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Anthony Robbins Giant Steps <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

small changes to make a big difference
daily lessons and self-mastery written
and read by Anthony Robbins
giant dips is based on his number one
bestseller awaken the giant within also
available in quality paperback the Giant
Steps book features 365 inspirational
daily messages many of which include
exercises for improving your mental
emotional physical and financial destiny
hi this is Anthony Robbins I want to
welcome you I know that whoever you are
and whatever success you’ve already
achieved in your life or whatever
challenges you may currently be
experiencing I know that what brought
you to this audio program is your desire
for results and as a fellow traveler on
this amazing journey we call life I
really want to salute you for your
dedication in your commitment because so
many people talk about making their
lives better but they don’t do anything
about it but you know what you’re
following through if you’re listening to
my voice right now you’re a person of
action and I want to both congratulate
you and promise you that if you’re
willing to play full out and continue to
act on what you learn in this program
that you’ll be rewarded far beyond your
expectations which I’m sure a quite I
now Giant Steps is based upon the finest
tools techniques principles and
strategies that are offered to my number
one bestseller awaken the giant within
my goal in writing Giant Steps is
twofold first to inspire you and second
to funnel that energy into measurable
results for getting you to consistently
take some kind of action from what
you’ve just learned together these daily
inspirations and these small actions
lead to giant steps forward in the
quality of your life now I designed this
program to fit easily into your busy
lifestyle by helping you to turn these
philosophies and strategies and
techniques and it’s sort of little
bite-sized chunks that you can easily
digest in just a few minutes a day that
way you don’t have to listen to the
entire program all at once in fact it
might be better to listen just one or
two passages at a time and then act on
these rather than just taking in more
and more information in fact use this
program in any way that serves you best
but I suggest the optimal approach is to
listen to one single passage to think
for a few moments about how it relates
to your life and then to immediately
write down your thoughts and reactions
to what you just heard and either a
notebook or hardbound journal this way
you’re more likely to incorporate these
skills into your life and produce the
results that I know you’re committed to
now of course if you’re listening to
this in your car be sure to make
sometime later on to fill out a journal
but you can still think about the
ideas and how it relates to your life of
course my purpose in just sharing this
with you is I really want to help you to
achieve the maximum result possible with
a smallest investment of your time and
above all I want to invite you and I
want to challenge you to immediately act
upon what you hear because after all
what good is inspiration if it’s not
backed up by action and finally I want
to thank you for the gift of allowing me
to share these skills with you I hope
that something in this program a single
sentence a compelling thought a strategy
and exercise a powerful idea will
somehow move you in a special way and
get you to take your life to a new level
of quality if so I feel very fortunate
indeed so let’s not talk anymore let’s
get started let’s start taking action
with giant steps small changes that make
a big difference a set of daily lessons
in self mastery
part-1 dreams of destiny
we all have dreams we all want to
believe deep down in our souls that we
have a special gift that we can make a
difference that we can touch others in a
special way and then we can somehow make
the world a better place what’s one of
your aspirations maybe it’s a dream
you’ve forgotten or have begun to
relinquish if that vision were alive
today what would your life be like would
you have more inspiration take a moment
right now and just dream think about
what would you really want for your life
if you could have it anywhere you wanted
it it’s not what we do once in a while
that counts but our consistent actions
are what makes a real difference and by
the way what is the father of all action
what ultimately determines who we become
and where we go in our lives
the answer is our decisions you see it’s
in the moments of decision that our
destiny is truly shaped more than
anything else
I believe our decisions not the
conditions of our lives determine our
ultimate destiny who would have thought
that the conviction of a quiet
unassuming man a lawyer by trade and a
pacifist by principle would have the
power to topple a vast empire yet
Mahatma Gandhi’s decision his belief in
non-violence as a means of helping
India’s people to regain control of
their country set in motion an
unexpected chain of events realize the
power of a single decision acted upon
immediately and with utter conviction
the secret is to make a public
commitment one so forceful you can’t
turn back once you’ve made it while many
thought that was an impossible dream
Gandhi’s consistent commitment to his
decision made it become an undeniable
reality what could you do what could you
accomplish if you invoked a similar
level of passion conviction and action
to create unstoppable momentum in your
life starting today
each of us is endowed with an eight
resources that enable us to achieve
whatever we dream of and more the
floodgates can be opened by one decision
bringing us either joy or sorrow
prosperity or poverty companionship or
solitude a long life or for that matter
an early death I want to challenge you
to make a decision today don’t just
listen to this program do something
you’ve been putting off master a new
skill tree people the newfound love or
respect or compassion call someone you
haven’t spoken to in years and just know
something know that all decisions have
consequences for your life even making
no decision at all is the decision in
its own way what decisions have you made
or failed to make in the past that have
powerfully influenced your life even
today and what new decision could you
make right now
we all have goals whether we know it or
not no matter what they are they have a
profound effect in our lives
yet some of our goals such as I need to
pay my lousy bills certainly lack
inspiration they’re not gonna give you
anything in your life they’re gonna pull
you down so the secret of unleashing
your true power is to set goals that are
exciting enough that they truly inspire
your creativity and they ignite your
passion so right now
consciously choose your goals brainstorm
everything worth pursuing in your life
then pick a single goal that excites you
the most something that will get you up
early and keep you up late and assign a
deadline for achieving it and then think
about why you must absolutely attain it
by that date is it grand enough to
challenge you to push you beyond your
limits time cover your true potential
find one that does that to you right now
never leave the sight of a goal without
first taking some form of positive
action towards its attainment right now
take a moment to find the first steps
you must take to achieve your goal in
other words you can’t just write down a
goal and say now I’m gonna get it the
question is what are you gonna do what
can you do today to move yourself
forward even the smallest step a phone
call a commitment sketching out an
initial plan will put you closer to your
goal then develop a list of simple
things you can do every day for the next
10 days these 10 consecutive days of
action will create a chain of habits and
they’ll begin to build for you that
force we all need to succeed unstoppable
momentum this is what ensures long-term
success so begin creating that momentum
right now
if your first attempt at achieving your
goal seems futile should you move on and
do something else absolutely not
persistence overshadows even Talent as
the most valuable resource and shaping
the quality of people’s lives after all
no one ever achieved a goal by being
interested in its achievement one must
be committed isn’t it possible that some
of the short-term quote failures may
actually have provided you with the
necessary insights or distinctions to
create an even greater success in your
future I can tell you from personal
experience that this is true so look
back right now over your past quote
unsuccessful attempts and ask yourself
what did I learn how can I use these
insights to create great success not
only today but in my future as well all
people who succeed consciously or
unconsciously utilize the same formula
for success they use four simple steps
to achieve whatever they desire first
you must decide what you want and you
must be precise remember that clarity is
power second you got to take massive
action because desire by itself not
enough thirdly you’ve got to notice
what’s working and what’s not working
you don’t want to continue to expend
energy and an approach that’s worthless
just because it’s part of your plan and
step four when you notice it’s not
working you’ve got to change your
approach until you achieve what you want
flexibility gives you the power to
create a brand new approach and a brand
new result for your life and this can be
done in a moment the moment you’re
willing to be flexible what is the
ultimate goal
perhaps it’s aspiring to contribute
something of real value finding where to
help others that we care about deeply
can inspire us for really a lifetime
there’s always a place in the world for
those who are willing to give of their
time their energy their capital their
creativity and their commitment what
simple act of kindness could you show
another person today decide right now to
take some kind of action and be sure to
appreciate how this makes you feel and
by the way doesn’t have to be a huge
action it could just be a sin
for act of kindness please try this
today comedian George Burns understands
the importance of having something to
look forward to the power of goals if
you will
summing up his life’s philosophy said
quote you have to have something to get
you out of bed I can’t do anything in
bed anyway the most important thing is
to have a point a direction something
you’re headed for now in his 90s he’s
still sharpening his wit still taking on
movie and TV projects
he’s even booked himself for a
performance at the London Palladium in
the year 2000 when by the way he’ll be
104 years old
how’s that for creating a compelling
future you see most people overestimate
what they can do in a year and they
completely underestimate what they can
do in a decade what will you be doing 10
years from now
think of something you enjoy or
experience today that once was merely a
goal many obstacles may have intervened
in your pursuit of entertainment yet now
it’s part of your life so as you follow
your new dream and encounter obstacles
remember you’ve been through this before
and you’ve broken through and you’ve
succeeded that memory can guide you to a
new level of success especially during
tough times the human spirit is truly
unconquerable the will to win the will
to succeed to shape one’s life to take
control can be harnessed only when you
decide what you want and when you
believe that no challenge no problem no
obstacle can keep you from it obstacles
are merely a call to you to strengthen
your resolve and to achieve your
worthwhile goals to do whatever it takes
to make it happen now
part two how to get what you really want
to get what you want you must discover
what’s preventing you from taking action
think of something you avoided doing
until the last minute
stick your taxes for example isn’t it
true that you put it off simply to avoid
the pain at the moment only experienced
even greater pain later on but even
though you put it off and very often
people do this by saying you know I
should do this I should do that I should
follow through they don’t actually
change they just what I call shit all
over themselves but what usually happens
around April 14th is a change suddenly
our procrastination disappears because
we quickly change what we believe will
bring us either pain or pleasure
suddenly not taking action is much more
painful than just doing it how can you
use this understanding to change your
life in the future instead of asking how
can I avoid doing this painful task or
why do I have to do this use some
leverage on yourself ask if I don’t take
action now what will this ultimately
cost me see pain can be your friend if
you really use it effectively are we
merely animals responding like Pavlov’s
dog to punishment reward of course not
one of the miracles of being a human is
that we can decide what causes us pain
and what causes us pleasure you see a
hunger striker for example can undergo
physical pain yet transform that
experience in the moral pleasure by
focusing on the positive impact of
calling the world’s attention to their
worthwhile cause each of us has this
power of choice the secret of success is
learning how to use pain and how to use
pleasure to your advantage is there an
area of your life and what you feel
unnecessary pain are you perhaps
reacting rather than deliberately
choosing how could you change your focus
or the way you interpret something and
turn a seemingly painful event into a
pleasurable opportunity to either learn
or grow or help another person
what you link pain to and what you link
pleasure to shapes your destiny that’s a
pretty big statement to make but I think
you’ll find it’s true you see each of us
has learned and adopted a unique pattern
of behaviors to get ourselves out of
pain in life and into pleasure some
people do this by drinking alcohol or by
smoking or by overeating or by verbally
abusing other people others do it by
exercising conversing learning helping
others are making a difference in some
way what are some of your pain avoiding
or for that matter pleasure inducing
patterns how these things shaped your
life up until now when you want to feel
better do you watch TV light a cigarette
go to sleep what are some of the more
positive ways in which you could move
from pain towards pleasure and create
patterns that really improve your life
starting today for most people their
fear of loss is much greater than a
desire for gain most individuals work
much harder to hang on to what they have
than to take the necessary risk to shoot
for their real dreams I’m here to tell
you this is a trap you’ve got to break
out of and the way to do it is to make
the things you want so compelling that
you’re willing to overcome your fear of
loss and make the steps necessary take
the steps necessary to make your life
happen in a brand new level often when
we see greatness in others we assume
that they’re just more fortunate or
they’re blessed with some kind of
special gift in reality they’ve utilized
a greater depth of their human resources
simply because failing to be due and
share their all would be the ultimate
pain for them if you look at the
selfless life of someone like Mother
Teresa for example you’ll find that
she’s driven because she clearly
associated other people being in pain
and she was in pain this drives her to
help almost anyone who suffers anywhere
in the world her ultimate pleasure is
alleviating their pain but we’ll explore
this later on you’ll find out this was
not always true in her life but let me
ask you what gives you the most pain and
what gives you the
pleasure in your life and how is the
shaping your decisions and therefore
your life even today mixed emotions are
behind most patterns of self-sabotage
and they certainly limit the level of
enjoyment and the success that one can
experience in life for example people
often will say I’d like to earn more
money certainly these people have the
ingenuity and the intelligence to figure
out how to accomplish this task so what
stops them what stops them as mixed
emotions or another word for it is mixed
associations they may believe that
amassing wealth would give them more
freedom or security or the ability help
those they love but simultaneously
they may also associating having quote
excess money is being wasteful or
shallow or manipulative or non spiritual
if you’ve ever found yourself taking two
steps forward one step back invariably
it’s because you have mixed associations
you associate achieving your goal to
both pain and the pleasure do you have
any mixed associations that affect your
life have you ever felt that no matter
what you did you’d get pain for it
for example sometimes people feel that
if they stay in a relationship they’ll
be miserable but if they leave on the
other hand they’ll be alone and even
more miserable
as a result in you nothing except feel
miserable rather than feeling trapped
use your pain as your strongest ally
think about what you’ve experienced in
the past and what you’re experiencing
the present and actually allow yourself
to feel the pain with such emotional
intensity that it gives you leverage to
finally do something about it
I call this reaching emotional threshold
instead of passively waiting pay that
motivate you to make a decision and take
some action and make your life better
starting right now today
one of my definitions of success is to
live your life in a way that causes you
to consistently feel an immense amount
of pleasure and very little pain but
while simultaneously having a lifestyle
that positively affects the people
around you the cause of the people
around you to consistently feel more
pleasure and less pain to do this we
must grow and we must contribute I have
a question for you do you know how to
make yourself feel good seems like a
silly question doesn’t it but most
people are not consciously aware of how
to do this in a way that’s good for
their body their mind or spirit in their
soul if you want to feel completely
happy excited and ecstatic right now
could you you bet you could all you have
to change is one thing what you’re
focusing on think for a moment and
remember a time when you felt absolutely
on top of the world we’ve all had
moments like that as a child or as an
adult now picture that moment remember
in vivid detail listen to the sounds
around you feel your pulse begin to race
breathe the way you were breathing back
then right now and put that same
expression on your face maybe even move
your body like you did then do you feel
even a hint of that excitement again is
it possible that you could feel this way
anytime you wanted to the answer is yes
problem is most people focus on their
worst memories they remember them in
detail and feel like hell
use your mind by controlling what you
focus on and you can have as much joy as
you desire
changing focus is only one way to change
your emotional state an even quicker way
a more powerful way is to change the way
you use your physical body what we
called your physiology for example when
most people don’t like how they feel
what do they do they drink alcohol they
go eat they smoke they sleep they use
some drug or they use some positive
strategies like dancing or singing or
exercising or making love or reading
every emotion you feel has a specific
physiology attached to it for example
when people are depressed what’s their
posture like their shoulders are
drooping right where’s their head
hanging down what’s their breathing like
full or shallow you know the answer it’s
shallow their facial expression is up
and tight or slack course it’s slack
conversely when people say they’re
feeling really happy and up what happens
to their body you and I both know
personally our shoulders rise our heads
lift our breathing is full and here’s
the secret you and I can consciously
command these changes in our physiology
and immediately produce the emotional
states we desire all you have to do is
move differently if I clap my hands like
this if I snap my fingers like this if I
talk more rapidly like this there’s
gonna be a different energy level than
if I start talking like this moving like
this physiology is everything change the
pace of your movement change the
intensity of your movement and you
change your life
age is more a matter of focus and
physiology than it really is chronology
many people have lived many years but
still have a skip in their walk and
flexibility in their thought a simple
example of this is found on a rainy day
what does an old person quote unquote do
when there’s a puddle in front of their
path of course they walk around it but
they don’t just do that they complain
about it the whole time on the other
hand what does a child do or those that
are still young at heart they might jump
right in laughs splash around or even
have a good time
listen I want to remind you what you
already know you got to take time to
enjoy life’s puddles you got to live
with a spring in your step a smile on
your face you got to make cheerfulness
and outrageousness and playfulness new
priorities for your life you’re alive
you can feel good for no reason at all
you need no excuse to feel good so do it
starting right now a fantastic analogy
for the power of focus is in racing cars
the first time I ever took a lesson on
this it blew my mind because inevitably
when your car begins to skid out of
control your natural reflex is to look
at the wall in an attempt to avoid it
but if you keep focusing on what you
fear that’s exactly where you’ll end up
when you become a professional racer the
thing you learn is that we all
unconsciously steer in the direction of
our focus so if you’re staring at that
wall that’s exactly where you’re going
to go what you have to be willing to do
is have faith you’ve got to turn your
head and look in the direction you want
the direction of the open track even
though you’re still heading towards the
wall but you know what happens in the
last moment the tires catch and you turn
in the direction you want to go that’s
only if you maintain your focus on what
you want in life most people focus on
what they don’t want instead of what
they do if you’ll resist your fear and
have some faith and discipline your
focus your actions will naturally take
you in the direction you want to go
release your fears and focus right now
and what do you truly desire and what do
you truly deserve
to travel the highroad from pain and
into pleasure you need to discover
numerous positive ways to change your
outlook consider some of these simple
strategies you could just sing along
with your favorite music that
immediately changes the way you feel or
you could read something that offers
information that you can immediately
apply to your life or you can laugh at a
funny movie or a show or swim several
laps in a swimming pool or maybe share a
meal with your family or with a friend
you could dance even though you don’t
think you can do it any way you could
soak in a warm tub you could come up
with five new ideas to make your life
better you could get to know a stranger
you can tell silly jokes to a friend
knowing that they’ll probably still like
you afterwards anyway you could listen
to a tape by your favorite author just
kidding you could write in your journal
you could hug and kiss your spouse pick
one of these right now and try it see if
it changes your state
part three the power to create the power
to destroy
what is the force that determines what
we try or fail to try to accomplish in
our lives
it’s our beliefs beliefs about what
we’re capable of about what’s possible
or what’s impossible about who we are as
people in Haitian cultures a person’s
belief is the deadly power of the witch
doctor pointing the bone this can indeed
cause death but the real killer is
simply the sense of certainty the belief
that the witch doctor has total power of
our body and when we have that level of
certainty our body responds accordingly
in your own life do you have a set of
negative expectations what effects have
they had on your life if you have any
what are some of the most empowering
beliefs by contrast that have really
positively shaped your life
what new positive expectations could you
set yourself up with right now that
could change the way you think the way
you feel the decisions you make and what
you’re willing to try day-to-day for
thousands of years it was known that no
human being could run a four-minute mile
it was physically impossible yet roger
bannister shattered this belief when he
ran a 359 mile now how did he do it
he started by practicing in his mind’s
eye he repeatedly visualized his triumph
so intensely that his emotional
certainty gave him the unquestioned
command to his nervous system and he
finally achieved physically the results
that he had matched in his mental
picture falling a Bannister stride and
believing that they too could do it
within one year several other people
duplicated this feat when no one had
done it in thousands of years
what barrier do you need to burst
through what’s your four-minute mile
what do you perceive as being impossible
today that if you were certain it was
possible you’d find the way to achieve
it what’s the belief that if you changed
it it would change not only your life
but the lives of those around you as
for most of my life I’ve asked myself a
question why do people do what they do
and the answer is simple it’s all matter
of their beliefs as crazy as it may
sound if people believe that drilling
holes in their heads will cure sickness
they’ll do it and by the way they have
and they’ll do it whether that believe
is well found or not if by contrast
someone believes that their happiness
and life depends upon helping others to
be happy then they’ll be equally driven
to do that beliefs make the difference
between a lifetime of misery and one of
joyous contribution beliefs are what
separates a Mozart from a Manson causing
some individuals become heroes while
others resign themselves to wondering
what they could have been what beliefs
are at work in the actions of those
around you what beliefs are shaping
their lives for that matter what beliefs
do you share with your colleagues or
your children are your parents what’s a
new belief that if you adopted it today
it would open up a whole new set of
possibilities for your life beliefs have
the power to create and the power to
destroy because of their amazing
influence on our lives we must
understand three challenges number one
most of us do not consciously decide
what we’re going to believe we just kind
of pick up our beliefs along the way and
yet they shape how we think how we feel
what we do every moment of our lives
number two often our beliefs are based
on misinterpretations of past events and
number three once we adopt a belief we
tend to consider it gospel we look for
ways to back it up to reinforce it to be
even more certain about it and we forget
that it’s only one perspective that
we’ve adopted some time ago do you have
any beliefs that you take for granted to
be true what are some of the contrary
beliefs that might also be true how
would your life be different if you
really adopted the opposite view
we can turn any idea into a belief if we
just provide enough reference
experiences to support it
which one of these statements is true
for example people are basically honest
and decent if you give them half a
chance they want to help you or people
are dishonest they only look out for
themselves and they’ll rip you off if
you give them half a chance well you
might say they’re both true but what’s
really true is what you’re certain about
what you have developed as a belief if
you wanted to don’t you have enough
experiences enough what we call
references to back up the belief that
people are basically rotten have you
read enough about it heard enough about
or experienced enough to back that
belief up put legs underneath that table
of certainty if you will if you focused
on other experiences couldn’t you just
as easily remember experiences that
would make you feel certain that people
are honest that they’re caring that they
go out of the way to help you if you
care about them which one of these
beliefs is really true whichever belief
you construct to be true within yourself
remember we can always find a way to
back up any belief so choose your
well while an unshakable sense of
certainty can help you accomplish great
things it also has the potential to
blind you to the very information that
could change your life forever have you
ever met someone who out of their need
to stay certain wouldn’t listen to a new
idea if you were to take a look at your
own beliefs through someone else’s eyes
what might you see
beliefs drive all of our behaviors well
some affect only one aspect of our lives
others are much more pervasive for
example a specific belief like John is
dishonest would certainly influence your
interactions with John but believing
people are dishonest will have
ramifications far beyond a single
relationship I call these types of
beliefs global beliefs global beliefs
like this one are usually based on some
generalization made a long time ago
under certain extreme circumstances we
may have completely forgotten the
original circumstance in which the
belief came up and yet unconsciously we
still allow it to guide our
decision-making the effect these beliefs
can have in our lives is unlimited but
this does not have to be negative a
change in one global belief can change
every aspect of your life for the better
are some beliefs more powerful than
others absolutely there are three
different levels of certainty
one we call opinions the second one we
call beliefs and the third we call
convictions opinions can be shifted
easily as they’re based on transitory
perceptions beliefs however are much
stronger because they’re usually based
on an experience someone has actually
had or one they have a lot of emotion
attached to although it can be based on
other things they’ve heard from other
people it is possible to destabilize
this person’s certainty by getting them
to question what they used to believe in
inducing a bit of doubt a conviction on
the other hand is incredibly intense and
very difficult to change because it’s
usually buttress by such high emotional
intensity that the person holding it and
not only feel certain about this but
they can actually become enraged or
blind into any rational discussion if
that conviction is ever questioned by
another person convictions can be
incredibly empowering or unbelievably
destructive which of your beliefs are
opinions which do you feel more strongly
about you would call beliefs and do any
of these fall on the level you call
because of the passion they inspire
within us convictions propel us to
action someone who cares deeply about
the rights of animals has a belief but
someone who spends spare time
passionately educating the public about
such issues as laboratory testing and
the consequences of eating a meat based
diet they clearly have a conviction are
there areas of your life and which
holding a conviction would give you the
added drive to push through all kinds of
obstacles for example can you see how
having a conviction that you will never
let yourself become overweight again
would compel you the minute you start to
get overweight to me to make changes in
your lifestyle do you realize how a
conviction life I can always find a way
to turn things around could help you
steer through the toughest of times
what’s the conviction that if you
adopted it now it would give you true
personal power for your life
all personal breakthroughs begin with
the change in beliefs how do you replace
a limiting belief well the most
effective way is to destabilize your old
belief in other words to shake your
certainty by inducing doubt by beginning
to question that old belief so you need
to remember that your brain is always
trying to move you away from pain so
think about all the negative
consequences that this belief is caused
ask yourself as I consider it what’s
actually silly stupid or ridiculous
about this belief and really make
yourself answer that question or ask
what does this belief already cost me in
my life how was it limited me in the
past and I’m not willing to let this
happen anymore or thirdly ask what could
it cost me in the future if I don’t
change this believe right now answering
these types of questions could help you
associate painful feelings to this old
undesired belief and provide you with
the leverage and the opportunity to
replace it with a new empowering belief
the power of expectation and enhancing
performance is well documented and it’s
been called the Pygmalion effect and one
study teachers were told that certain
students in their classes were gifted
and need to be constantly challenged in
order to excel the teachers of course
complied and not surprisingly these same
students became top achievers however
unbeknownst to them all the students
that had been identified as gifted
hadn’t actually demonstrated higher
intelligence prior to the study some in
fact had previously been labeled poor
students what made the difference the
newfound sense of certainty that they
were superior was instilled by a
teacher’s quote false belief about them
can you see the importance of your
beliefs about yourself and about other
people what could you accomplish if only
you had the faith to tap your vast
potential or if you had greater faith in
those around you or in your children for
that matter
heart for questions are the answer
questions are the laser of human
consciousness you can use their power to
cut through any obstacle or any
challenge a well-placed question can
change any aspect of your life literally
in a moment what’s the primary
difference between people who are
successful and those who aren’t quite
simply successful people are those who
have asked better questions and as a
result they’ve gotten better answers
when the automobile was in its infancy
hundreds of people tinkered with
building them but Henry Ford stood apart
by asking how can I mass-produce such a
machine millions in Eastern Europe
chased under the iron yoke of communism
but lek Wallenda have the courage to ask
how can I raise the standard of living
for all working men and women what could
I do today to make something happen if
you were to let your imagination run
wild where might your questions really
lead you what is really possible for
your life kids are the all-time
champions of questioning what could you
gain by imitating the innocence and the
curiosity of children who are completely
determined to get an answer once they
ask a question quality questions create
a quality life businesses succeed when
their decision makers ask the right
questions about product lines or markets
or strategic planning relationships tend
to flourish when people ask the right
questions about where potential
conflicts exist and how to support each
other rather than how to tear each other
down communities benefit when leaders
ask the right questions about what’s
most important and how can citizens work
together towards shared goals for
whatever area of your life you want to
improve there are questions you can ask
that will provide you with the answers
the solutions that can catapult you and
those you love to a higher level of
success and enjoyment than he ever
dreamed of do you need to ask questions
about quality about commitment about
there is no questions the capacity of
our brains is phenomenal in fact it
would take two buildings the size of the
World Trade Centers just to house the
storage capacity of your brain using
today’s technology yet without an
understanding of how to retrieve and use
all that’s been stored this potential
power is useless what enables you to get
anything you want from your personal
data banks from that incredible brain is
the commanding power of asking effective
questions often our failure to utilize
our experiences is not a memory failure
as much as it is a failure to ask the
questions that what’s happened to our
true abilities the questions you ask
yourself consistently will create either
innovation or enjoyment indignation or
inspiration misery or magic so you want
to ask yourself questions it’ll uplift
your spirit and push you along the path
of human excellence
if you’ve repeatedly tried and let’s say
failed to lose weight could it be that
you’re asking yourself the wrong
questions questions like what will fill
me up or what’s the sweetest richest
food I can get away with today what if
you were to ask instead what will really
nourish me what light delicious dish
could I eat that would give me some
energy right now will this cleanse me if
I eat this or will this clog me and if
you’re tempted to binge if I eat this
what will I have to give up in order to
still achieve my goals is it worth it
what’s the ultimate price I’ll pay if I
can and will profoundly change the
quality of your life
questions immediately change what we’re
focusing on and therefore how we feel
don’t you have treasured moments in your
life that if you focused on them again
you’d immediately feel wonderful right
now perhaps it was a day when you moved
out on your own the birth of your first
child we’re thinking with a friend that
really helped you or touched you
or give you confidence to really shoot
for the stars questions such as what am
i grateful for or what could I be
grateful for right now what’s wonderful
in my life right now if we really think
about these really entertain these
questions they can guide us to
remembering these moments allowing us
not only to feel good about our lives
but also to contribute more to those
around us there’s a big difference
between an affirmation and a question
see you can repeat affirmations like I’m
happy I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy I’m
happy I’m happy all day long but it’s
not going to produce the same sense of
certainty as consistently asking an
empowering question like what am i happy
about right now or what could I be happy
about now if I really wanted to be and
how does that make me feel rather than
merely pumping yourself up questions
direct your focus and get you to come up
with some real and compelling reasons to
feel this emotion thus instead of just
stating a mere affirmation you’ll
experience an actual emotional state
change that’s something that’s real and
that can last
how can you immediately improve your
life by discovering and modeling the
habitual questions of people you respect
see if you find someone’s extremely
I can guarantee you there’s a reason and
that reason is this person focuses
relentlessly and what makes them happy
and they continually ask questions about
how to be even happier people who do
well financially ask different questions
as they look at an investment then
people who produce meager rewards so a
new level success in any area of your
life is as close as a new question a
question you can model for someone who’s
already experienced that what you desire
remember ask and you shall receive
Eve one of the main ingredients of
success is the openness to receive
answers see back when Walt Disney was
creating his Magic Kingdom he had a
unique way of requesting input he
designated an entire wall to display all
the stages of a project and everyone in
the organization was invited to post
their answers to the question how can we
improve this thus Disney gain access to
the combined resources of a creative
army producing results that were
commensurate with that level of quality
input so you don’t have to be at the
helm of a leading organization to
benefit from this tool how could you
cast your focus in new directions what
people do you interact with daily that
could provide you with a wealth of
resources if you only asked the answers
we receive depend upon the questions
we’re willing to ask see it’s all a
matter discovering the particular
question that will help you access a
more resourceful state of mind and
for example if learning and progress are
important to you then a question such as
how can I use this situation to do even
better in the future will be most
effective in breaking any negative
emotional pattern because you want to
grow so much with especially difficult
upsets you might have to ask 10 years
from now will this really even matter
this often will break your pattern to
deal with relationship upsets ask
questions such as what else could be
affecting this person right now and how
could I help them this is a quick way to
resolve your differences and begin to
express your compassion
a simple question that could make a huge
difference was suggested to me by Leo
many people know him as the love doctor
you see when Leo was young his father
asked him every night Leo what have you
learned today well you knew he better
have an answer and a good one in fact if
he hadn’t learned anything really
interesting in school that day he’d
scurry for the Encyclopedia decades
later Leo still won’t go to bed until
he’s learn something new and valuable
for the day how could your life or your
children’s lives be immeasurably
enhanced by adding this question or one
like it to your daily routine you see
all day long you’re asking questions why
not ask a better one in what ways could
you make this process as fundamental as
eating or sleeping at some point you
must stop asking questions and start
taking action questions such as what is
my life really about what am I most
committed to why am I here are
incredibly powerful but if you agonize
over getting the perfect answer these
questions you’re not going to get very
far often you have to just make a
decision to go with the first gut level
response this response to your question
is usually the one you should trust and
act upon so in order to produce results
simply decide what’s most important to
you at least in this moment and use your
personal power to follow through and
begin transforming the quality of your
by acting upon the answers to these
great questions
part five get the knack of change
I’ve always prided myself on my ability
to produce lasting changes in almost
anyone but I had a rude awakening one
day when a man I’d helped years before
to quit smoking approached me he pulled
out a cigarette pack from his pocket and
said you failed what do you mean asked
him curious to really know what it
actually happened
he said well after our session I didn’t
smoke for two and a half years but then
one day I got stressed and I lit up and
I’ve been smoking ever since it’s all
your fault you didn’t program me
properly he said all those communication
was less than elegant this man gave me
an incredible gift he reminded me that
we must take personal responsibility for
our change or it’s worthless
no one can quote program you you must
condition yourself for change
any change we make will be only
temporary unless we make ourselves and
no-one else responsible for our lasting
change specifically we must adopt three
core beliefs for lasting change they are
number one it must change believing that
we should change something is not enough
number two I must change it
others may coach me but I’m ultimately
responsible and number three I can
change it since I created what I’m
currently experiencing then I can change
whatever I’m experiencing what really
makes change happen nothing changes
until we change the sensations that we
linked to an experience in our nervous
system for example as long as cigarettes
give you a feeling of pleasure you’re
going to be drawn to them it’s only when
you associate cigarettes with disgust
ashtray mouth and death that lasting
change tends to occur though we’d like
to deny it what usually drives our
behavior is gut level reactions not
intellectual calculation you see you may
understand that chocolate is unhealthy
yet do you still eat it why because
you’re not driven so much by what you
intellectually know but instead by what
you’ve learned a link pain and pleasure
to in your nervous system
it’s our neuro associations that is the
association’s we’ve established in our
nervous system to determine what will
actually do
why don’t most attempts at breaking a
habit work because we address the
symptom of the problem by dieting or
going cold turkey or cutting up their
credit cards but if we don’t eliminate
its cause it’s going to resurface the
technology I’ve developed is called
neuro associative conditioning or NAC
the knack of change it’s a simple yet
powerful six step strategy for producing
lasting changes and the six steps are
number one stay clearly what you really
want most people focus on what they
don’t want and that’s what they actually
achieve number two get leverage on
yourself make change a must step three
interrupt your old limiting pattern
break the habits hold on you number four
create a new empowering alternative to
your old pattern you can’t stop a
behavior or stop an emotion you’ve got
to replace it
number five condition it reinforce this
new pattern until it becomes a positive
habit and finally six test it make sure
it actually works in the situations
where your old habits used to come up
next step number one decide what you
really want and determine what’s
preventing you from having it right now
remember that we get whatever we focus
on so rather than dwelling on what you
don’t want clearly articulate what you
do want for example instead of making a
goal to stop smoking decide what you
want to do to be more healthy vibrant
alive than ever before in your life
the more specific you are the more power
you’ll have to rapidly achieve what you
want once you’ve decided what you want
identify any obstacles you may face such
as the anticipated pain that might occur
as a result of changing what do you
really desire and what’s preventing you
from having it now
next step number two get leverage
associate massive pain to not changing
now an immense pleasure to immediately
making this change ask yourself what
will this behavior or emotion cost me if
I don’t change it what will I miss out
in my life if I don’t make this shift
now what is the old behavior already
costing me mentally emotionally
physically financially and spiritually
how does this negatively affect my
career or loved ones then vividly
imagined and experience the pleasurable
effects of making this change now ask
yourself when I do change how will that
make me feel about myself what kind of
momentum will I create by making this
change how my family and friends feel
will it be proud of me how happy will I
be don’t I deserve these benefits right
now next step number three interrupt the
limiting pattern have you ever seen a
fly trapped in a room desperately
seeking an exit it smacks himself
repeatedly against the nearest window
over and over again have you ever
noticed people doing something a lot
like this they may have plenty of
motivation but if they keep doing what
doesn’t work they’re never going to
achieve their goal it’s like the spouse
or parent who constantly nags yet to no
or even the contrary results interrupt
any limiting pattern you find by doing
something unexpected immediately if for
example you nag catch yourself
mid-sentence drop to your knees and
flash a smile and then walk over and hug
them and then tell them how much you
love them what are some fun and playful
ways you could interrupt some limiting
pattern in your life
to create a new pattern of either
thinking feeling or behaving you must
first interrupt the old pattern to
visualize this think of a compact disc
why does it play the same music every
time because there’s an invisible
pattern cut into it just as it’s futile
to insert a new CD while another one is
still playing it’s a waste of your time
to try and establish a new behavior or a
new emotional pattern when an old
pattern is still entrenched instead the
minute you indulge in this pattern
interrupt it with as many crazy bizarre
and fun things as you can think of it’s
like hearing a song on a CD that you
don’t want to listen to again
how could you handle this break its
pattern eject the disc and vigorously
scratch its surface until you’re certain
it’ll never be able to play the same
song again the same process can be done
with any pattern within yourself
the reason it’s often difficult to
change a pattern whether it be an
emotional pattern or behavioral one is
that it literally wired into you one
researcher proved this by moving a
monkey’s finger back and forth and
monitoring the resulting connections
between nerve cells in the brain as
these movements were occurring with
repeated movement he noted that the
threat of connection strengthened and
after moving the animal’s finger
hundreds of times they bound together
into an irresistible pathway now quote
wired for this behavior the monkey
continued to flex his fingers of his own
accord even after the condition stopped
many of us through overuse have
literally trained ourselves to fly off
the handle or to worry ourselves sick or
to feel insecure or to abuse alcohol or
food what positive reflexes could you
strengthen through repetition in your
body and in your emotions next step
number four create a new empowering
alternative a study of reformed drug
abusers found there were different
relapse rates for different individuals
those who were forced externally to give
up their drug abuse usually resumed it
immediately upon being released from
jail those who were internally motivated
to quit managed to abstain for an
average of two years get those who
replace their addictions with a new
alternative such as focusing on religion
or developing a new work skill generally
win a minimum of eight years or more
without backsliding and the majority of
these people never abused drugs again
most people’s attempts to change are
only temporary because they fail to find
an alternative way of getting out of
pain into pleasure old patterns must be
replaced not just eliminated so as you
look at your own patterns what’s a new
alternative that could make you feel
good that would be different than what
you’ve done in the past
next step number five condition the new
pattern until it is consistent do you
remember the monkey which through
consistent use of its finger literally
created a neural connection that’s a
nerve connection in the brain that drove
it to continually flex the finger of the
future well researchers have proved that
if they emotionally excited that animal
while training it the neural connections
were strengthened and intensified with
fewer repetitions in other words if you
want to establish a new emotional
pattern or a new behavior then while
you’re imagining it you want to put
yourself in a peak emotional state if
you do this with music or visualization
or excitement you’ll find you can
establish a new pattern in a matter of
minutes instead of a matter of months
weeks or years and remember as soon as
you start to do a new pattern of
behavior you want to mmediately reward
yourself or someone you’re trying to
help whenever you use that pattern in
the future a pattern of thinking feeling
or behaving that is consistently
reinforced will eventually become a
positive habit next step number six test
it use the following to double check
that you’ve taken each of the five
preceding steps correctly number one
make certain that when you think of your
old pattern of feeling or behaving that
you immediately associate intense pain
to it for example if you smoked before
make sure now you don’t like the thought
of smoking at all it doesn’t feel good
to you number two be sure that pleasure
is fully associated to your new pattern
when you think of your new behavior or
the new feeling do you feel pleasure
instead of pain number three make
certain that this new behavior is
consistent with how you want to live
your life is it aligned with your goals
your beliefs your life’s philosophy
number four make sure the benefits of
the old pattern have been maintained for
example if you used to smoke in order to
calm yourself or reduce stress do you
have a new alternative way of
accomplishing these things that allows
you to reduce your stress and feel
relaxed immediately will the new
behavior or feeling
still allow you to get the feelings of
pleasure that you used to get from the
old pattern and finally five
imagine yourself behaving in this new
way in the future
in other words picture something that
would have triggered you to indulge in
your old behavior and make certainly you
automatically now feel like doing the
new behavior instead of the old one this
will show you that the new pattern
really works
part six the vocabulary of success the
power of transformational vocabulary and
global metaphors have you ever been
deeply moved by a great communicator do
you still remember the words of a
Jonathan adiy a Winston Churchill a
Martin Luther King through the power of
their word these men affected not only
you and me but entire nations and even
after their death they continued to
touch others around the world yet do you
ever stop to think about the power that
you have to inspire or for that matter
to depress yourself simply by the words
you have bit chilly use are the words
that you use with yourself uplifting or
devastating do they provide hope
inspiration or despair one of the
greatest discoveries you can make is the
power that you have to immediately
change your experience and moments
simply by consciously selecting the
words that you use to describe the way
you feel not only to other people but to
words have the power to start wars or to
create peace to destroy a relationship
or to strengthen it how we feel about
anything is shaped by the meaning that
we attach to it the words that you
consciously or for that matter
unconsciously select in order to
describe a situation immediately changes
what this situation means to you and
that’s how you feel about it if you
describe an event to yourself as
devastating we feel different than if
you describe it as a bit disappointing
is there a difference in emotional
intensity between calling something a
major problem or a minor challenge what
if you share with me a conviction that
you have and I tell you you’re mistaken
what if I say you’re wrong worse what if
I choose the words you’re lying
will this affect our interaction words
have immense power years ago I made a
discovery that has really changed my
life forever and it happened when I was
in a business meeting with two of my
associates and we all received some news
that was certain to produce negative
consequences for each of us yet each of
us had a different emotional intensity
about the news what’s more I couldn’t
help but notice that we all had
different ways of describing how we felt
about it
I was quote angry one associate around
me was absolutely enraged and the third
was merely a bit annoyed
I remember thinking what a stupid word
that was annoyed what a dumb word I’ve
never felt annoyed I thought
interestingly enough I never feel this
emotion and I never used this word to
describe how I feel at the end a wonder
if you adopted a new set of words could
you transform your emotional patterns
based on this meeting I made a ten day
commitment to adopt a stupid silly word
annoyed to use it and utilize it in any
situation where I would normally say
that something makes me really angry or
mad the results were astonishing simply
by changing the word I habitually used
to describe my feelings of upset I
immediately lowered the intensity of my
negative feelings saying is someone this
really annoys me really broke my pattern
soon I adopted other words such as
you’re beginning to pave me and you can
imagine doing this began to change the
way I felt it made me smile I used to be
upset I couldn’t keep a straight face
saying you’re beating me so right now
select a word that you have bitterly use
to describe negative feelings you have
and come up with an alternative word
that would break your pattern or at
least lower your intensity and then try
it for ten days and see what happens
when you use a different word for an
experience than you normally do you’re
attaching a new label to it it’s like
pushing a different biochemical button
in your body you don’t just change
intellectually you change how you feel
emotionally you gotta remember that
words are triggering devices if you
doubt this imagine someone calling you a
four-letter word with intensity most
likely this will create a physiological
not just mental change in you you see
this power to instantly transform human
emotions to either lower or heighten
their intensity I call this
transformational vocabulary simply
adjust your habitual vocabulary another
word the word you consistently use to
describe your emotions feelings or
sensations and you can immediately
change how you think how you feel and
how you live this is one of the simplest
yet those powerful tools for changing
virtually anyone’s life in an instant
Mark Twain once said a powerful agent is
the right word whenever we come upon one
of these intensely right words the
resulting effect is physical as well as
spiritual and electrically prompt what
words have the most powerful effect on
are they terms of endearment epithets
exclamations or exaggerations what
affects you most most people’s
vocabularies consist of only a few
thousand words when you consider that
the English language which is the
largest language in the world contains
between 1/2 and 3/4 of a million words
this means that we regularly use only
about 2% of our language what’s worse is
that most people only have about a dozen
words maybe a maximum of 20 to describe
their consistent emotions and of these
usually have four more r- how many words
do you have bitch Lee use to describe
the way you feel either to yourself or
to other people take a moment right now
and brainstorm all the emotions you
experience in an average week and see
what words used consistently to describe
your feelings or maybe even to create
once we put a label on something we
create a corresponding emotion nowhere
is this truer than with dis-ease in the
body studies have shown the diagnosis of
cancer and heart disease can often
produce panic in patients which then
leads to helplessness and depression
that can actually impair the
effectiveness of the person’s immune
conversely studies have proven that if
patients are freed or relieved of the
depression produced by these labels and
they clearly understand what their body
needs to become healthy then the immune
system often experiences an immediate
boost in an interview I conducted with
Norman Cousins he said quote words can
produce illness words can kill therefore
wise physicians are very careful about
the way they communicate carefully
choose the words you use to describe
your health and your life people with
impoverished vocabularies live
emotionally impoverished lives people
the rich vocabularies have a multi-hued
palette of colors with which to paint
their lives experience not only for
others but for themselves as well what
could you do today to expand your
emotional palette what positive or
emotionally uplifting words could you
add to your habitual vocabulary so you
began to feel more if you were to
consistently use these new words how
much more enjoyable would your life be
which people do you know who lead
extraordinarily happy or passionate
lives what words do they consistently
use to describe their life’s experience
that you might want a model and thereby
adopt some of their positive emotional
not only do words have a powerful impact
on our emotions but particular sets of
words those we use as metaphors have an
extraordinarily explosive effect for
example you might say I’m angry with
John or you could use a metaphor and say
John stab me in the back which one of
these descriptions do you think will
affect you most intensely without a
doubt the thought of being stabbed will
affect you very deeply when you use a
metaphor you’re not describing your
actual experience but how it’s like
something else often our metaphors are
far more intense than the actual reality
what did John really do you may have
broken a promise but there’s a big
difference between that being stabbed in
the back isn’t there now what metaphors
do you consistently use to describe
painful or frustrating experiences and
are these metaphors intensifying your
pain take a look now at some of the
metaphors you use
learning is merely the process of
creating a relationship between
something you already understand and
something new one way to do this is to
use a metaphor for comparison regardless
of spiritual beliefs most people would
agree that Jesus Christ was a remarkable
teacher how did he teach
he used metaphors when he approached
fishermen he didn’t say I want you to go
out and recruit Christians he said I
want you to become fishers of men
utilizing the metaphor of fishing
something they already understood and
relating it to a new idea sharing
Christianity he instantly taught them
the process a metaphor can take you from
the darkness of misunderstanding to the
light of clarity in a moment next time
you’re confused
ask someone what’s that like can you
give me a metaphor that would describe
how this works which metaphor is the
right one for you to use probably all
metaphors are useful at different times
sometimes you need life to be a game so
that your perspective becomes more
playful sometimes you need life to be
seen as sacred so that you appreciate it
and revere the gifts that you’ve been
given whether they be friends or family
or opportunities sometimes it’s useful
to think of life is just a test or a
challenge especially when you find
yourself facing a situation that seems
to be without any positive meaning if
you choose a different way to represent
life to yourself you’ll automatically
think feel and respond to situations in
a brand new way how many other positive
metaphors could you use to describe what
life really is and what it really means
to you
if you feel that something is quote
holding you back unquote or there’s a
quote wall blocking your progress look
at the metaphors you’re using often
you’ll find you’re using one that stops
you from tapping the resources that you
really have inside of yourself that can
give you the solution it’s hard to deal
with a wall or something invisible
that’s holding you back since you’re the
one who chose this metaphor in the first
place you can just as easily change it
if you feel like you’ve been quote
hitting the wall why not stop hitting it
and drill hole through it or climb over
it or tunnel under it or just open the
door there to the right and walk through
it or see the wall as a stepping stone
changing your metaphor can change the
way you deal with virtually anything in
your life sometimes a metaphor is the
best way to help someone when my son
Joshua was six years old one of his
friends died they came home in tears
honey I said to him I know how you feel
but that’s because you’re still a
caterpillar it’s kind of broke his
pattern he looked up at me and stopped
crying and so what do you mean and then
explain to him that when a caterpillar
encases itself in a cocoon it looks as
if it’s dying but what’s really
happening I asked him he said what’s
turning into a butterfly I said that’s
right son at the beginning of a whole
new life I say you don’t see your friend
because he’s really just flying above
you more beautiful and more powerful
than ever
sometimes we just have to trust that God
knows when it’s time for us to become
butterflies it’s not for us to question
it’s for us to appreciate
part seven how to use your action
signals you and you alone are the source
of all your emotions at any moment you
can create or change any of them so if
that’s true why don’t we for most of us
feeling bad seems natural but we have to
have a reason to feel good you see I
want to tell you something you don’t
need an excuse to allow yourself to feel
good you can just decide to feel good
right now simply because you’re alive
simply because you want to you don’t
have to wait for anything or anyone to
feel good just put it in your body move
like you feel good act like you feel
good and very quickly you will
what’s the best way to deal with
negative emotions well there are several
common ineffective responses you can
either ignore your emotions and act like
they’re not there of course they don’t
go away or secondly you can try and
suppress them but they just come out in
some other way and sometimes more
negatively or you can indulge in them
and just feel sorry for yourself but
that doesn’t make anything better and
actually sometimes makes it worse or you
can try and compete with other people by
saying you think you got it bad I’ll
show you bad is I got it even worse of
course the most intelligent thing to do
with a negative emotion is transform
them by dealing effectively with a
situation by looking for solutions and
learning from and using your emotion to
enhance your life and all those people
you have the privilege to touch
understand that all emotions serve you
those you once thought of as negative
emotions are merely calls to action for
example if you feel frustrated by the
way we’ll repeat this later on what it
means is that you believe that things
could be better and they’re not this is
a call to action telling you there’s
something you must do to make things
better right now this negative emotion
quote-unquote is actually a gift if you
use it effectively from now on when you
think of what you used to call a
negative emotion think of it as a call
to action an action signal if you ever
feel pain in any situation in your life
it’s the result of either the way you’re
looking at things in other words your
perception or what you’re focusing on or
if the result of what you’re doing in
other words your current approach or
your current actions aren’t working we
might call these your procedures now if
you don’t like the way you’re feeling
change one of these two things either
change your focus or perception or
simply change what you’re doing your
procedures and you’ll find an immediate
change in your emotions you see you can
change the way you’re interacting with
your spouse because you’re in control
you can change the way you’re
communicating with your boss or just
change your perception that all these
people have to always agree with your
point of view
whenever you feel a painful emotion
there are five steps you can take very
quickly to learn from and use that
emotion as an action signal number one
identify what you’re really feeling to
acknowledge and appreciate your emotions
knowing that at some level they’re
supporting you to make a positive change
by calling you to action three get
curious realize that this emotion is
offering you a message to change
something do you need to change your
perceptions or maybe your procedures for
get confident you can handle this
emotion immediately because you’ve done
it in the past remember a time when you
successfully handle this emotion you
turn things around think about that time
and then model what you did and learn
from that and use it today and in the
future and finally step five get excited
and take action on what you just modeled
from your past in other words use a
strategy that’s already worked and enjoy
the results
to gain confidence about your ability to
handle a negative emotion simply
remember a time when you felt a similar
way and realized that you successfully
handled this emotion before I don’t care
if it’s depression or frustration or
overwhelmed we’ve all had times when we
turned it around do you remember a time
when you felt depressed and turn it
around or you were frustrated or you’re
overwhelmed yet you refocused and you
felt centered model your own successful
actions from the past what did you do
then that worked
did you change what you were focusing on
did you ask yourself a better question
did you interrupt your pattern by
changing your physiology by going for a
walk or exercising and returning in a
more balanced state if you begin to feel
this emotion again in the future
use the same strategy you used in the
past to turn things around today or
anytime in your future uncomfortable
emotions like boredom impatience unease
distress or mild embarrassment are
sending you a nagging message that
something’s not quite right either your
perception of the situation is making
you uncomfortable and you need to change
that or your current actions are not
supporting your goal so here’s the
solution one use the skills you learn in
section 2 of this program to immediately
change your emotional state by changing
either your focus or your physiology or
to clarify how you want to feel now and
what you want to accomplish 3 change or
refine your actions try a slightly
different approach to see if you can
immediately change the way you’re
feeling about a situation or if you can
change the results you’re producing like
all emotions if the emotions of boredom
or impatience or distress or mild
embarrassment aren’t dealt with they
tend to grow into something much more
if we don’t deal with situations that
are making us uncomfortable often they
grow into fear the emotions of fear
apprehension worry and anxiety are
simply a call to action telling you that
you need to be more prepared for what’s
about to occur the solution one think
about the situation you’re feeling
fearful about and decide what must you
do right now to prepare yourself for it
either mentally or physically to figure
out what actions you need to take to
deal with the situation in the most
effective way possible and then three
once you’ve prepared yourself then stop
worrying and mentally see yourself
consistently and successfully dealing
with a situation until you feel a sense
of continued confidence the action
signal of hurt comes from a feeling of
loss and yet the sense of loss is often
an illusion the action signal here is
calling us to change our perception or
to realize that one of our expectations
may have been inappropriate here’s the
solution one realize you may not have
actually lost anything raised voices do
not necessarily mean that someone no
longer loves you for example number two
reevaluate the situation by asking is it
possible that by not having my
expectations met I’ve actually gained
something else have I judged the
situation too soon or maybe too harshly
3 as elegantly and appropriately as
possible communicate your feelings to
whoever you see is the source I know you
really care about me but could you
clarify for me what really happened here
the action signal of anger annoyance
resentment or rage is a powerful emotion
its source is feelings of hurt that have
not been dealt with this action signal
tells us that one of our most important
standards or rules has been violated
either by ourselves or by someone else
the solution is one realize you may have
misinterpreted this situation the person
you believe is quote broken your rules
may not even know they’ve been broken
they may not even know what your rules
are even though you think you’re so
clear about them to realize that your
rules are not necessarily the quote
right rules sometimes it’s pretty hard
to do and then three interrupts the
anger within yourself by asking yourself
a question such as in the long run is it
true this person really cares about me
or what can I learn from this
well this even that or twenty years from
now how can I communicate the importance
of my Spanish this person so that we can
get along better in the future the
action signal of frustration means that
in spite of your current lack of
progress at some level you believe that
something you’re doing could be done
better that you could get a better or
greater result this is a call to action
telling you to change your approach and
you can still achieve what you want the
solutions simple be flexible realize
that your frustration is your friend and
begin to brainstorm new ways to still
get the result number two find a role
model someone who’s found a way to get
what you want and learn from him or her
three get fascinated by what you can
learn to help you handle this challenge
in a way that consumes very little time
or energy and actually creates joy for
the action signal of disappointment is
the devastated feeling of being let down
based on your belief that something’s
happened and as a result of it you’re
going to miss out on something else
this action signal calls you to change
your expectations the solutions simple 1
figure out what you can learn from this
situation and/or change your
expectations right now to set a new even
more inspiring goal toward which you can
make some immediate progress this will
change your focus and how you feel
3 realize that you may be judging too
often the things you’re disappointed
about are only temporary challenges for
have some patience this is not always
easy reevaluate what you truly want and
begin to develop an even more effective
plan for achieving that and finally 5
cultivate an attitude of positive
expectancy about what will happen in the
future regardless of what’s occurred in
the past
the action signal of guilt tells you
that you have violated one of your own
highest standards and that you must do
something immediately to ensure you
correct the situation and keep yourself
from ever violating it again
this is how we maintain personal
internal integrity the solution is
simple 1 acknowledge that you violated
your own critical standards acknowledge
this to yourself
– absolutely commit to making sure
you’ll never repeat this behavior again
mentally and emotionally you rehearse
how you’ll deal with the same situation
in the future in a way that is
consistent with your highest personal
standards 3 don’t wallow in guilt
now that you’ve utilized it get yourself
back in line and go for it do the right
thing continually beating yourself up
about the past will not help you or
anyone else be better in the president
the action signal of inadequacy is
telling you that you don’t believe you
currently have the information or the
understanding strategies or confidence
that you really need for the task at
hand it’s a call to gather additional
resources the solutions are one maybe
you’ve applied completely unfair
criteria for assessing your performance
ask yourself is it possible I really do
have the ability to deal with this and
it’s only my perception that’s making me
feel inadequate
– if you decide that you really don’t
have the skills to deal with the
situation then appreciate your feelings
of inadequacy as what they truly are a
call to improve yourself and finally 3
find a role model whose effective in
this area of life and learn some simple
things you can do immediately to become
more adequate or more effective in this
area of your life the action signals of
overload overwhelm grief depression and
helplessness tend to occur when we think
of all the things that have happened to
us that we cannot control you must break
this pattern by breaking the situation
down into simple bite-sized steps here’s
the solution 1 decide which of the many
things you’re dealing with is absolutely
most essential to focus on and limit
your focus to that one task to
prioritize the most important steps for
making progress in that area
specifically and thus shall begin to
gain a sense of control three
immediately tackle the first simple item
on your list 4 in dealing with the
all-encompassing emotions like grief
focus on what you can control instead of
what you can’t realize that there must
be some empowering meaning in it all
remember everything in life happens for
a reason and a purpose and it’ll serve
you sometimes this requires a great deal
of faith but faith is power
the action signal of loneliness tells
you that you need a connection with
people that you really care about them
and you love to be with them it’s
calling you to reach out and connect the
solution is one realize that you can
reach out and make a connection
immediately caring people are everywhere
to identify what kind of connection you
want with people do you want basic
friendship do you want love do you want
a sympathetic ear and then three take
some immediate action to reach out and
connect with someone and you’ll see that
this feeling of loneliness will
disappear immediately
next we’ll learn ten emotions of power
if you cultivate them and utilize them
immediately they can literally replace
any negative pad in your life and give
you the joy and a sense of satisfaction
and fulfillment that you truly desire
and deserve power emotions number one
cultivate the emotions of love and
warmth a marvelous core belief to adopt
comes from a book called A Course in
Miracles it says all communication is
either a loving response or a cry for
help if someone comes to you in a state
of hurt or anger and you consistently
respond to them with love and warmth
eventually that person state of mind
will change and his or her intensity
will just melt away power emotions
number to cultivate the emotions of
appreciation and gratitude these were
among the most spiritual emotions that
we can have and they enhance our lives
more than almost anything I know live
with an attitude of gratitude power
emotion number three if you really want
to grow in your lifetime learn to be as
inquisitive as a child cultivate
curiosity curious people are never bored
and for them life becomes an unending
study and joy power emotions number four
cultivate the feelings of excitement and
passion these can turn any challenge
into a tremendous opportunity giving us
the unbridled power to move our lives
forward at a faster tempo than ever
before ignite your passion by using your
physiology speak more rapidly visualize
images more quickly and move your body
in the direction that you want to go and
you’ll experience this passion
our emotion number-5 determination makes
the difference between being stuck and
being struck with a lightning power of
commitment merely pushing yourself won’t
do it put yourself in a state of
determination and you’ll find yourself
taking action immediately
power emotion number six adopt an
attitude of flexibility if there’s one
emotion to cultivate they guarantee
success it’s the ability to change your
approach quickly in fact all action
signals are just messages to be more
flexible throughout your life there will
be situations you won’t be able to
control your ability to be flexible
during those situations to flex your
rules to flex the meaning you’re
attaching to things to change your
approach will determine your long-term
success or failure not to mention the
level of your personal joy be flexible
power motion number seven consistently
experience confidence and it will change
your life you see if you’ve ever done
anything successfully you can certainly
do it again plus with the power of faith
you can be confident about things that
you’ve never been involved with before
how simply imagine yourself
accomplishing things successfully and
feel certain by that imagery now don’t
just wait for these emotions to
spontaneously appear someday in some far
distant future create them now
power motion number eight cheerfulness
enhances your self-esteem it makes life
more fun and it causes the people around
you to feel happier as well being
cheerful does not mean that you’re
Pollyanna or that you look at the world
through rose-colored glasses and refuse
to acknowledge any challenges it means
you’re incredibly intelligent because
you know that living in pain will not
give you solutions but if you live your
life in a state of pleasure with a sense
of positive expectation a sense of
expectation that’s so intense that you
transmit this positive sense of joy to
those people around you then there’s no
question you can come up with solutions
you can have the impact that you want in
people and you can meet any challenge
that comes your way cheerfulness is
power power emotion number nine
nurturing your own vitality is critical
if you don’t take care of your health
it’s more difficult to be able to enjoy
your emotions contrary to popular belief
sitting still does not preserve energy
the human nervous system needs to move
to have energy as you move oxygen flows
throughout your system and that physical
level of Health creates the emotional
sense of vitality that you need in order
to turn any challenge into an
opportunity in order to enjoy your
entire life power motion number ten the
secret to living is giving there’s no
richer emotion I know of than the sense
of contribution ultimately feeling that
who you are as a person and how you
lived your life that what you said and
what you’ve done has really touched
others in a deep and meaningful manner
that’s the ultimate gift in life
go out today and contribute something
simple something deep something yourself
part eight take the 10 day mental
the mark of a true champion is
consistency after all who wants to
create results just once in a while who
wants to feel joyous for only a moment
or be a peak performance only
sporadically we want to do it
consistently we want to experience all
of the emotions that make life
worthwhile all the time not just once in
a while so how do you establish
consistency it’s all based on your
habits knowing what to do is not enough
you must do what you know
would you buy a new Ferrari only to let
it sit in your driveway would you
purchase the most up-to-date computer
only to pack it away in the closet I’m
sure your answer would be a resounding
no by the same token would you listen to
this program and fail to use the
powerful tools it contains probably not
that’s why throughout this section I’ll
offer you a simple plan for interrupting
your old patterns of thinking or feeling
or maybe even behaving and then show you
how to immediately put into practice
some new empowering strategy that you’ve
already learned I guarantee that if
you’ll follow this plan to the letter
you’ll be able to make your new
emotional patterns absolutely consistent
every successful person I know has the
capacity remain centered clear and
powerful in the midst of what I call
emotional storms how do they accomplish
this I discovered most of these
individuals have a fundamental rule
never spend more than 10% of your time
on a problem and always spend at least
90% of your time on the solution the
single most important step in weeding
the gardens of our minds is to interrupt
our limiting patterns of thinking and
feeling the best way to accomplish this
is to take what I call the ten-day
mental challenge there by taking
conscious control over our thoughts this
process is a splendid opportunity to
eliminate negative and destructive
patterns quite simply here’s the
challenge for the next 10 days beginning
immediately commit to taking full
control over all your mental emotional
faculties decide right now that you will
not allow yourself to indulge in orde
well on any resourceful thought or
emotion for 10 consecutive days
it sounds easy it’s a tough task but
it’s one that’ll change your life
welcome to 10 days unlike any you’ve
lived before here are the rules of the
game 1 for the next 10 consecutive days
I want you to refuse to dwell on any
unrest or swell thoughts or feelings
used indulge in any disempowering
questions or D vitalizing vocabulary or
metaphors to when you catch yourself
beginning to focus on the negative use
any of the techniques you’ve learned to
immediately redirect your focus you
might ask yourself what’s actually great
about this situation how can I use this
emotion to call me to action for example
three set yourself up for success each
morning for the next 10 days by asking
yourself what I call the morning
questions they simply are these what am
I really happy about in my life right
or what could I be happy about if I
wanted to be how’s that make me feel
what am I really excited about in my
life right now or what could I be
excited about if I wanted to what am I
really grateful for in my life right now
or what could I be grateful for if I
wanted to feel grateful how does that
feel in my life now and finally who do I
love and who loves me and notice how
that makes you feel this will put you in
a great mental state and start your
mental pattern in the right direction
for for the next 10 consecutive days
make certain that your entire focus is
on solutions and not on problems the
moment you perceive a possible challenge
immediately focus on a possible solution
for that challenge and finally 5 if you
catch yourself indulging in an
unrestorable fahter feeling don’t beat
yourself up as long as you change your
state immediately however if you do
continue to dwell on that
unruhe source for thought or feeling for
any measurable length of time you must
wait until the following morning and
then start the 10 days all over again
regardless of how many days in a row
you’ve already completed this will keep
you on track and give you the leverage
to manage your mind
how can you gain additional leverage to
ensure that you stick to the 10-day
mental challenge announced to your
friends and family maybe even your
associates what you’re doing and enlist
their support and helping you to stay on
track or even better yet find a partner
who wants to take on the 10-day mental
challenge along with you it’s also an
excellent idea to keep a written journal
the whole time you’re meeting this
mental challenge by writing down and
recording how you successfully deal with
these unrest will foster emotions you’ll
literally be creating an invaluable
roadmap that you can review in the
future whenever you seem to hit a mental
or emotional detour
what will the 10-day mental challenge do
for you it will make you acutely aware
of all the habitual mental and emotional
patterns that have held you back in the
– it’ll force you to search for
empowering alternatives 3 it will give
you an incredible jolt of confidence
every time you take control of your
thoughts and you turn the situation
around for most importantly it’ll help
you create new habits new standards and
a new set of expectations that can lead
you into a richer experience of your
life and finally 5 success is
professional it results from a series of
small disciplines like a freight train
picking up speed this exercise and
leaving behind old patterns and fuelling
yourself with new ones will give you
unprecedented momentum
is this just a 10-day exercise not
really you never have to return your old
negative patterns again if you don’t
want to this is your opportunity get
addicted to a positive focus for the
rest of your life
if after banishing your toxic mental
patterns for 10 days you wish to return
be my guest
but I don’t think you will I’m gonna bet
that once you become aware of the
possibilities going back what seem
disgusting to you just remember that if
you ever get off-track you know how to
use a variety of tools to put yourself
back on the high road immediately
part nine putting it all together start
reaping the rewards of some of the
strategies tools and daily lessons and
self-mastery that we’ve been learning
here as you listen to the section you’ll
focus on several major areas physical
financial and relationships and create a
method for ensuring that you live in
accordance with your highest standards
each and every day of your life just as
you learn to condition your nervous
system to produce the behaviors that
will give you the results you want your
physical destiny depends on how you
condition your metabolism and your
muscles to produce the levels of energy
and fitness you desire what do you do
regularly consistently to take care of
your body and produce the level of
health and energy that you desire and
that you deserve or what will you do
starting today what causes the human
body to function at peak efficiency the
incredible accomplishment of Stu
Mittleman illustrates the power some
basic principles Mittleman broke the
world long distance record by running
over a thousand miles and 11 days and 19
hours he averaged more than 84 miles a
day can you imagine perhaps even more
amazing is that according to witnesses
he looked better at the end of his run
than at the starting line he suffered no
injuries not even a blister what allowed
him to stretch his body to its limits
and still maximize his potential without
injuring it first by devoting years of
training to his mind and his body
Milliman proved that we can adapt to
anything if we make the right demands
upon ourselves incrementally
what was the second distinction that
enabled Stu Mittleman to set a new world
long-distance record simply that health
and fitness are not the same see what is
according to dr. Philip Moffat own he
said it’s quote the physical ability to
perform athletic actions health however
is defined much more broadly as the
state where all of the systems of the
body are working in an optimal way many
people think that fitness implies health
but the two don’t necessarily go hand in
hand you can achieve Fitness at the
expense of your health and you may not
live long enough to enjoy your
spectacular physique so how do we
maximize our health the best way is to
understand the difference between
aerobic and anaerobic exercise between
endurance and power the word aerobic
literally means quote with oxygen and it
refers to moderate exercise that is
sustained over a period of time if you
activate your endurance with aerobic
exercise you train your body to burn fat
as its primary fuel anaerobic on the
other hand means with oxygen and it
refers to exercise that produced a short
burst of power an aerobic exercise burns
glycogen as its primary fuel and it
causes the body literally to store fat
do you consider yourself to be healthy
fit or neither one and how do you
exercise aerobic Lior anaerobically make
sure you’re exercising consistent with
your goals here’s how to begin to
incorporate consistent pleasurable
exercise into your lifestyle 1 determine
whether your regular exercise is aerobic
or anaerobic do you wake up feeling
tired do you feel famished you
experience wild mood swings and/or feel
aches and pains after working out does
that same leg or a fat cling to you
despite your most diligent efforts if
you answered yes to some or all of these
questions chances are that you’re
exercising in a consistently anaerobic
state to purchase a portable
heart rate monitor to help you stay
within optimal aerobic training zones
it’s one of the best investments you
ever may and finally three develop a
plan to begin to condition your
metabolism to burn fat and produce
consistent levels of energy stick to
this plan for at least 10 days and
you’ll begin to feel the difference few
things in life are more important to
master than your relationships success
is unfulfilled unless you have someone
to share with indeed the most highly
sought emotion is that of connection or
love let’s consider some organizing
principles that are really fundamental
to the success of any relationship
especially your love relationships the
only way a relationship will last is if
you see it as a place you go to give not
a place you go to take or get something
in your relationships each day what’s
the most valuable thing that you give to
your relationship that you feel proud
about and you feel good about as a human
so many times relationships break up
without people even knowing what really
went wrong the most important way to
ensure success in any relationship is to
communicate clearly upfront make sure
your partner knows what your rules are
for the relationship what’s most
important to you what your expectations
are and vice-versa then there won’t be
the surprises that create so much pain
also use transformational vocabulary to
keep upsets from being blown out of
proportion for example instead of saying
I can’t stand it when you do that you
might say you know I’d really prefer it
if you would do something else other
than that sometimes feels frustrating to
is your love relationship one of the
highest priorities in your life if not
it’ll take a backseat to all the other
more urgent things that happen every day
and gradually your passion will
dissipate don’t allow familiarity to
habituate you to the intense excitement
and gratitude you feel for having this
special person in your life do something
today something unique and simple to let
that person know how much you care if
you want your relationship to last here
is a wall never never threaten the
relationship just making the statement
if you do that then I’m leaving create
the possibility of a relationship ending
instead focus each day on how can you
make the relationship just a bit better
every couple I’ve ever known or studied
that had a lasting and fulfilling
relationship has made it a rule that no
matter how angry or how hurt they feel
they never ever threatened to leave one
of the best things you can do each day
to renew your experience of what you
love about the person you’re in a
relationship with is to reinforce your
feelings of connection and renew your
feelings of intimacy and attraction by
asking a simple question asking it out
loud asking it in front of the person
and asking it of yourself and that
question is this how did I get so lucky
to have you in my life also if you’ll
simply embark on a never-ending quest to
find new ways to surprise and show your
appreciation for each other you can’t
believe the joy and the attraction this
creates don’t take your lover for
granted find and create those special
moments to make your relationship
legendary what’s something you could do
today for the special someone that you
love so much don’t just think about it
do it
many people make the mistake of thinking
that all the problems in their lives
would disappear if they just had enough
money yet earning more money in and of
itself rarely frees people it’s equally
ridiculous however to tell yourself that
greater financial freedom and the
mastery of Finance would not offer more
opportunities to grow to share and
create value not only for yourself but
for others as well after years of
studying some of the most successful
people in our culture I’ve discovered
there really five major lessons to
financial mastery the first key is the
ability to create wealth if you can find
a way to increase the value of what you
do by at least 10 to 15 times then you
can easily increase your income how do
you do this start by asking yourself how
can I be worth more to this company how
can I help it to achieve more and less
time and with less expense in what ways
could I help cut costs while increasing
the profitability and the quality what
new systems could I implement what new
technology could I use to give this
company a competitive edge
the second key to financial mastery is
to maintain your wealth and while this
sounds very simple most people have a
great deal of difficulty with this most
people have more month at the end of the
money the only way to do this is to
spend less than you earn and learn to
invest the difference so that you can
begin to move in a whole new financial
realm saving money is a worthwhile goal
but by itself it won’t bring you
economic abundance the third key to
mastering your finances is to increase
your wealth to grow it to accomplish
this you must spend less than you earn
invest the difference and then here’s
the secret reinvest your returns for
compounded growth compounding put your
money to work for you by increasing
exponentially the pace at which you can
achieve financial independence is in
direct proportion to your willingness to
reinvest that is not spend the profits
of your past investments no one wants to
be a target and very often people
subconsciously sabotage themselves from
doing well financially because they
don’t want to deal with the negativity
associated to it the fourth key to
financial mastery is to protect your
wealth in today’s litigious atmosphere
many people who are wealthy actually
feel more insecure than when they had
fewer assets simply because they know
that they now could be sued at any
moment because they’re a nice target
sometimes for completely frivolous
reasons the good news is there are legal
avenues for protecting your assets as
long as you’re currently not involved in
a lawsuit do you need to consider asset
protection if you aren’t yet concerned
with this issue now is the time to start
consulting the experts and modeling the
masters just as you would any other
important heir of your life and again
this is something we teach at our master
university but you can pursue this with
your own attorneys as well
don’t wait too long to start taking
pleasure in economic abundance the fifth
key to financial mastery is to enjoy
your wealth most people wait until
they’ve accumulated a certain amount of
money to start enjoying themselves but
unless you link pleasure to creating
added value and earning money you’ll
never keep it long-term
so reward yourself occasionally with a
jackpot of some surprise bonus also
consider the power of tithing by giving
away a portion of what you earn you
literally teach yourself that there is
more than enough true wealth is an
emotion anyway it’s a feeling of
absolute abundance and in reality money
has no value unless we share it’s
positive impact with the people we care
about and as we discover ways to
contribute in proportion to our incomes
we happen to want to life’s greatest
part ten the ultimate gift
for more than a decade I’ve had the
unique honor of working with people from
virtually all walks of life from the
privileged to the impoverished one thing
stands clear regardless of stature only
those who learn the power of sincere and
selfless contribution experience life’s
deepest joy that of true fulfillment
we’ve all had close encounters with a
feeling of selfless contribution maybe
providing a friend with a helping hand
showing a child how to master a problem
assisting a co-worker with a difficult
project helping an elderly person down a
treacherous flight of stairs these
experiences give us a moment of
exultation in which we catch a glimmer
of our essential selves and it moves us
to be truly inspired by those who
consistently give of themselves this
section really is my invitation to you
to become an even greater and more
consistent Giver
to join a spirited team who is committed
to sharing the gift of possibility with
those who seek to improve the quality of
their lives how does the person really
make a difference on the history of the
world is simply a chronicle of the deeds
of the small number of ordinary people
who had extraordinary levels of
commitment these individuals who had a
positive influence and the power to make
a meaningful difference in the quality
of our lives are the men and women we
all call heroes
I believe that you and I everyone will
ever meet have the innate capacity to be
heroic to take daring courageous and
noble steps to make life better for
others even when in the short term it
seems to be at our own expense the
capability to do the right thing to dare
to take a stand to make a difference is
within you right now the question is
when the moment arrives will you
remember you’re a hero and selflessly
respond in support of these people’s
needs or will you back off I believe
that if you apply what we’ve talked
about in this tape there is no question
what you’ll do you’ll stand tall you
might assume that Mother Teresa was born
to heroism but as a teaching nun in a
relatively wealthy section of Calcutta
she rarely crossed to the poorer parts
of the town even though they were right
nearby one evening however she heard the
cries of a dying woman mother Teresa
rushed to her aid and spent the rest of
the night unsuccessfully seeking to aid
her at various hospitals when the woman
finally died in her arms Mother Teresa’s
life was transformed forever she had
what I call a defining moment perhaps
the divine moment she vowed that night
that as long as she lived no one within
the reach of her influence would ever
die again without dignity and love is
there a specific time in your life that
you can point to as your defining moment
take a moment to think about this and
cultivate the emotion of that moment to
strengthen your passion and commitment
to giving
what makes a hero a hero is a person who
courageously contributes even under the
most trying circumstances a hero is an
individual who acts unselfishly who
demands more from himself or herself
than anyone else could possibly expect a
hero is someone who defies adversity by
doing what he or she believes is right
in spite of fear it’s important to
remember that our everyday decisions
will shape the world we pass on to
future generations what do you put on
your dinner plate what cosmetics do you
use what household products do you buy
these lifestyle choices determine in a
small yet undeniable way such things as
how much carbon dioxide is being
released into our atmosphere as well as
how many plant and animal species will
actually be eliminated each and every
day by the same token the decisions you
make every day can help stop the
destruction of the rainforests restore
the delicate balance of our ecosystem
and create a legacy of hope for
generations to come
please read further in my original book
awaken the giant within to find the
steps that you can take today we don’t
need to wait until we have some
grandiose master plan to make a
difference we can have an impact in a
moment in doing the smallest things we
can often have a huge impact in making
what often seems like an insignificant
decision there is a processional effect
it’s true that most of our heroes are
hidden behind what appears to be small
acts done consistently look around you
there are heroes everywhere look to
history imagine the power of a small
decision of a woman named Rosa Parks
when she said no to a bus driver there
are heroes everywhere
why are so many people afraid to make
even the smallest effort to help others
one of the most common reasons is that
they are just embarrassed they’re afraid
of being rejected or appearing foolish
but you know what if you want to play
the game of life and win you’ve got to
play full out you’ve got to be willing
to feel stupid sometimes you got to be
willing to try things that might not
work otherwise how can you innovate how
can you grow how can you discover who
you really are go do something you think
is stupid or feels weird but you think
it contribute do it today life is a
balance between giving and receiving
between taking care of yourself and
taking care of others the next time you
see someone in trouble instead of just
passing by or feeling guilty about being
unable to help get excited about what
you can do perhaps you can offer
something as simple as a kind word or a
smile that’ll cause that person maybe to
think or feel differently about
themselves maybe you can help this
person begin to feel appreciated or even
loved just within a moment’s interaction
if there’s one command we must all live
by it’s that we must live fully while
we’re here
experience everything you can in your
life take care of yourself and your
friends have fun be crazy be weird go
out and screw up you’re going to anyway
so you might as well enjoy the process
in other words take the opportunity to
learn from your mistakes find the cause
of your problems and eliminate them
don’t try to be perfect just be an
example of being human and your life
will be a joy
what can change your life many things a
moment of deep thought a few decisions
as you complete this program could
change everything so could a
conversation with a dear friend a
seminar a movie a big fat juicy problem
that causes you to expand to become more
in order to deal with it this is the
awakening that you seek so live in an
attitude of positive expectancy knowing
that everything that happens in your
life benefits you in some way know that
you are guided along the path of
never-ending growth and learning and
with it the path of everlasting love
this is Anthony Robin saying thank you
for spending this time with me I hope
some of these ideas have touched you or
moved you or gotten you to take some
action and make some aspect of your life
better I hope you’ll return to this
program and use it as a tool for
continued growth I hope that someday
I’ll have the privilege of meeting you
maybe hearing your story of success
until then remember to expect miracles
because you are and be a bearer of the
light be a force for good share your
share your passion and may God bless you
giant steps small changes to make a big
daily lessons in self-mastery was
written and read by Anthony Robbins

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