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Learn how to use Yahoo Answers to earn affiliate commissions. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

in this video I’m gonna quickly talk
about the benefits of using Yahoo
Answers as a great weight for traffic to
your website or affiliate pages that
you’re promoting or to your squeeze page
basically there’s a user base of around
90 million people on Yahoo Answers and
it’s actually the biggest online
knowledge community and hundreds of
thousands of people use this resource
every day to find solutions to their
problems and a lot of these people
belong to the category of potential
buyers and and also the traffic from
Yahoo Answers is is residual in nature
and that you can reap the benefits for
months for your one-time effort okay
Yahoo Answers I enjoys a PageRank of
eight and the discussions over there are
frequently ranked in the top 10 of
Google search results and by properly
targeting an appropriate keyword you can
easily get in the first page of search
engines as well as enjoy long-term SEO
benefits in the form of quality back
back links to your site okay however I
highly recommend that you do not spam
the site and that when you answer
questions on Yahoo Answers that there
are good quality responses and that you
don’t make it seem like you’re trying to
sell something all right so basically
you should be trying to focus on adding
value to the community and another great
benefit is that visitors and you know
who answers are highly targeted and
niche focused okay there’s actual people
making a full-time income just using the
Yahoo Answers strategy alone okay so
what we’re looking at now is the Yahoo
Answers page you could find this page by
just going on Google or you could go on
Yahoo and just go to the bottom of the
and there should be a link to Yahoo
Answers okay well right now I’m just
looking at the page and it’s pretty
straightforward right here you can find
the most recent questions that you can
answer at the very top here you could
browse by category so if you’re in the
beauty niche or if you’re in the very
lucrative health niche you would choose
that so let’s just go click on health
all right another thing as well as you
know if you want to keep up to date with
the questions you can also subscribe to
their RSS feed which is down here and
you know you should already have or be
able to answer questions if you have an
email account with Yahoo so if not you
just quickly register and open up a
yahoo account but let’s just look at the
questions here as you can see there’s
open basically these are questions that
have not yet been answered and then as
you can see in this tab here that says
in voting and basically these questions
have been answered but nobody has yet
voted which is the best answer and if
you click on the tab this is resolved
you can see all the questions that have
been answered and those are the best
answer has been selected okay so as an
example here let’s let’s pretend we’re
to answer a question the first question
here the most recent question just over
30 seconds ago was why aren’t I fat so
let’s just click on that
and okay so basically if you were to
answer this question you would just
click on answer question
and you would select you would just type
in your answer here make sure it’s a
good quality answer and as you for your
source this is where you can this is
where you would actually make money you
could place an affiliate link here or
your own website or to a squeeze page so
you could build a list in the health
niche okay so that’s that’s a quick
example here I’m not going to answer
because I’m not an expert on this so
let’s just go back
and let’s just go to resolve let’s see
how it looks when people have actually
voted and the best answer has been
selected so
that’s thoughts continuously blocked
so the best answer has been chosen by
the Hasker it’s been given a reading and
as you can see there’s other answers
here as well
okay so as you can see this is all
straightforward there’s not much to say
here you basically answer questions in
your niche and you know after getting
some experience and you want to scale
this up I highly suggest that you
outsource the work so you don’t have to
spend hours every day spending time
typing in answers for all the questions

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