Giveaways / Freebies That Will BOOST Your Email List

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What is a Freebie / Giveaway?

Something you give to your audience in exchange for their email addresses.

Here are some type of giveaways that can boost  your e-mail list growth:


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Free trial

Taking FREE things a bit additional, use your visitors a free trial to your services.
Even if these visitors don’t transform at the end of the trial duration, you will absolutely have some first hand feedback that will assist you enhance.
Similarly, using free samples of items on an ecommerce site resembles providing an opportunity to the consumer to inspect if it suits their requirement or not. It also shows that your service is transparent and consumer centric in their technique.


Custom-made discount rates and offersspecial offer

FREE is something, but custom-made discount rates and deals are another. While it may sound along the very same lines, the bit of personalisation absolutely makes the consumers feel valued. It could be as small a discount rate of an ‘additional 10%’ or just complimentary shipping.


Ebooks, whitepapers and guides

If you haven’t discovered already, ebooks, guides and whitepapers serve as the best free gifts. They don’t just give you an opportunity to flaunt your market understanding, however likewise assist you develop the position of an authority in your specific niche. By sharing understanding free of charge, you acquire visitors who will stay grateful to you along with keep coming back for more.
list building

Recent popular post

Most of the times visitors leave a site due to the fact that they might not find the info they were looking for. The reaction of this being, that the other ‘incredible’ content you provide on the site, gets neglected. A well-written material piece functions as a great giveaway. It does not simply help your visitors comprehend your service, but also how they can benefit from it.


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An opportunity to win – contests

What if someone informed you they’re running a contest or a competition with free gifts for winners, and it was something around your specific niche? You would most definitely participate in it! Another excellent deal to make on your website to generate more leads, is a chance to win something through contests.



Prior to you start handing out freebies, there is a catch you need to know. If you use them something for free immediately, they’re probably going to just claim it and leave. After all, their day is made. So instead of attempting to run free gifts on your site right after the visitor arrive at it, make that deal when the visitor is leaving with exit intent technology.

It will not just satisfy of producing another lead, but will likewise ensure that the searching experience of the visitor is not disrupted and he remains on your page a bit longer!


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