#London #Vlog Soho trip from Tottenham Court Road Station

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From Tottenham Court Road Underground Station to Chinatown trip <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

Tottenham Court Road stage
one of the best place
in my opinion
okay the water here is always plumbers
but it is six times per day
Dominion theater
sweet performance always here
remember we are here for good cause and
it’s watch any video and it’s my only
fix our principles of evangelism Bosh
Bosh estimation is cameras remember it’s
for a good cause so I’m gonna wait to
put 20 pounds down is really for sure I
can’t see
right Marco everyone fight chip noses
I mean it it’s one of the cheapest
margin in London
today a London bus
I’m here follow-through working
because what it’s one of the beautiful
places to see if you have a free time if
you can work on your own terms
and if you want to know how just click
the link below
how to live the life on your own terms
and work whenever you want it’s a lot of
cuz Time Matters
and it is a time of your life
which metamours more than the time
I mean here that’s pretty any kind of
thing that you can buy
roses here
even if it is cold it’s not so-called
able to even if it is clumsily it’s not
so cold I mean I had I think there there
is more coal in Italy now
where I come from I need I mean I prefer
staying here ok the weather changed it’s
changing for the third times
go I’m going into the heart of Seoul
there’s Scott but yes
almost everywhere
building building is it is always
I wanna go to the Chinese fart see maybe
you can see but sweetheart
red balloons but the Chinese father saw
been a lot of typical with science
yes I’m holding this cell phone with my
hand because as always I’d forgotten my
sarcastic tone typical English telephone
British flag
other people coming from whole world
here’s my mix
taxi London a posh
it’s where describe a term I just put
into the Chinese part
I know that my hands is
if you can wanna follow this video we’ll
go into the Chinese part
and then at Hope and cabby
I never make – tight quarters worth
it sounds bit weird
you are something
okay this is a Chinese part
see the bad fella
oh no I don’t know what
actually buddy
I just named
it’s like hard to cross the road yeah
that NCPC before lunch
it’s a real life tour and don’t speed up
the video
okay finally
just a bit
the Chinese part
back pains
yes come here
I mean Chinese everywhere
about how shitty I should the user on
the computer be back why would you go to
the ceilings
what a job in concealing tofu Donna
listen to the subway
let me talk on the bottom
in this deserve some attention
as a badger wonderful
since the old Chinese linear
big dog very beautiful Chinatown and in
where there’s lots of infertility they
prosper eight ruin people lives
compared to come back to the other side
because I have some time the new pcs
just delivered to the hosts alarm living
and I had some time for working
is a Chinese Church
you’re not for sushi at the election who
woulda thought since L told me your
but this is about what is this about
I can maybe see condensation stolen
practitioner Pollock our world is very
bad I think it will sign fast
stop this persecution
oh just gifts thanks very much it’s very
very wonderful
I mean in China people are persecuted
for everything it may relate to
something more human than the prophet
Daniel walls are solid
maybe here there is a some chief
no such
well subscribe
yeah I’m not vegetarian at all
Chinatown’s very
I think I will eat in heavily silent
sooner or later
they are going around eating some
Vietnamese baby difficulty – anger
silence of one of them
and maybe it turned on the fence here
sit order the gay bar
more or less the same price for every
barber in London 15 pounds from man

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