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How to make money with CPA using Facebook
This is one of fastest ways to start making money online. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

welcome to this course and in this
course I’m gonna teach you how to make
money with CPA by using Facebook ads now
for those of you who don’t know what CPA
is CPA stands for cost per action it’s
where a company or an advertiser will
pay you for directing traffic to their
site and for getting a customer or
prospect to enter information such as
their zip code or their name or any
other type of information that they’re
asking for or even to fill out a survey
for example okay and the payout can be
can be pretty good that means some some
networks pay three dollars per action
okay so you don’t even have to sell
anything or get the customer to buy
anything from that company so for
example let’s talk about car insurance
enter your postal code or zip code into
this information so if you were if this
was a CPA offer and usual traffic to
this page and customer Wharton enter
their postal code or zip code you will
get paid for that action so CPA is cost
per action okay so in this course I’m
going to teach you well I’m gonna show
you what CPA networks you can apply to
and I’m also gonna go over what type of
CPA offers do well on Facebook I’m also
going to show you how to do your market
research so you know who you’re
marketing to for whichever CPA offer
you’re promoting and so when you create
the ad on Facebook you’ll know what
keywords to select and how to go about
with your marketing campaign and lastly
I’m gonna show you how to create a
Facebook ad to promote your CPA offers
okay in this video I’m just going to
quickly go through some CPA networks
that you can apply it to just keep in
mind that it may take a few days for you
to get approved for some of these
networks okay so the first network here
is called market health so this is if
you want to promote some health-related
cpa offers okay the next one is maxim
bounty max bounty com
this is probably one of the most popular
cpa networks out there the next one is
cash network okay another one is get
offers direct.com
another one is CPA prosperity comm and
another one is convert to Mediacom and
there’s point click track comm and
another one is click Rover comm alright
so in this video I just want to quickly
go through what types of CPA offers do
well on Facebook okay this is about four
types of CPA offers that do well on
Facebook the first one is life insurance
okay CPA offers related to life
insurance do well on Facebook another
type is car insurance
okay CPA offers related to car insurance
another one is zip submits where you
enter zip codes okay and lastly the the
fourth type of CPA offer that would do
well on Facebook is anything related to
education okay now so you might be
thinking that you know how about what
about weight loss related see if the
offers won’t they they are profitable
but just remember that there’s lots of
competition out there for the weight
loss niche in terms of CP offer so when
you’re first starting out marketing cpa
offers on facebook you may want to avoid
weight loss related cpa offers okay i
mean they may do well using other
marketing methods outside of Facebook
but for now it’s something you may want
to avoid until you get a little bit of
experience marketing CP offers on
Facebook now before you go and market
your CPA offers on Facebook you need to
know a little bit about who you’re
marketing to so this is where you have
to do a little bit of market research so
for this example let’s say you want to
promote a car insurance CPA offer okay
now here’s a site I found just searching
on Google and I don’t know if they have
any CPA offers an awful let’s just say
just for this example that’s we want to
promote CPA offer from insurance hot
line dot-com okay so what we do there’s
a couple of sites that you could go to
to learn more about demographics and who
are marketing to okay so what do I do is
that I was just copy this URL and I
would go to similar web.com in here you
just paste that URL here and click on
search and so this is where you could
find some great information and you know
good ideas for keywords you want to use
for your facebook ad campaigns okay so
let’s just go down here you lots of
information here you get their traffic
sources its idea of how many visits are
getting to their site the geography now
for this website you can see that the
majority of the people that are coming
to the site are from Canada
because this site is probably targeted
towards Canadians okay and you could
just keep scrolling down here and you
can see what the organic keywords are
and paid keywords are okay so you can
get some ideas of you know what keywords
you want to use here for your Facebook
ad campaigns in social it’s not getting
much social traffic is less than a
percent but it shows you that of the
social traffic of Facebook is where
they’re coming from the most sixty-two
percent so this shows that you know
Facebook is a great platform to use to
market this particular CPA offer if it
had a CPA offer
okay so there’s lots of information on
this site another site you you would
want to do some research on is alexa.com
okay I’ve already pasted the URL on here
and when you do that you get some good
information on here for this particular
offer it’s not showing you you know if
it’s male or female or the college
education but sometimes you know it’ll
will show you okay you know that’s this
particular market they have the majority
of them have college education so if
you’re marketing on Facebook then you
target people that have college
education but unfortunate for this
particular site this insurance offered
they don’t really have enough
demographics on here for you to to get
information from okay and again you
could see that majority of the people
come from Canada and you could also see
the top keywords that were used to go to
the site
all right so now this is where we go and
create our Facebook ad okay so what I’ve
gone is go to the ad creator here you
could just go on Google to find this
page just type in Facebook ads or
Facebook ads PPC and as long as you’re
ready have an account with Facebook you
should be able to be able to use the
service from Facebook so basically
there’s different types of ads you can
post the one for these Facebook may for
these cpa offers you’re gonna want to
choose a clicks to website because
you’re gonna want people to land on your
cpa offers when they click on your ad
there’s other options here like page
post engagement where if they click on
your ad you’ll be directed to post on
your fan page but for now let’s just do
this one here clicks to website and this
is where you would enter the URL of your
landing page now some cpa offers provide
the landing page for you that you can
use to promote and some may not and also
you may even if cpa offers super cpa
networks do provide the landing page for
you you may also want to create your own
landing page to be more unique so if you
want to create your own landing page you
could just i mean there are so free
video tutorials out there on youtube on
how to create your own landing page for
cpa offers okay
the downside of creating your own
landing page is that the customer will
have to click twice to get to to the
main cpa offer the benefit of that is
well if you have two people that would
click twice those are people that are
more targeted people that are willing to
enter their information on your on your
cpa offers okay now for this example
let’s just go with that car and
pterence so let’s see where that was
here let’s just copy and paste this line
to here and let’s click on continue
okay now here is where you would choose
the image that you would want to be
placed on your ad okay you can upload
your own images you could also just use
images that provided by our Facebook
here so just go to find images and you
could choose six images it’s already
like I chose inform you here so what you
do here is choose six images so you
would have six different ads and then
you test them out because when you log
into your account you could see which
ads are or doing well so the ads are not
doing well you could just delete those
okay but for now let’s let’s look for
some images here related to car
okay computers a little slow right now I
don’t know why I kicked me over there
let’s just go back here find images for
this example just to just so this video
doesn’t get too long I’m just gonna
choose two images here another to him it
just so it’ll be a total of three and
we’ll choose this one here that’s
already been selected for us so choose
this one here
this one here so we have a total of
three but like I said you know recommend
you selecting six images if this example
is just select total three so click on
done okay text and links choose a
Facebook page that your ad will show up
on so this is where I mean if hopefully
by now you have a Facebook page created
but you should create a Facebook page
it’s very simple you could create a
Facebook page for that’s targeted or
that’s related to the CP offer that your
marketing you don’t really have to put
anything on there just post an image on
there and that’s it but basically the
point the point of this offer like it
says here is that your ad will link to
your site so to that CP offer but it’ll
show as coming from your Facebook page
okay so for this example I’m a few um
few Facebook page just let’s just select
this one here now the headline it has to
be appealing so let’s for this example
let’s just say get cheap car insurance
okay and on the right side you could see
the different or how your ad will appear
as you can see I have three ads here
because I chose three images and the
text I will just say click here to learn
more click here to get your cheek I
don’t know what my computer slow right
now cuz I think I have a lot of windows
open okay after you type in the text you
could choose the call to action button
here so you just click on this and I’m
going to choose sign up
so as you can see in the right here this
is how the ads will look like you can
see the signup button that I selected
here the CPA URL okay and this is the
headline here and you can see the other
ads that I’ve created here okay let’s go
down and now for how your app or where
your ad will show up on Facebook I will
recommend that you remove the right
column placements and the mobile app
thanks miss cuz you just don’t get too
many clicks on mobile and the right
column okay you get majority of clicks
through the newsfeed that’s where you
want to focus on so that your
click-through rate will be cheaper okay
now your audience so this is where your
market research comes into play actually
we’re not gonna go through custom
audiences right now but four locations
you choose the country if you noted
noticed earlier that website was
targeted towards Canadians so you would
choose Canada here if it was us and you
choose United States the age group if
you if that information was available in
demographics and you choose the age
group here okay just for this example
let’s do this 24 to 250 language you
just leave them alone for now interests
I don’t have much information on that
but if you did you put that here okay
and on the right side you can see
there’s a potential reach above about
close to 8 million people and your
budget per day for now let’s just you
know for any campaign that you’re just
starting off you want to select a low
budget of say 10 dollars per day okay
and then you can always scale up if it’s
profitable campaign
and lastly for the bidding and pricing I
would choose optimize for clicks here
make sure this is selected automatically
optimize your bid to get more clicks so
that’s basically you’ll get charged less
for your clicks and they automatically
optimize the bidding for you okay and
when you’re done when you’re happy with
what you’ve selected here you just press
this put in place order

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