Mindset: The 30/30 Method and How to Overcome Peer Pressure

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Mindset : The New Identity Shift

Most of the insuccess rate of new entrepeneurs relies not in applying wrong techniques, but in a lack of the right mindset.

We have been educated to understimate the importance of our attitude towards what we’re going to do, and if we decide to take a new path, we strongly need to become a new person.

The entrepenurial mindset is totally different from the employee mindset.

In fact, if your identity were the right one, you would already have achieved the results desired. 

But the reality is different. So something has to change also inside you. You have to build the entrepenurial profile of your new life.

When you dive into the Entrepeneur Journey, you will soon face 2 major issues that belong to your previous ‘past’ life:

1) Your Mindset is WRONG.

2) Your family, friends, collagues wanna save you from the risky way and keep you in a mediocracy life where they seem to live peacefully.

So you got the point: you need to ask yourself what are the characteristics of an entrepeneur.


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Your MINDSET IS WRONG: how to Brainwash your Brain for good


You probably come from a non-entrepenurial setting. Your family are probably full of employees and your friends are complaining they have no job at the bar.

School teached you to follow the rules, abide to what your superiors have chosen for you, and say ‘yes‘ to everything.

So you have become a YES MAN. Society likes yes men cause they never change anything, only agree.

Of course you also have learnt to repeat what others have previously said, and you were rewarded entrepenurial mindsetfor doing it.

I mean: i’m not against any kind of education but it has also cons. It’s a fact.

So you probably grew up thinking that your beliefs could be more wrong than right, and you got persuaded to follow what the crowd believes in order to stay quiet and safe.

This is a problem. You may tend to follow others’ decisions: this is a big obstacle to your potential entrepenurial skills.

Secondly this attitude will cause you to fall into the Shiny Object Syndrome once you decide to go online and live the digital entrepenur lifestyle: you constantly found yourself dabbing here and there, following the new ‘magical’ trick. An get scammed again and again .


Sounds familiar?


So you need to reprogram yourself: your identity is not fixed.
You have built it through the mental processing of your experiences.

A Belief is like a table: the experiences are the table legs, which sustain the table itself.

They’re not true: only elaborations.

As an example, if you have seen failing  all your friends who started a company, it does not mean that all the entrepeneurs have failed.

You need to eradicate these wrong statements in your mind and replace them with good ones.

The only way to substitute a bad habit is to replace it to a new one.




Remove term: what are the characteristics of an entrepeneur what are the characteristics of an entrepeneurThe 30 minutes/day Challenge

For the next 30 days i give you a commitment:


1) Read for 30 minutes the book “Think and Grow Rich“. It’s by far the best entrepenurial mindset book.
Listen for 30 minutes audios or podcasts of successful entrepeneurs, like Anthony Robbins.


2) Write your Goal and read it every day. Write in a piece of paper, with a pen. Not in your smartphone…


3) Write a positive statement about yourself focused on what you want to become but in the present tense and repeat it every evening before falling asleep for 11 minutes while breathing deeply.

The technique is: before sleeping, while you’re in bed, close your eyes, and breathe deeply,  inhaling from the nose and expiring from the mouth, while you repeat mentally that statement for 11 minutes.

Also repeat this positive affirmation whenever it is possibile, expecially when you find yourself shifting back to the past mindset’s thoughts.

Do it for 30 days, and it will reprogram yourself.

During these 30 days, if you stop, start counting from the beginning. This is hard, but if you want to be able to cope with a different set of problems, challenges, etc, you need to boost your mind at the maximum level.




What is the BEST technique to improve your Mind?

It’s the  Transcendental Meditation. Simple but effective technique, with over 1,000 scientific studies.
It doesn’t imply any belief in a religion or phylosophy.

You practice at home, twice a day, for 20 minutes, sitting comfortably in a chair


transcedental meditation

No complicated yogi’s posture, no dogmatic belief or religion involved.

You can easily learn it from a certified teacher of TM and do it twice a day by your own, totally independent from any person or organization.

I’ve learnt it when i was 14yo and i’m still practising it twice a day: it’s by far the most beautiful investement of my life!

Go here and learn more.





Peer PressureHow to Overcome Peer Pressure

There’s no way to do that. Sorry. Noone is able to cope with social pressure.

You have only one choice: isolation.

Isolation from the people who discourage you, who have a poverty mindset, who’s always complaining about something, or talk about political events.


And if these people are your parents and you live with them?


Go away if you’re not underage. You have to pay the price of the freedom.
Freedom requires a clear mind to put into action what it takes.

Isolation in the first period is good and if you see in any kind of ‘stories of the ‘heroes’ there’s a period of isolation, even in Jesus’ history.

Every hero needs to unleash the potential within and this can be made not in the middle of a crowd of people claiming that things can’t be made.

So you mustn’t go to disco, to the bar, or take beers: don’t waste your time, you have a mission to accomplish, something to do.

The large majority of people never chase their dreams: they let them go while they were growing up and end up living a life they hate, faking to be in a good mood, while taking drugs and pills in the evening to carry on.

If you’re here you are not like them: you think to deserve something better. So you need to overwork everyone and get isolated from them til you succeed.



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