#HowToMakeMoneyOnline Make Money with Youtube Affiliate Marketing

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My #1 Recommendation To Make a Full-Time Income Online.

How to use YouTube for earning affiliate income.

Almost everyone watches videos online nowadays so this video was created to help you profit from the booming video industry. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

in this video I’m gonna show you how to
make your own videos without having to
do any filming or doing any creating on
your part and what you’re gonna do is
just use other people’s videos so to do
this you just go to forward
slash editor and this is where you would
edit your own videos so this is
basically a free tool but basically you
could just choose the option here if you
look at the options here it says CC
which stands for Creative Commons and
you have permission to use these videos
people people’s videos that’s you know
they’re giving permission for you to to
use for your own use or your or
commercial use so what you could do here
you could to search if you want to do a
video about weight loss you just type
that in here okay and then let’s just
select the first one here and you could
just drag that down here and you have
the tools here to edit it you can add
text and so basically you know just play
around with this and get the hang of it
and yeah so this is what this is only
one way for you to to make money with
videos on YouTube you know I do advise
you to also create your own videos
there’s lots of free tools out there I
use a paid tool called Camtasia but if
you just look around there’s lots of
great free tools out there as well in
this video I’m going to show you how to
find keywords for your video so for this
example let’s say we’re doing a video
hosting a video on YouTube and we wanted
to be on weight loss and
to put in some few words on there so
that it’ll rank well so let’s just type
in weight loss here I’ve already typed
it in the site that a mine is called
uber suggests org so I spelled upgr
su g GE EST dot org and so you just type
in weight loss
click suggest as you can see there’s 280
suggestions found and let’s just click
on some of them here so let’s say
there’s let’s see here weight loss blogs
let’s just say you want to choose that
we are lost diet
okay and once you’ve selected all these
all the keywords you want you just go to
here and click on get and there so it’s
ready for you to just copy and paste and
all the works have been done for you
there are several ways to monetize your
videos and in this video I’m just gonna
go over two of the most popular ways to
monetize your YouTube videos the first
way is to have Adsense ads on your
videos so if you want if you want to
have Adsense on your videos you just go
to your YouTube account and you just
join a YouTube Partner Program which you
can see here and then you just sign up
for that the other way to monetize your
videos is by placing affiliate links in
the description below the video so if
you want to do that you place an
affiliate link you should place that
should be the first thing that you put
in your description is your affiliate
link and what type of things can you
promote well you can type you can
promote things through clickbank amazon
and also cpa offers so basically do your
research on which affiliate programs you
want to promote you know products or
affiliate products that are related to
your video and then just go from there

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