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My #1 Recommendation To Make a Full-Time Income Online.

Better than becoming an affiliate marketer, or selling a digital product, is to become an influencer. This way, you will be not only rich, but also famous.

You’ll find that influential people and companies are lining up to offer you amazing opportunities.

You’ll be able to launch any future business idea or product you can possibly dream up to immediate success.

And you’ll even be recognized in the street by grateful fans. This is the true power of marketing on the web.

In this video you’ll learn to become a micro influencer. That means an influencer with just a few thousand follows, that can nevertheless command the same kinds of endorsement rates and that can drive sales.
Title: How To Become An Influencer

This is a far more achievable goal, but one that can allow you to make a living from doing what you love and talking about your passions inside a year.

Topics covered:

5 Personal Branding Tips to Help You Stand Out as an Influencer
5 Ways to Build Your Followers and Increase Your Influencer
How to Choose Your Niche as an Influencer
How to Find Great Topics to Blog and Post About as an Influencer
How to Get Brand Deals as an Influencer
How to Work With the Top Influencers in Your Niche
Monetization Tips for Influencers
The Secret to Becoming an Influencer is by Delivering Value
Understanding the 3 C
Which Social Media Platforms Should You Build Your Influence On

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did you know that with 200,000 followers
on Instagram
you can charge an average of $1,000 for
a sponsored post that means posting an
image where you are wearing a particular
item of clothing or consuming a
supplement it’s an extremely easy way to
make a lot of money that takes just five
minutes now imagine how much you could
earn if you had millions of followers
this truly is a cash cow but there are a
few caveats firstly if you don’t have
millions of followers then you might
mistakenly believe that there is no way
to sell sponsored posts like this as you
have already probably guessed that is
you can actually make a lot of money has
what is known as a micro influencer as
long as you have the engagement the key
is to become more proactive in going out
there and finding those advertisers to
do this you can either try messaging
them directly or using sites like
grapevine which connects advertisers to
creators either way the key is to
actively go out there and look for
sponsors but it gets better because
think about it if someone is willing to
pay $1,000 for you to post an image
wearing their shoes what does that tell
you 5 personal branding tips to help you
stand out as an influencer becoming an
influencer is increasingly difficult
with so many people trying to stand out
on Instagram you need to work harder
than ever before in order to be
noticeable and memorable keep listening
and we’ll explore 5 personal branding
tips that can help you do just that 1
have a mission statement a mission
statement is where any serious branding
should begin this is your statement of
intent and it’s what you are pledging to
do for your audience a mission statement
should this way outline not only the
product you’re going to sell but also
what sets you apart from the competition
and why you chose to start your business
this is your why and it is what will
help people to really get behind what
you are doing as of movement to know
your audience
no brands should try to appeal to
everyone this is a very common mistake
instead you should aim to appeal to a
specific type of person which will be
your buyer persona this way you’ll be
able to direct
all your efforts to appealing that
singular demographic giving you a clear
and consistent message that will set you
apart 3 express yourself with your logo
your logo should express all this as
should your web design and the type of
photos you take for your social accounts
in short someone’s stumbling on your
blog or your social page should
immediately know if your brand is for
them or not for be consistent once
you’ve found your groove and you have a
message and an audience the next crucial
consideration is to ensure that you are
consistently putting out high-quality
content that will serve that mission and
this means consistency in terms of
output keep posting but also in terms of
your message make sure that you are
constantly appealing to the same people
with the same kind of content 5 live the
dream finally remember that you are
going to become an ambassador for the
lifestyle you are preaching you
therefore need to embody the dream that
you are selling or the value proposition
if you post about relationships then
your Instagram should be filled with
images of you and your partner doing
things together if you post about
Fitness then you need to look healthy
and happy
how to choose your niche as an
influencer if you plan on becoming an
influencer then you first need to do
some strategy and think carefully about
how you’re going to plan your attack and
you really should think carefully that’s
because the decisions that you make now
before you first get started as an
influencer will do more to shape your
future success or failure than anything
you do subsequently in particular you
need to think hard about your niche in
this presentation I’ll guide you through
the process the first and most important
thing to consider when choosing your
niche is whether it is something you
know well and feel passionately about
it’s tempting as a marketer to look at
the current two biggest niches and the
ones that traditionally earn the money
than to pick the one that appeals most
to you from there but this is a mistake
firstly it is a mistake because a lack
of real passion for the topic will come
across as you write in post
moreover it’s a mistake because you
won’t have anything new and interesting
to contribute think about it who reads
Fitness content people who like fitness
that means they probably know a bit
about fitness and if you’re providing
the most generic surface level content
imaginable then they’re going to go
elsewhere to be a thought leader you
need to lead and that means you need to
stick with what you know that isn’t to
say you should shy away from niches with
a large appeal of course having a bigger
potential audience is a good thing so
try to pick a subject that is universal
like sex
money health etc the problem is that
doing this can also leave you as a small
fish in a massive pond
how will you compete with the huge
health brands like men’s health or the
established money influencers like Pat
Flynn from smart passive income calm the
answer is try to be more specific and to
hone in on the exact niche that really
interests you and that speaks to your
this might mean something like health
for seniors for example or making money
online for students another option is to
combine two popular niches in a unique
and interesting way either way doing
this will shrink your audience but also
help you to engage much more strongly
with that audience once you find them
how to find great topics to blog and
post about as an influencer
if you want to be a successful
influencer then you need to provide
value to your audience to do that you
need to post regularly about topics that
interest them and that provide some kind
of value this is easier said than done
how do you come up with great new ideas
for blog posts or pictures with tips
underneath or YouTube videos how do you
do this every day of the week for years
and years to come without becoming
derivative dull or repetitive here are
some tips that can help write ideas down
you will have days when you are
extremely inspired and days when you
extremely are not a key tip is to write
down your best ideas as they come to you
so that you can later read them back
keep a wonder list or similar online
list and update it continuously read one
of the most important ways to come up
with new ideas is to read around the
topic that you are operating in that
means reading books and established text
but also reading the news and ideas from
competitor sites let all that
information jumble around inside your
brain and then regurgitate it as
something new see what’s trending often
the most successful content is content
that is trending or that in some way
speaks to the zeitgeist in your niche to
find these kinds of ideas you can use
tools like buzzsumo this will show you
the most popular posts in any given mesh
which will in turn give you ideas for
things to write about
you can even bounce off popular news
posts with your own take or response
another way to do this is look at Google
Trends here you can see how search data
changes over time in order to see what’s
increasingly on people’s minds and what
is not choose your niche well the other
crucial thing to do is to ensure that
you choose your niche well to begin with
that means that you should know and love
the topic you’re working in which will
make it much easier to keep coming up
with new ideas repost when you’re really
stuck don’t be afraid to occasionally
repost or recycle old content you can do
this by posting an old image on
Instagram throwback Thursday or by
sharing older posts from your blog to
social media
how to get brand deals as an influencer
as an influencer one of your biggest
goals is the most likely to start
getting brand deals this is literally
living the dream for many people being
paid to wear clothes or use products
sometimes thousands of dollars for a
single post you’ve created your platform
you’ve built the audience you’ve gained
their trust now how do you land those
great deals keep listening and you’ll
find out the first thing to do is to
make sure that you are putting out great
content consistently with a clear target
audience that latter point is important
because it’s the target audience that is
ultimately going to appeal to the
advertisers they must see that you’re
being consistent and that your followers
are listening to you at the same time
ensure it is obvious that you are open
to suggestions from sponsors you can put
this right in your bio and in any other
online profile simply state that you are
open to sponsors and tell them how to
contact you LinkedIn is another
particularly good place to do this if
you keep doing this then as your numbers
grow you are highly likely to start
getting inquiries and requests but if
that’s not fast enough for you then you
need to get proactive one way to do this
is to reach out to the sponsors
personally find a company that you have
noticed is sponsoring other channels and
that you would think would be a good fit
for your own Jail once you’ve done that
send them an email and explain your
situation and that you would love to
support them show that you believe
passionately about what they are doing
and that you have the followers and the
engagement to help them out know how
much you are worth you can use a number
of tools online to calculate this just
don’t make the mistake of accepting far
less than you should be cautious of
brands that are offering to pay on a
commission only basis you are not a
salesperson and you don’t want to
dedicate all your time to promoting
their platform or service finally
another option is to sign up for a
number of online networks designed
specifically to connect brands and
creators a good example is grapevine
these will list your brand along with
your stats and brands will then be able
to message you through the platform
how to work with the top influencers in
your niche one of the very best ways to
get yourself to the top of the heap as
an influencer is the volunteer to work
with other big influencers most niches
have an established hierarchy of top
creators if you can be accepted by these
names then you’ll find it leads to huge
exposure for you early on as well as key
endorsements from people who matter in
that circle the only problem as a small
creator messaging a massive youtuber or
Instagram star will normally result in
no response how do you get them to
answer and better yet to work with you
here’s what you need to know start small
it’s tempting to go after the guy or gal
with 5 million subs but keep in mind
that they probably get 100,000 emails a
day unless your name immediately jumps
out at them in their inbox then they’re
not going to be motivated to click on
your email so instead start with the
smaller creators start with the other
micro influencers that are currently in
a similar position to you you’ll both
benefit by sharing your audience and
then each time you grow this way you can
take on a slightly bigger creator next
time make yourself known don’t just go
straight for the kill with a message
asking to collaborate instead spend some
time posting comments on their videos
liking their Instagram posts and
contributing to the discussion on their
Facebook page they’ll see this and
you’ll become known to them such that
when you email they’ll be far more
likely to look message more than once
it’s very important not to pester a big
creator as you can very quickly get
blocked and ruin your reputation before
you even get started but just because
they didn’t answer you right away that
doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again
wait awhile then politely ask if they
got your last message remember these
guys are very busy and get a lot of
messages they might have fully intended
to message you back but became snowed
give them another chance network in
person the very best way to get creators
to give you the time of day is to meet
them in person well you can make a much
bigger impact much faster attend a
networking events and make sure to hone
in on the people you want to work
with monetization tips for influencers
becoming an influencer opens up huge
doors if you have a large audience of
people who are hanging on your every
word then you have the potential to
galvanize that audience into a massive
customer base the problem is that many
influencers have no idea how to do this
in this presentation we’ll change all
that did you know that with 200,000
followers on Instagram you can charge an
average of $1,000 for a sponsored post
that means posting an image where you
are wearing a particular item of
clothing or consuming a supplement it’s
an extremely easy way to make a lot of
money that takes just five minutes
now imagine how much you could earn if
you had millions of followers
this truly is a cash cow but there are a
few caveats firstly if you don’t have
millions of followers then you might
have mistakenly believed that there is
no way to sell sponsored posts like this
as you have already probably guessed
that is incorrect you can actually make
a lot of money has what is known as a
micro influencer as long as you have the
engagement the key is to become more
proactive in going out there and finding
those advertisers to do this you can
either try messaging them directly or
using sites like grapevine which
connects advertisers to creators either
the key is to actively go out there and
look for sponsors but it gets better
because think about it if someone is
willing to pay $1,000 for you to post an
image wearing their shoes what does that
tell you it tells you that they are
earning far more than that in order for
this to be a profitable move for them
and what that tells you in turn is that
you can also earn much more than that by
doing precisely the same thing not
selling shoes necessarily but selling
something else such as an e-book or
better yet a coarse private coaching etc
as an influencer you are what people are
interested in and if you can offer your
knowledge and your one-on-one
interaction then you can conceivably
charge thousands of dollars and a single
post can generate multiple sales now
there is a way to go about selling a
product and a way to design one so that
people will buy it but all you need to
know is that this is your ticket to
making big money as a creator
the secret to becoming an influencer is
by delivering value want to be a massive
influencer want to be able to command
huge paydays just by posting images of
yourself using someone else’s product
want to build a massive tribe that hangs
off your every word it’s something that
only a select few have managed to
accomplish so what’s their big secret
I’m going to share it with you are you
ready the big secret to becoming an
influencer is delivering value that’s it
there’s no magic formula no crazy growth
hack and no secret strategy the simple
truth becoming a massive influencer is
to offer value day in and day out but
what does that mean delivering value of
course means that you’re giving away
something useful that might mean
entertainment it might be an amusement
it might mean information it might even
just be inspiration but ultimately when
someone interacts with your brand or
your content they need to come away
feeling as though they gain something
from it
why because of course that is then
what’s going to motivate them to come
back again in the future you probably
already understand this intuitively
chances are that you’re posting pictures
regularly or that you’re posting blog
content regularly maybe you make regular
YouTube videos but now ask yourself are
you really providing value because where
many people go wrong is by thinking that
any content is going to be automatically
valuable you see this with Instagram
accounts that simply share lots of other
posts using a certain hashtag you see it
with youtubers who spend ages talking
about themselves before getting to the
point and you see it with blogs that
post extremely generic and uninteresting
content that bring nothing new to the
table probably because they hired a
writer to do it who knew nothing about
the topic that is not value or at least
it is not much value and so people don’t
follow in order to provide value you
need to create content that leaves the
person feeling something powerful
something memorable the question you
should always ask yourself then is would
you read it would you be excited by the
title would you share it and if the
answers to those questions are no then
don’t post it go away and find a way to
make it better then try again
you must always deliver exceptional
understanding the three C’s for
influencers want to become a huge
influencer to earn money just by posting
pictures wearing free clothes to have
the power to command the opinions of a
great audience to open up incredible
opportunities you hadn’t even dare dream
of it’s all possible and in fact it’s
very simple once you know how one easy
way to remember just how simple this is
is to grasp the concept of the three C’s
and that’s precisely what we’ll be
discussing in this presentation here
they are content if you want to build a
following and become an influencer then
the number one thing you need to focus
on is content that means you need to
create amazing blog posts videos
podcasts Instagram images or whatever
else the point is is that this is what
people are going to follow you for if
you don’t have great content then you’ll
find that people don’t come back how do
you define great content simple it must
provide value to the viewer
this can be value in the form of
entertainment information or motivation
but whatever the case it must offer
value the next C for influencers to
learn is community of course this is
referring to the community that you
build around your brand and the people
who follow your content creating a
thriving community is one of the most
powerful things you can do as an
influencer not only does this give you
the chance to speak directly with your
followers but it also gives them more
reason to keep checking back and to stay
engaged with your brand they’ve made
friends and they’re taking part in
discussions communities are also what
makeup brand feel more like a movement
rather than just a cynical business our
final C is connection this of course
means connecting with other influencers
and gaining the kind of prestige and
influence that comes from that once you
enter any new niche you will find there
is an established community of top
creators people who reside over that
niche and who provide most of the
content if you can ingratiate yourself
with that crowd then you will not only
gain free exposure but you’ll also gain
the endorsement of people who your
audience already trust and this can make
a huge difference to your overall status
and impact time to introduce yourself
which social media platforms should you
build your influence on if you want to
become an influencer then you need to
build yourself an audience and connect
with people that share similar interests
to you sounds simple right except that
it’s something that thousands of people
want to accomplish and only a few
actually manage so where do you start
the first step of course is to choose
the platform you want to build your
influence on are you going to be the
next big Instagram celebrity or do you
want to become a youtuber these are both
examples of places you can build
influence but they are extremely
different in the way that they work
let’s start out by taking a look at the
options and then define how to best
choose from those here are the best
options for influencers run a blog blog
on other platforms like medium calm or
Quora calm post to Instagram create
YouTube content create a Facebook page
create a Twitter account post the
synapse at use vine use twitch use
tumblr of all these options I highly
recommend one of the following 3
foremost influencers Instagram YouTube
personal self hosted blog while you can
build social influence on any of the
platforms mentioned those three will
lend themselves best to the process
that’s because they allow you to post in
a more personal manner using your own
name and in a way that is highly
discoverable for strangers if you try to
create an influence with a Facebook page
for example then people won’t know to
find you unless they actively look or
see your post shared by a friend twitter
is also great for letting people to get
to know you in this manner but it
doesn’t allow you to post large amounts
of content limiting your influence don’t
get it mistaken you should be on all
these platforms ideally and they all
have benefits but you should also focus
on one main one and that should be one
of those three which one of the three
should you pick well that comes down to
a few factors firstly you should pick
the platform that is best fit for your
kind of content you want to create great
at photography then Instagram is a good
pic prefer writing go for a blog you
should also consider your target
audience and where they are likely to
spend time look at the demographics of
each platform along with the kind of
content that typically goes there
ultimately the right answer is the one
that you feel most comfortable posting
to for years to come
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