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My #1 Recommendation To Make a Full-Time Income Online.

How to sell shirts online.
Several people are earning six figures per month selling shirts online. This video will help you get started. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

hello welcome to this course in this
video course I’m gonna talk about
teespring and give you some tips to to
profit from teespring
if you haven’t heard of teespring it’s
one of the hottest phrases online right
now in terms of making money on line
and there are some people making six
figures a month through t spring and so
what T spring is it’s it’s actually a
site that you can go to T spring calm
and on the site you could design your
own shirts and they would print out the
shirts and ship it out for you now the
only thing is you’d have to sell a
minimum number of shirts in order for
you to get paid and in order for them to
print them out and ship them out and
that minimum number is 10 now you could
set that minimum to a higher number such
as 20 or even 100 or or a thousand
shirts so what you would do is you would
start a campaign here on T spring calm
and is on your own shirts and that
campaign could last anywhere from three
days to twenty one dates so in the next
video I’m gonna show you how easy it is
to design your own shirts on the site
and to start your own campaign so let’s
go ahead and set up a campaign here on t
spring so let’s just press on the get
started button here
all right so here is your template that
you’re working with and you could select
a style and the quality so if you want a
long-sleeved if you want a hoodie but
for now let’s just do a basic tee that’s
the most popular right now and here you
would just add the text and if you look
here you could also add or upload
artists if you click on that and you
could browse their art library and
choose a section for example food and
drink you could do that and you could
also upload your own and so this is
great if you know how to use Photoshop
and how actually I highly recommend you
use Photoshop to make yours more unique
I believe Photoshop has a deal right now
where you only pay $10 a month but
anyways let’s just add some text here it
says here enter text below
first of all let’s change the color of
this shirts the most popular shirts I’ve
seen right now are our black black
shirts you sell pretty well and down
here you could see the base cost so the
cost per shirt is around $8 so anything
above that is a profit for you so you
enter the text let’s see here let’s just
say awesome
and let’s just change the text color and
you could just move that inward down
here and as for the art here we could
change that change the color of that to
white since this is a black shirts
okay you could add an outline as you
like alright and if if you’re happy with
this you would just go to next step and
here you could set your minimum number
of shirts that need to be salt sold
before they’re printed right now it’s 50
but let’s just set it to 10 oh by the
way here it also shows you estimated
profit if you were to sell 50 shirts so
but let’s just just for this example
let’s just move it down to 10 or even 20
that’s what a lot of people are doing
right now is just saying it’s a 10 or 20
shirts so your profit would be around
jardín $60 if you sold just 20 shirts
and here you could select options for
the customer so for example for for the
woman you could do that and I’ll have
this option so if if a lady wants to buy
the shirt they have an option to buy a
lady shirt now you can also set the
price here good price is 19 or 20
dollars so you have a profit of say 10
let’s just get that it’s just up there
their next step
okay and so this is where you would type
in your title and brief description all
the shirts and I the idea behind it and
this is where you choose a campaign link
so it could be anywhere from three days
to twenty-one days a lot of people just
use seven days and then the URL okay so
this is where people will go to to view
this campaign so we’re just for this
example just type in the awesome test
gos and then click here to launch your
campaign in this video I want to quickly
go over selecting a niche that you could
profit from now you’re gonna want to
make sure that you target groups of
people that are passionate enough to
want to spend money and buy your shirt
online so some examples are let’s see
professions people that are proud of
their profession for example nurses and
firemen now shirts that are targeted to
those groups of people do very well
through teespring
another group you could target our
sports fans they’re very passionate
about their favorite teams you could
also target pet owners and you could
also put political statements on your on
your shirts if you want to send out your
message so for example if you support or
are against sort of political figure you
could make assured about that now
another thing you could do is go to
Google Trends and see what’s trending
right now you know the thing is if you
make a shirt about something that’s
trending right now that’s popular what
people are talking about you’re more
likely to get more likes and to get more
wild traffic to your campaign
in this video I want to show you three
sites that you can visit to see what are
the top-selling shirts on teespring at
the moment the first site you can visit
is actually the teespring on comm site
itself go to teespring comm a forward
slash discover and it’ll show you the
top campaigns at the moment and from
here you can get some ideas so let’s see
what the top selling shirts are right
now see this one has sold about just
over eighteen hundred shirts other ones
is black and ten I think that’s a beer
company you’ve sold near close to five
hundred shirts another one says get
money step one get money step two
repeat step one and that’s a catchy
shirt and this one I sold about four
hundred and sixty-five shirts so not bad
okay in oceans deep my faith will stand
this when I sold 145
here’s another shirt it says I teach
preschool what’s your superpower now
here’s a hint for you shirts that say I
am fill in the blank what’s your
superpower those types of shirts do
pretty well on teespring so I’m not
surprised that this is doing well for
example you could say I’m I’m a nurse
what’s your superpower or I’m a stroke
survivor or cancer survivor what’s your
something like that but anyways you you
you get what I’m trying to say here so
this one has sold hundred and twenty-two
let’s see if there’s anything else here
okay let’s just go on to the next site
here the next one is tea view dot
photograph calm okay and here again you
see the top-selling campaigns and here
you could sort them so for example you
should just want to see the latest added
or the best selling by numbers or if you
just want to see the only active ones or
you could also combine it it’s the only
active that are best-selling by ratio
and there’s a lot more listing showing
here than on the teespring
comm site okay so the third one I want
to show you is T s– covered calm and
unfortunately at the moment it’s it’s
not loading up but it is a pretty good
site it’s pretty similar to the teeths
cover comm page except they’ve got a lot
more listings and also you could look at
you this button that says social
listings of social future basically
click on it and I’ll show you where
they’re advertising their their

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