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Tools VS Strategy

TOOLS VS STRATEGY: Why Most People Fail


The obsession for the tools is one of the biggest risk of marketing for beginners courses.

This belongs to the Shiny Object Syndrome: constantly searching for the ultimate magic pill to magically solve everything and earning quick cash.

Expecially when you are learning digital marketing.

The glittering guru has told to his fellows that without the tool X, with the most advanced features, they will stuck at the end of the row.

So they ask:

Do i have to BUY Clickfunnels? Convertri? The Autoresponder with the function to send sticky images while the customer is in the bathroom?


No, no, no.


The only purpose behind this sneaky strategy is draining as much money as it’s humanly possible to the belivers students.

Of course as The Hustle says: “You cannot cheat an honest man“.

This means that for cheating someone you need that this man wanna play out of the rules, wanna gain a lot without the necessary steps, he is lookinng for the magic button.People looking for a rapid, easy and fast solution for their problems, of course outside them, are constantly betrayed in their expectations by scammers.




They position themselves as people who wanna play ‘out of the rules’, they do not want to learn what is digital marketing, they want only fresh quick cash. They portrayed themselves as the clever guys who have found a shortcut while the others are working hard (hopefully even smart).

So they end up getting betrayed by smarter and unscrupulous people, scammers, who give them nothing in exchange of money.

But pay attention: the problem is that themselves FIRST are looking for a shortcut, some blackhat method.

People like these, who are the majority, that’s why the scammer market is so flourishing.

Even people who are not looking for a magic pills, cultivate instead a strange obsession for the shiny tools, cause in their subscounscious mind there’s maybe an hope that a tool could change their life.




The Reason why newbie are not making a dime ISN’T the tool

learn digital marketing

Don’t You Make Money? It’s not cause you miss the last jvzoo product with the discount timer price of 3 hours since you click, with must-have functions of popping up your message in your site while you’re sleeping.

It’s the lack of the CORE STRATEGY.

The Strategy behind all the posts, tools, video, youtube channels, etc, you are making.
Frequently indeed people are just ‘build a community’, with nothing to sell.

They think “i’ll check later”.

For some unbelievable and mysterious reason, they are persuaded that giving everything free will turn people into customers. Maybe it’s a Cialdini misunderstanding of the reciprocity principle, something like ‘give something free, than due to a sense of guilty they will buy something from you, spontaneously…

No. The fact is that if you have accustomed your audience to have all free, they will get angry when you ask them to buy something: “Why Not free! you’re a bad guy!”

And i agree to them.
You have educated them to have everything free, why are you asking their money now? It’s incoherent.

Here’s another strange trick newbie think that will work….with no results at the end.

They tend to join 7473729… facebook groups with the solely purpose of posting images like “Wanna make money? Write info below”: What kind of leads do you think they jump in? Desperate ones with zero effort to appy the strategies.

Opportunity seekers and dumb people really think that writing ‘info’ under a post would turn them richer.

Is these groups full of millionaries? really? So many millionaires over there.
It’s a disperception: so-called gurus tend to make you feel unfit, the only one badass who does not make money.

They depict themselves with luxuries cars, in a remote beach…all fake. At least, most of them. There are more than one study that revealed that most of the instagram pictures are fake or at least a lot exaggerated.

The only purpose of these pics is paying guru’s bills in his mom’s basement through your hard-earned money.

Of course there are ‘victims’ who really are stupid and are looking for an easy way to do everything, treating business like a joke.

Personally i don’t want people who constantly dub system to system, or complaining if they receive more than one email per day: do you really want to build a sustainable business and you get upset to receive more than one mail? Why? Cause you have jumped into too many quick rich scheme?

Bye Bye!





digital marketingWhat is the Real Strategy that Works like Charm


Ok we have talked of what not works when you’re try to learn digital marketing.
But what really works? Expecially for affiliate marketing for beginners?

There is a strategy indeed which works like charm, and is evergreen.


The Stategy is:

  • Identify a Niche where there is a problem and enough people want to solve it.
  • Having products to sell (no matter if yours or affiliate ones) which solve that problem
  • Having an impact: advertise in order to have big sales to few people or good sales to a large amount of people.

You see the first points are hand in hand.


– Build Your List through givin away an insight of the solution for their problem.

– Infotaintement: get people engage, and present your offer as the solution.

– Advertise your UPS (Unique Selling Proposition) and constanly build Your Email List.

– Content Marketing: people have to find you in google. Spread your content everywhere is searchable. But don’t miss Social Network too. Of course, link to your opt in page everywhere.


What sort of complicated tools do you need?



A simple autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse or whatever
A simple landing page builder like Leadpages or OptimizePress.

Stick with the simplest ones: the most important feature of an autoresponder is delivering your mail. The most important feature for a landing page builder at the beginning is be fast, simple and customizable.

Concentrate all your effort in LEARNING PERSUASION, Strategy and TEST it.

Do Not waste your time with technical features which bring no money in your hungry pocket!



open rate



email marketing for beginnersThe Law of Influence


For making money you do not have to follow the Law of Attraction, but the Law of Influence.
Law of Attraction tell you that you have somehow to visualize something, feel something, and the Universe will arrange the occasion, opportunities for you to realize it in the physical world.

But, more than a ‘Law’ it’s a theory. It does not work or you can’t make it work in every circumstances.

A Law is like gravity: it always work, no matter what.
It’s predictable.

So, if you stay all the day crying out loud you immense gratitude for what you NOT have yet, you could end up with nothing in 99% of the cases.

So what will work?

The Law of Influence. For having results in business and in life you have to express an influence, an impact towards people.

Practically: you have to sell something at good price to a large amount of people, or you have to sell something high ticket to a small group of people.
Of course, if you can do both, like Apple, with high ticket i-phones, you’re the best 🙂

In fact, if you have something to sell to a small group of people who can pay you a lot, you can make the difference in your life.
If you have something to sell to a large amount of people who pay you enough, you can make difference too and change your financial situtation.

That’s the Law of Influence.

And it should be the bread and butter of marketing for beginners.

How can you apply it? Through Learning how to find a niche, how to find products that solve a problem, how to persuade people to buy these products.

If you wanna learn all of these…. GO HERE and APPLY FOR THE FREE TRAINING.




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