How to create a secure download area

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in the video I’m going to show you how
to create a totally secure download area
what you’re gonna need is a password
protected directory that you can sit up
in your cPanel right here you’re also
going to need to HTML pages you’ll have
a Thank You page like this it says thank
you for for your payment the download
page link and password will be emailed
to your paypal email address shortly the
other page you’re going to need is a
thank-you page that goes inside the
download the protected a download
thank you for your payment blah blah
blah which would be your customary text
that you have on a download page like
you need the Adobe Reader and whatever
else you need to put on there and
download your product here and that’ll
be the hyperlink to download it
okay so what you do first is you’ll need
to set up to your password protected
directory so click on password protect
the directories in the cPanel and then
in here you pick your directory
now if you don’t have one first you
would make your directory using file
manager an FTP account so we’ll go into
file manager and just set one up so you
need to go into where your web documents
are in a lot of cases it’s you know
folder called public underscore HTML
other servers might use something called
htdocs if you don’t know that you’d need
to contact your server provider and find
out anyway so we go inside there and
then in here we can create our directory
that we want to password protect to do
that we just click on create a new
folder and over on the right here we
give it a name we’ll just call it
password protected
okay and that’s now created a directory
called password-protected somewhere
there it is okay now we go back and we
will password protect the directory
because right now it’s just a regular
directory so we go in the password
protect the directories and find it in
here and then we click on it brings up a
screen like this click right there and
that will actually turn it into a
password protected directory and click
Save now click go back and it’s now
password protect the next thing we have
to do is actually give it a user ID and
password to protect the directory so you
put in here your user ID and password in
this case I’m just gonna have to use
name Tim and the password called
password and then you add it I’ll go
back again and have a look you now have
a password protected directory with an
active user Tim and the password is
password you can also give your password
protected directory and name so that
when people are in there they can they
will see the name displayed so we can
just call this protected
all right so we’re all set up on the
cPanel with our protected directory now
what we need to do is upload our two
pages again you’d need somewhere for
those to reside so we’ll just create
another test another directory
create the directory
call it testing
our paid we’ll call it paid
and then we go down to our paid
and go inside it now what we’re going to
do is upload our file click on upload
and then we’ll upload our thank-you page
here don’t find our thank-you page
and then click upload
nor Thank You page resides inside here
so if we actually type in though the URL
to this and there is what we see so the
directory to this was our domain name
slash paid which was the name of our
directory slash thank you dot HTML so
what would happen here is you would have
on your main page where you’re selling
your product you would have put a
payment button a secure payment button
from PayPal or whatever you’re using
once they paid PayPal or whatever you’re
using would direct them to this paid
page and then it would tell them on this
page that they’re going to get an email
to tell them where to download their
product this way you never have to worry
about somebody hacking your download
page and getting your product because
they just can’t because there’s no
password given on this page now the next
thing we need to do is go back to our
cPanel again go back to file manager
and in the public HTML and find our
protected directory
and now what we need to do is upload our
download page
click upload
okay and now we can bring that up type
in our date domain name password
protected slash DLP which is the name of
our page dot HTML
and now when we key in the directory for
the password protected directory it asks
us for a password so what’s going to
happen is the person that purchased the
product is going to get an email with
the download URL and the password so
when they get here they will type in Tim
and password and they will get the
download page this is now a totally
secure way to deliver your products how
to sketch this out for you here’s what
the job flow would look like you have
your payment page where your product is
being sold and they make a payment there
once they’ve made their payment the
payment processor will send them to the
Thank You page then what happens is an
email is sent to the buyer the buyer
clicks on the link that he’s been sent
the email contains the link and the
username and password the buyer enters a
username and password and the download
page is displayed and the buyer
downloads his product the only other
thing you need in between is a way to
deliver the email to their paypal email
address now you can either do that
manually when they buy if you’re near
your computer or you can do it every so
often or a better way of course is to
have a piece of software that’ll do it
for you and there are two different
kinds of software to do that you can use
my DD or my digital dispatch or you can
use DL guard and they both do it
automatically another way that’s less
secure is that you can set up your
Outlook Express email client with a
filter of the product name so that when
it receives that it actually sends out
the URL and the password in an email
from your computer the links to both of
those programs are on the webpage here
so that’s it that’s how you create hey
totally secure download area for your

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