#HowToMakeMoneyOnline How to Build Your List With JV Giveaway Events.

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Build Your List With JV Giveaway Events.

This is still one of the easiest ways to build a list. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

hello so in this video I’m gonna talk
about a list building method called JV
giveaway events and a giveaway event is
it’s basically where a marker several
markers will agree to contribute a gift
to a giveaway event which is held at a
certain website such as what I’m looking
at right now what I’m looking right now
it’s called the lucky 7 and giveaway and
basically you know we part of their
agreement is everybody has to drive
traffic to the giveaway event door there
are some giveaway events where you don’t
really have to drive traffic
you could just pay a certain fee and
that’ll give you credits and to sustain
the giveaway event and so basically this
is a great way to build your list in the
internet marketing niche I mean there
are also giveaway events in the health
and also the self-improvement
Nicias but most of the giveaway events
are in the internet marketing niche
alright and to find giveaway events you
simply just do a google search and you
can also sign up for other marketers
lists that’s how I get notified of
giveaway events that are coming up I’m
just notified of by other marketers that
I’m on the list of ok so what I’m
looking at right now is the lucky 7
giveaway there are several giveaway
events every month so as you can see
here the giveaway events for I mean the
dates for this giveaway event is from
Monday September 24th to Friday October
19th so those are the dates that you
want to drive and you’re going to drive
traffic to this giveaway event and by
now you know if you’ve been in the
marketing arena for a while you should
have a squeeze page already and
preferably have a one-time offer built
in so you could monetize your leads
immediately but anyways what I want to
talk about here is joining a giveaway
event and there’s a lot of these
giveaway events when you sign up as a
a lot of the the copy here is on the
same is the same telling you about the
benefits of joining so I just quickly
scroll all the way down to the bottom oh
and by the way the rules are stayed
usually on on the page here for
contributors rule number one being that
you must promote the giveaway rule
number two you must promote the direct
downloads and rule number three you have
finite and every giveaway event you know
they have different rules some you don’t
really have to promote you could just
buy your way into the event and just buy
yourself some credits like I said
okay so the very bottom here is what you
were just filling your information okay
so I’ve just registered and I’ve also
clicked the confirmation like in the
email so I’m now inside the giveaway
event usually there is an offer here if
you want to upgrade so what I’m looking
at here let’s just quickly look let’s
just read what it says here as an
upgraded contributor you will get their
direct download links number of gifts
allowed seven so this is a great way to
build your list you know to maximize
your leads is to offer more gifts to
this event because then you’ll have more
people signing up for your gifts you can
also insert special offers in this event
you can also insert text ads to show up
on the website and you can also upgrade
your commission to 70% so if you refer
other people other contributors to this
event and they upgrade
you get a commission of that but in this
case you’ll get an increase of 70 up to
70 percent commission on that okay so
usually I would upgrade but for this
event I’m not gonna join because I don’t
join every giveaway event that comes out
but so I’m just gonna go ahead and skip
okay and of course when you turn it down
usually there is a down sale so same
offer but this time you they’re offering
you one more chance here but instead of
seven gifts allowed they’re allowing you
to get three gifts which is still good
and the 50% upgrade Commission and let’s
just see how much this offer is so five
dollars and again I’m just going to turn
this down
all right so what usually happens then
is you’re presented with another offer
this could be from another contributor
so basically if you were to take one of
the upgrades this you could place one of
your offers here so this could be your
offer right here I’m not interested so
I’m just gonna scroll down
all right so here I am on the the main
page where I could look at my stats and
place my guests if you look at here the
menu bar there’s what you could edit
your profile you can manage your gift
this is where you would place your gift
so you just say your product name upload
a picture
a short description the full description
of the gift so this is pretty much
straightforward and here you could see
some ads from other contributors so if
you took the upgrade you could place an
ad similar to these two more of your
offers and if you want to get gifts
download purchases and here are the
stats for the contest because usually
people that the markers that drive the
most traffic usually will win a prize if
you want to invite contributors you
could get your affiliate link and your
email swipes here there’s a help desk if
you want to promote this to your list
again there’s another set of links and
email swipes alright so basically let’s
click on get gifts so this is what it
looks like when people are invited to
the giveaway event and so this is what
it looks like they’re gonna see the
and you have an option of random hot
downloads or general downloads let’s
just go to general downloads
so let’s let’s just click on one of
let’s choose this product right here
which says grab your instant blog
traffic so you just click on download if
you’re interested in getting this
product and so you’re brought to the
squeeze page alright and like I said
earlier you know you should have a
squeeze squeeze page set up already if
not you know it’s easy to set one up or
just get a peel our product out there a
lot of them already have squeeze pages
our templates for you to use and you’re
ready to go

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