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How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

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make money online without paying anythingIs it Really Possible to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything?

This is one of the most common question and search. People are getting scammed every scammed, so they tend to invest as less as possible in courses etc.

They also tend to understimate the power of paid traffic cause they want to know how to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything 

First of all: it’s a cognitive bias.
The term “pay” belongs to something you give for an item, like going into a shop.

So cause we’re talking about something immaterial, it’s not perceived as a valuable purchase: paid traffic necessary  requires specific skills and experience to make it profitable, it’s not so easy to implement.

This is much correlated to the term ‘pay’, which leads your wallet a bit empty than before.

But, again, it’s a congnitive bias.

Here we’re considering it as an investement. Nothing “to pay”.

What surprise me the most is seeing people pay 20.000-100.000 usd for a rent of a bar, a restaurant, etc, doing business which are obviously risky and with a high probability of failure, open loans, etc… and then complain for paying 30-100 Usd per month for the necessary tools for online marketing, or got afraid of spending 20 bucks a day in advertising tests.

However, in the beginning lots of people do not have money to spend on advertising, on paid traffic, on tools.

So here’s a practical guide, better a list of tips.

Firstly: identify a niche. better not jump in a reasearch of the markets if you don’t know how to do. Go to clickbank, look for weight loss and choose weight loss for office women, or white collar etc.

Then choose which prducts to promote that suits the need: try Mike Geary or someone with high gravity.

Choose an autoresponder, like ActiveCampaign, which has the best delivery or Sendlane, which gives a trial period and allow to build squeeze pages inside the autoresponder itself.

Go to the Affiliate section of the vendor you have chosen, and there you can find some giveaways to give to your potential leads in exchange of their mails.
Also you can find list of email swipes to put in your autoresponder to promote the product and give value.

As an example when i started affiliate marketing i used to promote weight loss programs made by mike geary. Cause he provides a very well materials, etc.

Then you need to deliver  TRAFFIC to your opt in page.

If you’re just a beginner i do not suggest you to dive in the Seo stuff. Cause it takes months.
And raking an opt in page is quite impossibile.

You can instantly use 2 different methods:
Youtube Traffic & Forum Traffic.

Youtube is a the mostly misunderstood platform: the majority of the people try to earn money usind adsense and earn cents for visualization. Very poor, instable technique.

You can do far better.

Build videos regarding your niche, and put in the description the link to your opt in page. You can write a sentence like: “FREE Weight Loss program for busy people: go to”
Apply good tags, etc.

Which videos? you can record by your own, putting some of the material you find in the affiliate section in a video format, or you can take some plr for 1 buck, and record it with screencast or camstasia or by saying with your voice.

Or also you can search for “creative commons” videos and mix them and upload them.

What about Forum Traffic?

Just google your niche + forum and register there. Contribute to discussion, give value, start valuable thread and act as you want to give your knowledge free.
Put more or less the same sentence as a signature. People who will find your knowledge valuable will opt in in your opt in page.

What about the Opt in page Itself?

Less is more. The most important thing is the HEADLINE. Your headline has to be compelling, forum trafficspeak the audience’s words, catchy and tell the “truth well said”.
It does not have to sell in a scammy way, it has to hit the pain

I mean talk about the potential lead’s needs, amplify it and give a solution.

After that in the mails, give that solution but in a smart way: the structure, let the products you sell to complete the puzzle.

So if you are consistent you will see a constant flow of traffic, leads, and item sold on some extent: reinvest the compounding in the solo ads. So you can reinforce your list.

You have to continue to study, go deep and learn, also shift to paid traffic asap: you need to have metrics of what you invest to make a living.

Rinse and repeat.

eco systemThe Ecosystem: Why you probably will Fail

There are lots of evergreen questions:

where to buy traffic
should i start a blog
should i start a youtube channel
how to promote blog
better X or Y.

Most of these questions, if not all, belong to cheap mentality.

A not serious mentality.

What i mean is: the quick rich attitude in somewhere inside these people and they wanna know what to do “quick and profitable” in order to do OTHER THINGS after they become eventually rich.

They end up disappointed after few years later, after being scammed again and again, and then they’ll eventually give up or continue the compulsive buying of courses, only to not admit to themselves that they had completely failed.

Why this happens? Cause of gurus? Cause of scammers? Or bad courses?

No. As the tv movie ‘Huste’ says: you cannot cheat an honest man.

It’s the attitude in the beginning, the source of the problems.

Online Marketing has been taken seriously: it’s not about “what” to do preferably, if the blog, or the channel, or whatsoever, it’s about how these things link together in a complex strategy for selling something.

So you need firstly to know what to sell. Then think that you would not ‘do something’ than it’s all passive and you can go to vacation.

It’s a business. A work. You need to apply constant effort, there’s no something like ‘all passive’ and go to beach with a cocktail waiting for millions.

You will need probably to have Blog, Youtube, Facebook Page, and everything tuned and built like an ecosystem to catch potential customers from different angles.

And you will need to nurture these sources continuously. So take it like a serious business, not something to do for having the time to do other things.

That’s why few people succeed.

How to Make Money for Starting your Business

Unless you want to spend all the day posting everywhere, trading your time for money as in a daily job, you will sooner or later have to face the hard truth: you need money for advertising, for the marketing, tools, and definately to start your own business.

Paid traffic is what you need to do for scaling your business, having metrics, and definately set you free from the rat race.

So, assuming you don’t have or don’t want to invest the hard-earned money from your daily job, cause you are here reading this article, i’m gonna show you some online resources to earn money selling your skills and competences.


This is the most reliable and famous marketplace for freelancers. Its previous name was Odesk.
What you need to do is sign up, and insert your online skills, what you can do for others.

There are people writing articles for others, translate in multiple languages, doing seo, managing social media profiles, etc. You are paye for the work you provide once it’s finished, directly from the platform.

The Client has to deposit the money first, and then hire. So you’re sure to get payed.

email subject lines


The same. But it’s a lot cheaper. You have a lot of categories, and it starts as little as 5 USD.

But you can set whatever you want for your job, and you can upsell: as an example you can provide an artwork, and you can charge $ per every revision, or you can provide testimonial video, and charge more for custom background, clothes, script made by you, etc

This could lead to a very lucrative income, and Fiverr is the most used platform by newbie freelancers.


The same as above. It’s another very well-known marketplace to sell your skills.
You can start small, and then there are lot of people who make a living with freelancer’s sites.


Youtube is another stream for your business if you have one.

But it can also help you to gain some money, before starting it.
The most common way to do it is monetizing your videos.

Which means: make a video, upload it, turn on monetization with Adsense, and then wait for the money (if they come).

In the beginning it was quite simple to earn money using this method: the competition was very low etc, but now there are also some requirements that yotube itself put for let you monetize videos.

Youtube officially said that: new channels will need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months to be eligible for ads.

So unless you have time, you find a good niche like games, or you can create tutorials for everyday life as an example, you won’t become next PewDiePie.

A far better way to use Youtube is at least posting review of products with referral links. So if people like what you’re saying, and they’re actively looking for the products you’re substancially”pitching”, they may buy it.

And you get a commission. You have became an affiliate: a person who earns a commission for every product sold through a referral link, provided by the vendor. A typical example is Amazon: you can subscribe for being an affiliate and earn a commision advertising products.

With Amazon you don’t earn too much. I suggest you try clickbank instead, or companies like maxbounty, peerfly that pays you also for simply providing leads: people who opt in, put their mail in a form for attaining more infos about a product or a service.

But the best way is if you advertise YOUR products, or at least make lead generation for yourself. How? click here to learn about lead generation

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