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9 Lead Generation Tools To Build, Manage and Grow Your Leads

Lead Generation Authority

Discover A Step-By-Step Plan To Attract More Leads, Close More Sales And Increase ROI In Your Marketing!

Lead Generation Authority

In This Course, You’ll Find Out How To Generate Leads In Any Business And Convert Those Leads Into High Paying Customers…

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hi in this video I’m going to share with
you in mind lead generation tools to
help you build manage and grow your
leads the first tool is called leadpages
now this is a lead capture and landing
page tool that’s web-based and all you
need to do is just fill in some blanks
and your lead capture pages online now
let me show you just how it works when
you’re logged into your leadpages
account you’ll see this dashboard where
you can go under leadpages and all this
you can see the templates and filtered
by different categories as you can see
you can create all types of pages such
as Thank You pages opt-in pages launch
pages webinar pages sales pages and more
but since we are creating lead capture
pages we interested in the opt-in page
option now this will filter all the
templates that are based around
capturing leads and you can sort it by
most recent or highest converting
sorting it by highest converting will
filter it by the most highest converting
landing page so then you can basically
model what works for other members of
leadpages let’s say I want this template
here you can either preview it or use a
template I click on use template it’ll
take me to the setup page no it’s just
gathering some data now the page is
ready it’s all basically drag and drop
and clicking and changing anything you
like on the page as you can see if I
hover over you can see just what you can
do with the headline you can change it
to whatever you want with the button you
can change the call to action from this
left pane here everything else can be
changed such as the Ecover so really you
can tailor it the way you want leadpages
is an essential tool if you’re planning
to capture leads and build your email
database now the next tool I’d like to
share with you is called an
bounce this is similar to leadpages and
I’ll show you this is on bounce as you
can see you can build publish and do a/b
split testing of your landing pages you
can build high converting landing pages
publish it test it and optimize it as
you wish and if you scroll down you can
choose over 200 plus landing page
templates for all different types of
categories and industries you can do
lead generation coming soon pages
ecommerce pages sales pages real estate
pages and more so choose between
leadpages and Unbounce
as your main landing page creator the
next tool is called HubSpot this is kind
of a all-in-one CRM as you can see it’s
a marketing software it’s a CRM software
it’s a South software as well you can
manage your whole marketing in one
dashboard and in one account in one
place okay next
you’ve got autoresponder services and
also lead management services you’ve got
a weber get response active campaign
ontraport and Infusionsoft the first two
are more basic autoresponder services
while the other three are more advanced
where you can do things like if-then
sort of functions although get response
has implemented this sort of feature as
well this is get response as you can see
it’s an email creator you can do
marketing automation you can build
landing pages and create webinars as
well overall if you’re just starting up
I recommend using get response or Aweber
now if you want a bit more flexibility
and more options I recommend using
active campaign and it does a lot more
and the interface is very intuitive and
easy to use which is why many people who
generate leads choose to use active
campaign this is a powerful tool for
salespeople and anyone who wants to
close sales and the more expensive side
you’ve got ontraport which is also an
all-in-one marketing platform mainly to
build your list create landing pages and
also do some automation functions
similar to what
of campaign does this is more of an
option if you want more advanced
features but aren’t that technical
where is Infusionsoft if you’re a bit
more technical then this is a great
choice lastly when you’re generating
leads you also need to communicate with
your customers and to do that you can
use a helpdesk system such as Zendesk
rather than using email to go and back
and forward with your customers and
clients you can use this helpdesk and it
centralizes all your support tickets in
one dashboard there you go nine lead
generation tools to help you build
manage and grow your leads

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