Email Marketing in 2018 Is Still Alive?

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Email Marketing
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Email Marketing in 2018
internet marketing
lead generation
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marketing <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

today I am surrounded by janeshia
resident and all are talking about the
power of email marketing 2008 since the
time I’m recording this video if he’s
ever been because there are a lot of
rumors around the web he may imagine in
that ICU that I was in his Larry since
we are surrounding a lot of dome with
corpse of this
human being like they like if they’re
human beings so email marketing is not
that for sure you can easily Google the
trap out of email marketing is not you
still be the core every other green
business because as an example here even
if for a lot of people who are
monetizing their YouTube channels with
with other things like CPA if you want
to build a sustainable federal business
you must do it I don’t email marketing
because after you have an email list on
17 may least you have a plaintiff
subscribers but even if it is small
know this you ever a bunch of
subscribers who follow you okay and no
one can take them away from you except
themselves as an example if you rely on
a sensor essence can be shut down
suddenly without any prior notice
because maybe Google camping that’s a
you not to buy their rules also with
YouTube channels if you monetize its
okay so email marketing is still alive
and you can make a lot of money with but
besides and building an email list there
are some tips that you can implement to
have a very good email list and this
fits our subject line the subject line
maybe is the most important factor
because people scroll in their email and
we Venus that has good subject lines
what is the good socket line a booth of
your night isn’t it subject line for
example comes from a friends since they
come from a fence what type of email you
people you may know we’re friendly okay
so right
shortstop design because the people had
to please you the subject line in their
window okay so right the shots of
designs informal and by something that
struck your instance as an example news
something made seem to come from a
friend an old friend okay
a very birth as much as possible reward
as breathe or work and that can be
catched by NT sand filter of the email
provider okay so write the catchy
subject line use the goodness of the
sonnet not such 3/8 of thunder
okay here’s our responder I’m not good
at all because you need to have a good
service I renamed market
another responder and they pay okay you
so avoid any work you may rely on the
top of the respondent like our bar icons
are used as we can pay now also there is
another respondent made by affiliate
marketers like Stan Lane is good and
another email make sure that people can
unsubscribe okay so you are can spam
complex okay if you want you can also
send an email at the time that the
subscriber has been paid at the same
time so you’d better maybe have more
chances to automate to be hoping is I’m
not sure about this I really think that
it doesn’t matter because mmm for
example I can be I can opt-in in a mail
with my cell phone and then within
another completely different time so I
don’t think use links if you are
promoting something try to use links
this link at least three times at least
one in service at least two times in
your email body okay
after writing the mayor always sucks
that the what’s up written standard of
the most important thing is that you
write a good cookie okay you want very
sure you can put their name in my opt-in
pages because I said that most of the
people you pick names
so use a good copy in your body as the
appearing right informal like a France
yes balafon more or less it’s the same
rules that you have to apply when you
are writing bullet lines short and
okay and uncheck the hosting rates and
the click-through rate a good
observation is from 20 person more and I
click your waiter can be from 3 person
okay and so you may use automation you
will notice that the open rate of the
information and the click-through rate
the admission are very higher than the
broadcast made it is absolutely normal
it’s absolutely normal
I mean automation us are now very large
using you know the respond elias’s
campaigns also get implemented GSS also
Sandling okay
I don’t be such that is useful and
simple subsist and implement from now on
your email marketing campaign and in
another video I will cover its more
deeply if you want to sub a sub coaching
in email marketing free opening make
money send emails come see open my login
page and you be disestablished to my
squirtle he may live
we save my sips of those tools or some
sweet shop and sat by subculture so good
to make money send amazed accent and
Rachel may subscribe and you will
receive for an Apple coaching and
step-by-step guide to implement your
relay marketer and to make money with me
but still alive and it still the core of
coercing me in every way you can you can
ask to follow your social media your
blog Sita of doing this you your
presence will be everywhere and your
subscribers are more likely to read your
content and also to buy yourself to ask
them to follow your person either ask
them to follow to read your blog every
time you post something but the core
must mean email must subscribe to make
money sending mezco have a good day and
I’m gonna do some work in this

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