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Email Marketing Open Rates Declining

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Email Marketing DeadEmail Marketing Open Rates Declining? Email Marketing is Dead?


Email marketing open rates declining and Email Marketing is Dead: since 2010 I’ve heard those statements. People no long reading emails, other platform are more user engaging, etc… are these statements true?

How did it all begin? Why suddenly the most preached tool used by Marketers all over the world, has been targeted as inefficient, old, and no longer useful?

One day it all started with the rising of Facebook: everywhere you could read that social media would beat any other type of communications.

But, Email Marketing survived. Even for subscribing to Facebook you still need an email account. And in the beginning, it was the ONLY one option.

Then it was the turn of Instagram, the uprising of Youtube, “everyone watching videos and no more reading”, it has been reported, but….still, email marketing survived and prospered.

And not only survived, it grows bigger and bigger, regardless of the so-called gurus always trying to sell the new fancy tool, constantly saying Email Marketing Open Rates declining, people no longer open or click emails and so on…

Along with the new platform Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, the advertisers have found how it’s so easy to get banned.

For the early birds advertisers, it was the Far West: everything and everyone was allowed. You could promote items from the new cell phone to pills for the penis enlargement.

Cause the platforms needed new advertisers, to sell them spaces, audience eyeballs, and make a profit. Repay the rising cost of hosting the “social” almost stupid content of every guy on the planet.

Then, the price of advertising got higher and higher. Till today, when the price per lead is stellar and almost not affordable by a beginner.

And it’s so easy to get your content, your ad, or even your entire “business manager”,  banned… forever.

And if you’re banned, you lose all your so-called “audience”. This is the most terrifying fear of any influencer. From thousands of dollars to zero in a matter of hours.

In this scenario, it’s clear how you NEED to get those people OUT of the platforms… and where?

Yes, in your Email List.


Make Money Sending Emails

So email marketing still is the core of your business. Not the only component, of course, you cannot simply survive on the long term with one opt-in page, you need to have content almost everywhere, exploiting every platform…

BUT the large majority of your potential customers are in your List.

But, what about Email Marketing Open Rates Declining? Would it kill your profits?

Email Marketing Best PractisesEmail Open Rates Declining

Another false claim is that the open rate is declining.

The point is NOT the “open rate”. It’s the fact that a serious Marketer should not be concerned about this.

Or at least considering it a real parameter, like a Bible’ word.

The open rate might decline in your autoresponder reports due to these facts:

  • People open emails from mobile. 90% of email mobile viewer do not load images, so the pixels used to track the email opened.

  • Most of email reader services block images and so your tracking pixel, by default, to protect people privacy. It can only be reactivated again by the user…which is very unlikely to happen!

  • Email systems often scan the emails for spam trigger keywords in your message, and it often counts as an “open”.

So in this enviroment, should you be concerned about email open rate declining? No.

There are in fact other factors in place which determine the final verdict on your emails:


Email Marketing Best Practises for getting Email Opened 

If you are so concerned about open rates declining, you might have missed some pieces along the road.

Maybe… You write Boring things or you’re not emailing EVERY DAY.

People need to get used to you, to your style, to your marketing message, If you do not write to them every single day, they will forget you.

Statistically, people who email every day, have seen only one collateral effect: bigger bank account!

You need also to not write boring things. Or only email free content hoping something coming back to you with no reason why. Or only writhe promotional emails.

The secret is: mixing content and promotion, in the same emails. Tell a story.

Yes, that’s what is called Storytelling. Real cure of Email Marketing Open Rates Declining.





People love stories.

Mixing content, stories, with promotion is the real key for success.

This is the real cure for the so-called gurus claims ‘Email Marketing Open Rate Declining’.

But the misconception affecting this principle is: you don’t have to tell lies.
Lots of marketers have understood that they have to tell bullshits stories about their own life.

Inventing a sort of heroic story of their life, starting from a basement and ending millionaire in a beach.

Storytelling is not about telling lies, inventing stupid stories, which would never be believed or even heard, just to sell something. Why? Cause the people are not stupid.

They can spot whether you are an impostor or not. You don’t need to have a story like an American Dream drama.

You really don’t need to tell your audience that you started with 1 penny and then turned millionaire in one month on your sofa. 

Do you really think that they are gonna believe you? That they do not search for you on social media, on testimonials and so on….and ultimately find out that you’re a liar?

You don’t need that. You don’t have to be a millionaire to teach something.

It’s more credible telling that you can teach how to earn a decent income, then to become insanely rich overnight.

It also appears more doable to work on small tasks that can achieve a reasonable goal in a specific time, than to dream of getting something totally out of the reach of an average person.

People of course are driven by emotions and dreams. But you have to guide them, not scam them. You can show them how to improve their life step by step, implementing briefly small tasks, like in the MakeMoneySendingEmails training, instead of scamming them with an unachievable goal.




Email Open Rates Declining Technical Solution

What you practically can do for email marketing open rate declining?

First of all: shift your focus

Instead of looking for open rates, look for actual sales and clicks. No one is talking about sales, it seems. They’re too much concerned about open rates, followers, likes, shares…

But what really matters at the end of the day is how many SALES you have made.

You cannot put likes, followers or open rates in your bank account.

In this hyper-connected world, where your audience could literally absorb your content from different media, like Blog, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin Blogs, Instagram, TikTok and so on…

You can’t really track what made your audience buy your products. What really drove the “click” in their mind. Probably it was EVERYTHING. All your materials.

Do you know what is the “Zero moment of truth“? It is what Google explains as the urge of your audience to find out more about you on Google, once they came in touch with you or your sales material.

What do you do when you want to know more about something or someone? You just go to Google and type your question!

So this leads to the point that you have to fill the empty space about you on Google, before others do it on your behalf. 

You need to have a lot of materials explaining the same concepts, selling the same products, educating on different angles. 

And if you do this, you couldnt’ really track WHAT makes people buy. Maybe it was your youtube educational series. Maybe your Facebook live video. But they bought it clicking your link on an email you sent to them…

So, instead of focusing on open rates, it’s better to build your personal brand, your messages, spread around different channels, with a strategy in mind.

Different channels require a different approach.

But ultimately, you have to take the people off those platforms and put them in your email list. And you need a Blueprint for doing it. Like what is taught in the Secret Email System Course of Matt Bacak, which you can find by CLICKING HERE.


Product to Market Match

In a nutshell: it’s all about coherence.

You cannot sell something that people are not looking for. First, identify a need.
Second, sell something that suits this need.

Marketing is in essential matching people and the products they need. Selling products to a market looking for them, and continuously selling other products.

Which leads to the point: you have to sell something coherent to your opt-in page, to the audience you are referring to, with a message coherent to the public you are talking with.

Your products, your values, your company and the message you deliver have to be aligned.

As an example: I’m an Email Marketer teaching how to Make Money Sending Emails through this free coaching. Which ultimately sells this product, which helps people to make money with emails starting from scratch.


matt bacak



Email marketing open rates declining is nonsense statements. Due to technical reasons explained above, and due to the inability of the marketers saying this to really write compelling emails that are likely to be opened.

People simply do not open their emails cause probably… they’re boring!

Do not be like them. Do not mess with all these claims, dissing and so on… 

Focus on writing good emails, produce marketing materials that really engage and resonate to your audiences, try to constantly learn how to market products that really match to your audience.

And focus on what really matters: SALES.

Doing so, you will not be a maniac of autoresponder’ reports but you will be more busy counting the money of your sales.

BUT.. how to learn all of these? How to get all the pieces of the puzzle in line, and finally make the money you deserve?



Make Money Online Sending Emails

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