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If you don’t own your traffic, you don’t own your business

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12 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business  (Infographic) | Digital Marketing Philippines“If you don’t own your traffic, you don’t own your business

Simple Truth.

Social Media are great, Youtube too, but in the end, if you don’t OWN a source of traffic to direct people onto your offers, or affiliate’ offers one, you don’t have a business.

Facebook can shut you down without any previous notice, and they do it. Look at how many “business managers” were banned during the last months.

And it’s hard to recover it, even if you’ve done everything fine.

Same on Youtube: once you’re banned, you cannot open another youtube account, you are banned for life.

So if your business relies only on these channels, you could run out in a matter of hours, suddenly.


This could happen with EVERY type of channels and platforms you don’t own.


And, if you would be around the IM world for long, it will likely happen also to you: maybe you’ve done anything wrong, set everything with carefully keen details attention, but, an algorithm one day put his evil eyes on you.


And flag your videos, your channel, your Facebook advertising account.



What would you do?


You will go crazy asking for help in forums, trying to reach their vague support, and if you will be so lucky to speak to a human being…. then you have to explain a lot and be submissive.


They will always have the knife on their hand, you are prone to their traffic and decisions, especially if you direct not to an opt-in page but straight to an offer, a sale page.


If you try to sell items or info-products directly, you survive only if they still send you traffic, once they stop, you could pass from 10.000 USD per month to ZERO.


They will not give you a reason why which is understandable, often it’s only a mistake.


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So, you NEED A SOURCE OF TRAFFIC reliable, stable, and predictive.


And nowadays, the only source of traffic you can own, that no one can take you out of your hands, is YOUR EMAIL LIST.

So grab this gem of Complete Course on how to build your list and make money with it, while acquiring traffic also from other social media and so on, exploiting them for what they truly are: only channels.


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With this Course, I will guide you through a step-by-step process to identify your niche, a profitable one, and promote affiliate’ offers related.


You need to identify a niche where there is a demand. All the money in the world has been made offering a solution to a problem.


This problem has to be put by a large number of people who wanna pay some money for the solution, or to a less number of people who wanna pay A LOT of money for the solution.


Think about Ferrari: it’s not the average car. Not many people in the world have a Ferrari. But the ones who have it, pay a lot.


The best, of course, would be like the “iPhone”: a huge number of people pay a lot for a phone. But you’re not Apple. You need to focus more and you cannot lose money on “brand awareness”.


You need to capitalize first, to have a direct response from your audience.





Cause you need money for advertising. So you need money now. Not in one year. Ads will cost you money, and even if you try to grab “free traffic”, it’s not free.



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The Myth of Free Traffic


No traffic is really free.


Think of SEO: you have to put a lot of effort on doing it. You have to write articles or outsource them, and do your link building and so on.


You use your TIME. And time is money. And patience, you also have to wait and tweak your content for the best results, do your A/B tests, and so on.


Think of Youtube: how much effort to produce a very good quality video? A lot. And then you have to optimize for ranking it on youtube. Use your TubeBuddy for the best hashtag and so on. Wait for views. Respond to comments, etc. And maybe ask to a Fiverr guy for a shoutout.


So nothing is free: all the procedures above require TIME and some money too if you want to outsource your content.


So you need to bank immediately with products that the people, your audience, really want.


It’s way better to start with other people’s products, in the beginning, cause you don’t have to handle cashback, customer support, delivery, and so on.


There are endless portals for selling affiliate products.


We will focus on the main ones. Depending on your niche.

You will learn how to develop a relationship with your audience, how to nurture your leads, providing really good content and tips, and how to promote products that works.


Not junk products for the sake of making quick money: but info-products related to your niche.


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Because they are the best ones. Despite dropshipping, etc, they are only digital, you don’t have to store them in your garage.


All the world is seeking Infos: people kill for them, think about the Secret Services 007 of any country, they live and breathe for Infos.


We are living with Infos to do everything, from courses in Udemy and so on, to e-university with online degrees.


You will sell Infos about something that people are looking for. And something that you don’t own, but another expert has built for being sold, for a percentage, called commissions, of money in your pocket.


So grab the entire Make Money Sending Emails Course here:




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