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Squeeze Page in Email Marketing

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squeeze pageI see a lot of stuff on internet here and there referring to how to make a good squeeze page  in email marketing.

I recently read and did a lot about this and this is what i tested to works.

Action steps:

1) Create a squeeze page.

2) Create a confirmation page.

3) Create a download page for your freebie.

4) Get it all online and test it.


If you want to do something really cool, you might want to consider adding audio or video to your squeeze page.

– that is very important to have no distractions on your confirmation page

– you must test your squeeze page by doing a live walk-through of the entire opt-in process



Squeeze page


The following tips will help guide you into building the best squeeze page with the most success.


1. Building your list ? One of the best ways of building your list is by offering your visitors something of value for free in exchange for their Name and email address.
By writing or outsourcing the writing of a free report on your niche, you can offer your visitors the free report (with links to your products or affiliate products in it) for them simply filling in a form and joining your mailing list.


2. Look Professional ? Treat your squeeze page like you would a sales

list buildingpage.
It needs to be professionally written with good copy writing tactics and look professional with professional looking graphics, a shoddy e-cover of your free report will greatly reduce your squeeze page conversions.


3. NO EXTERNAL LINKS! Your squeeze page has one purpose and that is to get the visitors email address. No other links besides the email form should be on your page.


4. Benefits ? Be sure to include the benefits of the free report that your visitor will be receiving. Encourage them to download your free report and create some urgency to do so.

Remind them it is free and only costs them a subscription to your newsletter or list to get the free report.


5. Personalize your squeeze pages by adding an image of yourself and an image of your signature. There are some free sites online to create a signature image or just download some handwriting fonts and make your own.


6. Keep your offer short. Don’t make a long drawn out sales pitch on your squeeze page, just long enough to make them curious or long enough for you to create the need for them to download your offer.


7. Privacy statement ? in it very important that you place a brief (small and subtle) statement directly under your form subscribe button letting folks know that you won?t rent, sell or share their personal information with anyone.

Privacy is a major concern for most people and by simply displaying this privacy message directly under your form will significantly increase your subscribe rates.




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