How to link directly to a Clickbank checkout page

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in this video I’m gonna show you how you
can link directly to a Clickbank
checkout page it doesn’t matter which
product you want to link to I just went
into green products here and I’m just
gonna pick this first one now the reason
you might want to do this is if you
don’t like the sales page and you want
to create your own sales page after they
look at your sales page you want to send
them directly to the checkout not to
their other sales page here and you
still need to get your commission so to
do that you have to put in a certain
command okay so let’s have a look if we
go down to the end of the page here
where the order now button is and first
of all if we put our mouse over this and
do a right click and then do a copy link
location now let me open notepad here
let’s paste that in there all this tells
a few things here this is the product
number one and this is the vendor ID
we’re gonna need that now this is the
link that you have to use to go directly
to the checkout we have to fill a few
things out in here okay so as you see we
have your ID which is your clickbank ID
the merchant ID which is Magne work
because they’re okay I’ll put my ID here
connects the product number which is one
so we replace this with a one and then
we need the product name now we can get
that just by going clicking on the order
now button and then copying this up here
now let’s paste that says product name
here okay now there is our link now if
we look here if I roll down you’ll see
he says affiliate equals none okay so
let’s open let’s close this and open a
new window okay I’m gonna take my link
and I’m gonna paste it in here click the
enter key and when we roll down you’ll
see that it has picked up my affiliate
ID so if somebody purchased through that
I would get the Commission so all you
have to do is when you put a payment
button on your page just use that link
or mask that link using a redirect so
that’s how you can link directly to a
Clickbank checkout page

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