as well as motivation this motivation is
enough to sustain your energy levels for
a longer duration of time similarly when
you engage in healthy habits such as
healthy eating and regular exercise you
will be able to increase your energy
levels easily another contributing
factor towards sustaining your energy
levels is that you will seldom waste
your energy fretting about issues you
will prefer to spend the time and energy
on figuring out the issue in a calm and
composed manner self-discipline can
improve the quality of your health in
the following ways you will finally be
prepared to let go of the dirty habits
which are impacting your health you will
be in a better position to practice
healthy habits regularly and reap the
complete benefits you will also be able
to improve your mental health by
reducing your stress levels and keeping
a cool head with self-discipline you’ll
be able to stick to the course of your
treatment without any deviations this
will help in accelerating your recovery
when you fall sick your immunity levels
are also improved when you consciously
pay attention to what you eat and how
you burn off your extra calories as you
can see the benefits of self-discipline
are countless the previous benefits are
merely illustrative you may experience
various and other benefits as a result
of practicing self-discipline
it is important you practice discipline
if you aspire to grow professionally as
well as on the personal front and lead a
healthy lifestyle
in this video we’ll discover why poor
discipline can destroy you I’m sure you
will have realized by now that the
benefits of self-discipline are
countless to motivate you to practice
self-discipline here are some important
effects of lack of discipline you’ll be
surprised to see how lack of discipline
can affect the quality of your life in
so many ways one on the path to
self-destruction when we’re not
disciplined it simply means we’re going
to be victims of our problems and bad
habits bad habits turn into addictions
which ultimately consume our happiness
peace and health nothing good ever comes
out of succumbing to an addiction what
follows suit will be a list of things to
be worried about you will feel
remorseful for being an addict but at
the same time feel miserable for not
being able to resist your urges you will
get sucked into the vortex of misery and
depression and getting through each day
is going to be a tougher ordeal two
self-interest when you are not
disciplined it will be very hard for you
to appreciate what you have you will end
up craving for more and putting your
interests above others your efforts will
most likely be channelized toward
achieving only your desires without
taking into consideration the welfare of
others the simple fact that you are
indulging in your addiction to derive
happiness knowing pretty well how it
will impact your friends and family is
an indication that you value your own
interests more than that of others this
will not only hamper your relationships
with others but also have an impact on
your career nobody likes working with an
individual who constantly puts his
interests above the team’s interests
hence it can have some jarring
consequences on the work front as well 3
lack of responsibility when you are not
disciplined you seldom care about the
consequences of your actions or inaction
also only a person who is capable of
putting others interests above his or
we’ll be able to take the lead on things
and assume responsibility I’ve already
mentioned how lack of discipline makes
one selfish this makes it even more
difficult to assume responsibility for
matters concerning work as well as
personal life when you constantly shy
away from taking responsibility for your
actions it has the following impacts you
will not be respected by your peers or
your superiors
after all responsibility and
accountability are extremely important
when working as a team when you are
always trying to pass on the baton
people would no longer care about
passing it to you in the first place
hence this attitude will definitely
affect your chances of a promotion on
the personal front it will increase the
frustration levels of your friends and
family members when you are not taking
responsibility for the various tasks at
home or for your actions not even your
loved ones will be interested to cut you
some slack forever and take on the extra
work hence it is important that you
don’t ruin your existing relationships
by shrugging off your responsibilities
every time for you feel agitated when
your mind lacks discipline it becomes
that much more complicated to control
your emotions and thoughts when faced
with an adversity you will feel agitated
and lose track of the solution your mind
will be clouded with your impulsive
thoughts which will hamper your
decision-making as well similarly when
you get addicted to your desires it
becomes difficult to get out of it
without disciplining your mind first you
may attempt to get out of the addiction
only to fail shortly we have already
seen how addictions are capable of
destroying your happiness added to that
the loss of our loved ones Trust can
also be quite discouraging all these
will certainly add to your frustration
and agitation 5 you will be constantly
criticized of course there will be a
group of people who will criticize no
matter how earnest and disciplined you
are I’m not referring to that bunch when
I mean that you will be subject to
constant criticism your
colleagues managers even your own family
will criticize you
owing to the following reasons when you
lack discipline your efforts will not be
spent only for productive things for
instance you would end up spending time
and money on your addictions which could
have otherwise been utilized in a
productive manner this could affect your
productivity and work as well as your
personal relationships when your mind
lacks discipline you will always behave
in an impulsive manner however this
might not be the best way to deal with
most problems in hand we’ve already seen
how self-interest is an offshoot of lack
of discipline when you are forever
putting your interests above that of
others it indicates that you’re not a
team player or someone who is not vested
in the interests of the family when you
lack the discipline you will end up
defying Authority quite often and will
not take responsibility either people
will find it difficult to deal with
individuals who have a problem with the
rules and yet do nothing to change the
status quo six low self-esteem and
self-confidence when you realize that
your efforts don’t translate to results
you will automatically be frustrated you
will start questioning your ability to
handle the task at hand gradually your
confidence levels and self-esteem will
drop you will not be motivated to do
anything with full vigour abstaining
from putting forth your best efforts
will only result in more failures hence
it is a vicious cycle of disappointment
further when you are constantly subject
to criticism you start losing trust in
your abilities you will also constantly
be disappointed with your inability to
get over your bad habits and addictions
this also affects your morale to a large
extent 7 pessimism constant failures may
impair your optimism to a large extent
over time you end up becoming cynical
and looking at everything in a negative
vein you end up developing a pessimistic
attitude as a result you will
generalize your misfortunes and not
focus on solving the problem at hand you
will fail to look at the obvious
solution staring at you in the face you
would rather spend your energy and time
crying about your problems than actually
solving it this pessimistic attitude
will have a grave impact on your
professional development as well
managers like rewarding people who are
solution providers you will not be
looking for the solutions in any
situation if you have a pessimistic
mindset in the absence of sufficient
gratification at work you will not be
motivated to work better on the personal
front your family and friends will
refrain from sharing any problems with
you because you have nothing to offer
except your pessimism
this will also hamper your mental peace
and happiness eight poor health your
health both physical and mental takes a
huge toll on you when you lack
discipline when you lack discipline it
simply translates to a lack of respect
for your body and mind you will not pay
attention to what you eat you will not
spend the time and effort to indulge in
fitness activities you find it extremely
difficult to let go of your bad habits
this definitely has a bearing on your
physical well-being the more you get
addicted to something the more the
quality of your health starts spiraling
in a downward direction on the other
hand you also feel agitated and stressed
quite often as an offshoot of stress you
find it difficult to sleep peacefully
you may end up suffering from anxiety
attacks hence your mental health also
goes for a toss when you lack discipline
9 lack of productivity when you’re not
disciplined you will seldom have any
respect for anything including time you
won’t think twice before you throw away
your time on something unproductive you
will happily be a prisoner of
procrastination when you keep
procrastinating constantly you’ll
realize that you have much less time to
focus on the deliverables in hand you
end up doing a botched
job by trying to finish everything at
the last minute when you meet all your
deliverables at the last minute and in a
rush to Manor the quality of your work
is generally compromised you may end up
reworking on most of your deliverables
to ensure that they are error-free and
meaningful this is nothing but being
unproductive when you are not productive
it has an impact on your professional
when procrastination creeps to the other
spheres of your life your overall
happiness will be gravely affected for
instance if you forever put off making
plans to meet a friend you might end up
losing that friendship when you put off
making important decisions you may end
up compromising the happiness of your
family and friends as well this will
definitely impact the quality of your
relationships with others similarly when
you put off following a certain diet
always you may end up compromising the
quality of your health as well
in this video we’ll talk about seven
strategies to build unbreakable
self-discipline here are some tips and
strategies to help you build your
self-discipline and get rewarded in the
long run a word of caution you may not
be able to implement these tips in the
most perfect manner from day one itself
there will of course be some resistance
while implementing these changes give it
some time and be patient you will
definitely get there 1 learn to take
stock of your weaknesses being aware of
your pitfalls is the first step towards
tackling them these can be in the form
of bad habits addictions or issues with
your attitude ignoring your vices will
not help you in any way get disciplined
just list them down when you have an
exhaustive list you’ll be able to come
up with ways to tackle them and
discipline your mind in the process to
come up with an action plan now that
you’ve come up with your list of
weaknesses think of ways to overcome
them there need not be only one solution
to your addictions or weaknesses list
all possible solutions and see how you
can implement them come up with a
revised schedule for the next week to
see how these ideas fit in again this
does not have to be a perfect plan
you can also revisit this and tweak to
better address your weaknesses having a
written plan will give you a sense of
direction and purpose it can also be a
source of reinforcement when you think
that you’re being tempted by your vices
come up with a routine based on your
schedule a daily routine can help you
discipline your mind easily over time
for instance if one of your weaknesses
is addiction to social media think of
ways to handle it if temporarily
deactivating your account is an option
then go on and do it if that’s not
feasible come up with a plan to reduce
the number of hours you spend on social
media if your schedule is filled with
other activities then you will
invariably be left with less time for
social media hence increase the time
that you spend outdoors 3 stay committed
it is not
important if you just come up with a
plan it’s important that you put it to
action and stay committed to the plan
here are some ways to ensure that your
plan is put into action if there are any
objects in your surroundings which are
capable of distracting you remove them
from your vicinity if you are a TV or
Netflix addict it could be as trivial as
removing those posters of your favorite
TV shows from your room these posters
can remind you of these shows and make
you watch them by removing them you’re
controlling your addiction for watching
TV shows ensure that you’re surrounded
by positive reinforcements for instance
if you are trying to reduce your
tendencies to procrastinate but make
sure you have some post-it stickers on
your table to remind you the importance
of the deliverable or decision there are
various scheduling apps available today
which can be used for going through each
item on your agenda you’ll also get a
sense of accomplishment when you cross
items off the list these apps can also
serve as a visual aid to help you stick
to your schedule have a sound reward
system in place I’ll touch upon this
aspect in a bit having a reward system
will definitely motivate you to follow
your plan effectively come up with a
list of non-negotiables and you have a
list of things that you can’t compromise
on you will be disciplined to follow it
no matter what it’s important that you
learn to stick to your plan by doing so
you’re actually conditioning and
disciplining your mind of course it’ll
be difficult to follow your plan
initially but with patience and
sufficient reinforcements you should be
able to stick to it easily 4 learn to
prioritize not all of us are gifted with
the ability to prioritize our tasks in
an effective manner this is not only
with respect to our work but also
applies to our emotions hence by
practicing the art of prioritizing you
are disciplining your mind to look at
important tasks first for example when
your mind is disciplined you’ll be able
to approach a situation in a calm manner
you will not give priority to your
impulse reactions you would only
your solutions so learning to prioritize
is important to discipline your mind and
body having a written schedule or plan
will help you spend time assessing and
ranking these tasks based on priority 5
increase your tolerance levels all of us
like playing to our strengths and
staying within our comfort zones when we
are asked to do something out of our
comfort zone we feel lost and struggle
to complete it
hence engage in activities which will
make you step out of your comfort zone
this way you will not be caught off
guard later by doing this you are
disciplining both your mind and body to
stay composed even when faced with a
bizarre or uncomfortable challenge in
the future similarly do not run away
from short-term discomforts because it
might end up causing issues in the long
run increase your tolerance for such
discomforts this will prepare your mind
as well as your body for bigger
challenges controlling your body and
mind will not be an impossible task to
begin with for instance if you don’t
want to suffer from the temporary
discomforts of following a gym routine
you’ll end up facing health issues in
the long run if you will custom your
body for a routine of 30 minutes you
will not find it difficult to increase
the time to 45 minutes if your physician
so advises in the future hence learn to
prepare your body and mind for any kind
of situation when you anticipate
anything and are certain about the
uncertainty disciplining your mind
amidst chaos won’t be difficult 6 come
up with a sound reward system
disciplining your mind is not a joke at
all you have to be patient and try
continuously this will ensure that
you’re able to get there someday you
might have to find ways to motivate
yourself to stick to the plan one easy
way to ensure that you stay motivated is
to have a sound reward system in place
this will ensure that you follow your
plan no matter what having a reward
system in place helps you in the
following ways for the longest time
discipline has been considered a form of
punishment this is one important reason
why we consciously stay away from
discipline to eliminate that mental
constraint a reward can definitely help
it can be used to recognize good and
positive behavior or actions when there
is a reward tagged to your schedule or
plan you would be motivated better to
ensure that you complete your tasks on
time in a way you’ll be channelizing
your efforts in time toward the
completion of the task over time you’ll
be able to channelize your time and
effort to priority areas without the
need for a reward rewards need not
always be materialistic in nature they
can also be in the form of positive
reinforcements these can help and
further disciplining your mind for
instance your reward can be in the form
of an evening out with your friends
these rewards can also be used to help
you deal with your addictions you would
spend less time on social media when you
have an evening planned with your friend
here are some pointers to help you come
up with a sound reward system it’s
extremely important that you time your
rewards in an appropriate manner for
example if you’re testing a schedule for
this week make sure that you reward
yourself for the following schedule
during the weekend if your reward is not
timely the purpose of having a reward in
the first place is lost as I mentioned
before rewards can also be in the form
of positive reinforcements rewards need
not be entirely materialistic when you
choose an experience as a reward you
will learn more in the process do not go
for rewards which are capable of
affecting your resolve to discipline
yourself for example you already know
that you’re addicted to social media so
when you’re deciding a reward for
completing a certain college assignment
do not set it as spending 20 minutes on
social media by doing this you’re giving
in to your temptations and reinforcing
addictive behaviors every time you come
up with a plan to tackle your weaknesses
and discipline yourself in the process
out the rewards that will come along
with it when I say rewards I don’t
necessarily mean only the one set by you
think about the long-term benefits of
disciplining yourself self-discipline
can help you in numerous ways visualize
your rewards how your life can change
for the better
if you discipline yourself 7 review your
just like how important it is to have a
plan in place and execute it it’s
equally important that you review your
progress from time to time you can
choose the frequency of the review
depending on your motivation levels for
instance if you are not so confident
about your ability to stick to the plan
you can review on a daily or weekly
basis on the other hand if you are
confident about your ability to follow
the schedule without many deviations you
can also go for a fortnightly or monthly
review only when you review your
progress will you know if your ideas are
working well this review process will
help you make any changes to your plan
as and when required you can also take
the help of a friend or relative to be
an independent reviewer and help you
stay on track
in this video we’ll talk about how
highly successful people develop
powerful self-discipline if there was
one character trait that could assure
success to a person it would be
self-disciplined followed closely by
hard work but you know what they say
about hard work it’s not really about
blind hard work but more about
disciplined perseverance in the right
direction that can help you become
successful and achieve your goals in
this part of the video course we’re
going to look closely into how self
discipline has quite possibly been the
single most common trait among
successful personalities from all walks
of life and for this I’ve singled out
some eminent and highly accomplished
individuals who have contributed so much
to their respective fields by their
success their success stories have made
their names synonymous with their
profession and Industry and mind you I
won’t be doing a subjective analysis of
how they excelled in their chosen field
but rather objectively assess how
self-discipline has helped them become
what they are today and how much they
value self-discipline these chosen
individuals belong to the world of
politics business sports technology and
entertainment from the different parts
of the world all this just goes on to
further underline the significance of
having self-discipline and how it is
without a doubt one of the biggest
assets you can have regardless of your
profession or area of expertise so let’s
begin Arnold Schwarzenegger this man
quite literally is one of the biggest
advocates of self-discipline and hard
work he has explained on countless
occasions on how he owes his
achievements to self-discipline and
commitment he was one of the most
decorated bodybuilders hands down one of
the biggest bankable stars in Hollywood
when he was an actor full time a
well-loved governor of the state of
California the governador as he was
fondly called he excelled in every
challenge he took on in numerous videos
and articles mister
and Egger has stressed on how
self-discipline was the single most
important aspect in his journey it’s
quite easy to observe the benefits of
self-discipline in context of his career
as a professional bodybuilder the sport
requires total commitment toward the
cause and self-discipline is the link
that holds everything together the fact
that he won more titles during his
career than a lot of his competitors put
together just goes to show that his
sense of self-discipline indeed was very
high and his success story does not end
there after retiring from professional
bodybuilding mr. Schwarzenegger pursued
a career in Hollywood and in that
process faced a new set of challenges
being an immigrant and new to acting he
had to deal with a good amount of
prejudice and outright rejection but he
persevered and slowly with hardwork and
sense of self-discipline he became one
of the biggest action movie stars
Schwarzenegger went on to prove to the
world that restrictions exist only as
challenges to be broken when he made his
next career shift and moved to politics
here again his commitment perseverance
and self-discipline took him to the
highest public office an immigrant can
hold in the United States that of the
governor and he’s held that post of
governor of the state of California for
multiple terms Jack Ma if there’s one
name that is synonymous with the current
age of internet based business models
it’s that of Jack Ma born Mayan this
Chinese business mogul is the founder
and head of Alibaba
a conglomerate of various businesses
that have their founding on the internet
frequently making it to the list of top
five most influential business icons of
our generation Jack Ma story of success
has its base in his strong sense of self
belief and self-discipline even in the
face of multiple rejections and failures
his beginnings were more than just
humble right out of school he struggled
a lot to gain admission to college he
took three attempts to pass the entrance
exam to his alma mater
out of college he applied for 30
different jobs and unbelievably got
rejected by every single one of them in
fact he even applied to Harvard ten
times facing rejection every single
instance as you can clearly see he was
someone whose self belief and
perseverance knew no limits his initial
few business ventures also ended up his
failures before he hit gold with the
online marketplace that he started and
the rest as they say is history
friends and acquaintances close to Jack
meseta throughout his life he’s been an
avid practitioner of meditation and the
Chinese martial art form called Tai Chi
which is more of a practice of self
discipline than anything else
in fact ma himself has praised the
virtues of Tai Chi doing his part in
spreading awareness on the benefits of
this martial art form and expressed his
desire to be known as a practitioner and
teacher of Tai Chi been an internet
business mogul he is another excellent
example of an individual who fought
against all odds and challenges thanks
to his strong sense of discipline Serena
and Venus Williams any list of
successful people would be incomplete
without a mention of the Williams
sisters they have truly made a mark for
themselves in tennis through their
achievements and become cultural icons
standing as a source of inspiration to
millions of people across the globe
every aspect of their life and game is
all inducing and the only key to their
achievements besides their skills are
their sheer hard work and
self-discipline playing a highly
demanding sport at the age of 35 and 36
Serena and Venus are rewriting history
every moment they set foot on a court
they’ve been tasting success
continuously on a game which is
ironically infamous for burning out even
world-class athletes even in their 20s
due to the physical toils it demands and
the very fact that these sisters have
not given up yet is astounding and
inspiring between the two of them the
Williams sisters hold
humongous xxx Grand Slam titles that is
not counting the Olympic medals and
doubles and mixed doubles titles it can
be said without a doubt that the game of
tennis has never been the same since the
Williams sisters made their debut and
they continue to dominate their games at
this age when their adversaries would
have long retired overcoming extreme
physical injuries and illnesses Venus
has been diagnosed with Sjogren’s
syndrome and serena has been plagued by
knee and back injuries and refusing to
bow down to cultural and gender
inequalities they’ve made it clear on
multiple occasions that they owe all
their success and countless hours of
hard work and self-discipline behind
each game often hitting the court before
the Sun is up it’s indeed their sheer
dedication to the sport and extreme
amounts of discipline in practice which
has given them the honour of being real
game changers in the world of tennis
Michael Phelps with an all-time record
of 28 Olympic medals to his name
twenty-three of which are gold Michael
Phelps is the highest decorated Olympian
to date and arguably the greatest
athlete as well and beneath the aura of
success and achievements is the man who
by his own admission once went five
years without taking a single day off
from training and the rigorous schedule
of a competitive athlete that is 1825
continuous days of hard work and
practice and if that is not the very
definition of self-discipline and
commitment I can’t quite imagine what
else could be Phelps has been described
by his coach on multiple occasions as
someone who complements his
extraordinary sporting abilities with
insane levels of focus and commitment
his rigid and unwavering focus and
determination has been praised by his
teammates and foes alike his almost
obsessive pursuit of perfection has been
often reported in the media and he truly
lives up to it
he is said to have trained for up to
eight hours every day without missing a
single training day and spends the rest
of the time resting and meditating all
this for a man who admittedly suffers
from ADHD is indeed all inspiring it
again goes to prove that being
intrinsically gifted with a certain
skill can take you to great heights only
if those skills are complemented with
hardwork self-discipline and
perseverance Warren Buffett Warren
Buffett holds the official title of CEO
and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc
and unofficially he’s known as the
greatest and most successful investor of
our time with huge stakes in many of the
biggest public firms in the world
Buffett is considered to be an
investment wizard by the financial
sector often asked about the secret to a
success but is attributed to Prudential
investment tactics and self-discipline
which has helped him choose wisely and
reap the maximum benefits from his
investments exercising discipline in
financial matters is extremely crucial
for sustaining financial stability and
he has proven it over the years known to
be a man who invests in a company rather
than its stock Buffett has earned wide
respect and admiration for his
disciplined and humble lifestyle in the
backdrop of his billionaire status on
many occasions and forums
he has spoken about the importance of
self-discipline and honest hard work as
the key ingredient to success in the
business world
I hope these success stories motivate
you to start disciplining your mind and
in this video we’ll talk about the
superiority of discipline over
motivation finally it is important that
you understand why being disciplined is
more important than being motivated to
put it simply being disciplined can
impact your life in a more effective
manner than being motivated let’s look
at some of the important reasons as to
why discipline is superior to motivation
duration being disciplined as a state of
hence it exists for a longer duration on
the other hand motivation is more of a
thought and is often based on the
situation you may be motivated to do a
certain task today that doesn’t imply
that you will be motivated to do the
same task tomorrow
motivation does not exist in a uniform
matter at all times you may be highly
motivated now but you might lack
motivation during the rest of the day
however disciplining your mind is an
ongoing process and does not vary
drastically for example if you are
disciplined to hit the gym everyday for
an hour you will do it no matter what
stability discipline is more stable and
is capable of helping you change your
lifestyle in the long run it will help
you to make incremental changes to your
life and get rewarded in the process on
the other hand your motivation levels
can be compared to the effects of
consuming a drug you feel extremely
motivated at the beginning of the day as
the hours fly your motivation levels
also keep fluctuating drastically some
of us need external stimuli to even get
motivated at times but once you
discipline your mind it doesn’t have to
be probed any further impact the impact
of motivation is only short-lived you
would appreciate the impact of
motivation only for the time being while
it still lasts for example you lack the
motivation to go to work
you will then look for an external
stimulus to motivate you to get out of
bed and get ready for work the effects
of the motivation are no longer felt or
appreciated the moment you reach the
office as they
I mentioned before the benefits of
self-discipline are capable of changing
your life and can be felt in the long
run too hence disciplining yourself has
a greater impact than being motivated in
other words self-discipline is more
effective in helping you improve your
lifestyle than motivation energy
required in the case of motivations
sometimes we require external stimuli to
get started so a good amount of our
energies will be spent trying to
motivate ourselves once motivated the
rest of the energy will be spent towards
completing the task when you constantly
rely on motivation to start your work
you feel handicapped and unproductive in
the absence of an external stimulus this
has an impact on the quality of your
work as well as your productivity on the
other hand self-discipline trains your
mind and body to function in a certain
way for example you may discipline your
mind to do a set of tasks as soon as you
wake up when this discipline exists you
don’t need any kind of motivation to
carry out these tasks you will
automatically be spending your energy
and effort on completing these tasks in
other words being motivated takes up a
lot more energy than being disciplined
promoting consistency as I already
mentioned motivation is a temporary
emotion when you rely on motivation to
commence your work there will be times
when you abstain from working just
because you don’t feel like it in the
absence of any motivating factors you
will not be mentally prepared to
undertake any activity if you’re forced
to work on something despite lacking the
motivation to do so the quality of your
work will be severely impacted you will
not be able to apply your efforts in a
consistent manner on the other hand if
you are self disciplined you will be
able to focus your work irrespective of
your state of mind
your efforts will be channelized in a
consistent manner irrespective of how
motivated you feel to work thus being
disciplined helps in ensuring that your
productivity levels are not affected and
the quality of your work is not
compromised to put it in simpler terms
you will be solely dependent on your
mind or rather your discipline to guide
you and not look for any external
stimuli to make you focus on work it’s
because of the consistency element you
need to be disciplined first before you
look for motivation there may be
situations in life where no matter how
hard you try you will not be motivated
but you still must deliver your best in
such circumstances if your mind is
already disciplined to take action you
will be able to handle the situation in
a calm and composed manner without
having to worry about motivational
factors sustainability you will be able
to sustain your self discipline for a
longer period of time in fact once you
discipline your body and mind to behave
in a certain way unless you decide to
change it you will be able to sustain
your state of mind your self-discipline
will help you sustain your energy levels
as well since your efforts will be more
channelized and efficient hence
self-discipline is more of a self
fueling system on the other hand
motivation is a short-lived phenomenon
you will have to expend a lot of energy
and rely on so many other factors to
stay motivated at all times
hence motivation becomes difficult to
sustain over a longer duration these are
some of the important reasons why
self-discipline is far superior to
motivation you become a self-sufficient
individual when you are disciplined
that brings us to the end of this video
course I know that was a lot of
information to process in such a short
span of time embarking on the journey of
disciplining your mind and body can be a
quite daunting task you will feel
discouraged Midway but remember the
positive effects of discipline on your
life imagine how you can improve your
life by adding some discipline to it
this will definitely encourage you to
keep trying until you fully incorporate
discipline as part of your lifestyle I
sincerely hope that you found this video
course useful I wish you all the best in
this journey towards disciplining your
life thank you and good luck
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