Entrepenurial Mindset VS The Addicted Paycheck

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People are addicted to paycheck


That’s why when they turn in MMO business, they end up failing cause they expect to see results FAST and as a secure way of income. As a paycheck at the end of the month.

This is definately not an entrepenurial mindset

They tend to be insecure when, after seeing some results, they soon realize that there’s a learning curve which in the first instance tend to not follow in incremental of earnings.


They ask: WHY? Why now there’s a stagnation if it all seemed to go good?

They may failing dabbing here and there cause they got persuaded by gurus to know more, to constantly buy new course for boost their entrepreneurial skills .

This ends up draining their wallet, and not gaining any bucks more, cause this is not the answer.

Here’s the right answer:

The Best companies in the world and successful entrepreneurs started slow, made some results, and then grow very slow, after some time they had a suddenly incremental and an explonential grow. 

This belongs to the fact that there’s some force you have to apply, and the accumulation of this force will deliver results in the future.

We are convinced by the media that success happens overnight, and you are expected to have a brilliant ingenious idea, and after that there’s an explonential curve.

This because most of the people are addicted to the paycheck and after work they expect paycheck from the State or social insurance or whatsoever…

They are not prepared to work without seeing results in a continuous basis, like a clockwork.

They are in need to rewire their mind to entrepreneurial mind frame .

It’s a big shift to implement in your mindset, and lots of the best entrepenurs did it after got hungry, with children to feed, and they have to turn their mind to the only job that is 100% in your hands.


list building


WHAT IS THIS JOB?paycheck mentality


Selling. People are afraid of selling. 50% Of the opt in page and expecially network marketing ones tell you that you do not have to sell anything.

But this is a big lie. You NEED TO SELL to MAKE MONEY.

Whether you sell through email like me, which in my opinion is the best cause it’s easy to escalate, whether you do if face2face, you need to sell to achieve some results in life.

And this is the exact opposite of paycheck mindset…. noone gives you money simply cause today it’s a certain date of the month.

You can expect results only by yourself, but “the limit is the sky” and thanks to elon musk maybe above….this is what is entrepeneurship

So be prepared to sell, abandon the paycheck mindset, and immerse yoursel in the need of something.

How to immerse yourself in the need of something?

Think of someone else. I mean if you are not enough selfish to work for your own wealth, if you project the life in the future, as it’s now, for your children, wife, etc, you can suddenly wake up and work.

Pain pushes you til Vision pulls you. You need to feel the pain for the lack of food for your family, the lack of future, you wan to be a good father….right?

This will push you ass back to work and start to acquire a business mindset 






entrepenurial skillsBut… WHICH WORK?


Whatever work which establish an ASSET: something in your own power, hands, and something you can excalate in the future, without implementing more time.

So forget adsense, starting an youtube channel and get revenue from youtube ads…

Better use Youtube for lead generation.
Establish a reccurrent income.

Are you interested?

The best Income for Digital Marketer is Email Marketing.

If you go to MakeMoneySendingEmails.com i tell you how: for FREE.

Good Luck.


email marketing

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