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My #1 Recommendation To Make a Full-Time Income Online.

Here’s another sale using My Lead Gen Secret. Sale using the internal mailer, using their leads.

I’m showing you how to mail using their mailer, copy and paste inside the swipes i’ll give you, if you sign up at, and other infos.

My Lead Gen system is a complete turney solution even if you have no product to sell and you want to build a residual income. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

hi here Johnny from Mickey money Sonny
ministers come here I’ll show you
I never say from my agency katha what is
my little secret
it is a turnkey system the best one in
2019 today is to how September 2019 it
is the best program today to make money
online why the problem gives you 100
leads per day in an Intel Emilia to mail
these leads so you are 100 leads per day
that you can export and import in your
these leads are all coming from USA tire
1 so tire one leads 100 leads per day
and internal mailer so that you can
email these leads from the program
inside itself now I’m going to email
this list and I show you how to do it
and today there is another set I promote
my little secret itself to these leads
in order to see if they work and I had
another set up a few days ago and I’m
going to show ok just go to my little
secret if you want to join my Legion
seeker there is the link below here you
can join directly or go to make money
send images that come and have have also
my swipes and my step-by-step coaching
on making money online through email
marketing so I’m going to log in in my
Legion secret this is a very very
powerful system because it gives the
lifeblood of every marketers every
sustainable internet business which is
lead generation so these are leads today
100 leads yesterday 200 bonsly’s 100 why
because when you have at least one
subscription under you so you promote my
little secret inside my little secret
outside my little secret and at least
one person subscribe under your link you
will have 200 leads per day so tell you
have one active subscription under you
you will have 200 liters per day now I
had one sale I’m going to show you just
to go to athletes these are your panel
to promote mileage and stick it where
you can take these wives and use these
wipes to promote my little ticket itself
so just go to downline and these are
members I have ten members promote these
are the source the source is the
tracking link so you can track your
leads by using this tracking link you
can use it in your email inside my
little secret you can use it in YouTube
and everything so these are people under
me who join my Legion 602 so this is a
this is the last sale ok this is the
last sale now here you are promotable I
mean you can you here you have your
swipes use these wipes or to promote my
legions you get inside my leading ticket
itself now I’m going to show you and you
will be saved $5 per month every
membership sales – customer purchased
directly from your affiliate link so if
you have at least one subscriber under
you you will have 200 leads and if you
promote mileage in secret
every subscription which we news every
month you have every month $5 and $5
second level four dollar subsidy so you
have a multi tire compensation plan
which can build you a visible income and
also you will if you promote five people
to this program in a row in in a week
you will have 100 bones so five box
affair for every subscription and in
addition if you have if you point if you
promote five people to this program if
you introduce five people and you have
five subscription in a week you will
have also you will have $100 as a bonus
so today we are going to I’m going to
show you how to mail these lands so this
is the mailing system it is a very very
simple program you can email the lead
you have so every day you will have 100
or 200 leads and you can email this
leads exporting hint in your responder
and important in autoresponder but also
using their emailing system which is the
best way because you don’t even need
another sponsor so you have to select
these leaves okay
this leaves
you see are selected so these are the
past male you can see these these are
the past
emails so this my my maybe see my
internet construction today’s value is
very low so I will give you these swipes
I’m gonna post swipes here ok put the
subject which is this vibe so you will
have this wipes
if you sign up below clicking below to
make money send emails calm and this is
the simple mailer
so you just copy and paste your swipes
or or any other mail to promote any
other mail you can have and yet a lot of
the solid so you can promote Clickbank
product GV zoo worker plus there’s no
limits okay so you have to use I can mmm
hyperlink like it is it is very similar
to WordPress so for people who are
familiar with WordPress it is very easy
but I’m going to show you how so
this is very very simple as you see just
a bit copy and paste ok so I suggest you
to underline always meatball even here
this is a Swiper that you can also have
so signing up to my link sorry this is
this is Broncos ok this is
this is good okay also I suggest you
always to underline PS because there are
a lot of people who read firstly the
bathroom scriptum so yeah we made
another link okay always select perfect
what is the perfect time it is a big a
feature that you can have also in your
toes body you may have also noticed
Fonda we basically use this system to
predict the optimal delivery out of the
day for each of your list so if if your
legs open your mail six o’clock
this system will mail them at six
o’clock so your mail comes first always
I suggest you always to use a baby
dimension because people don’t want to
stretch their eyes see your messages
always take with you so you can you can
you can see if the car links are correct
okay close and then it’s very simple
select mail
the system will schedule your mail and
the next meal is the app easy it is the
next day so you can son using this
mailing system only one mail pate but
you can also export these leads and
important autoresponder to mail them
more I’m just going to show you that
this system provides you later to export
export and import in your autoresponder
it is very very simple to export the
lives of Rama in my legion secretive you
see I can simply select the lips I want
or select all the leads so just what I
can you can select only this or do not
all the leads from all pages by clicking
this link this button the system will
download all the leads as you see in my
legion circuit okay so this is o my
Legion circuit is a very very powerful
powerful system to make money online
because they give you leads they give
you a product to promote which is my
little circuit itself or every part that
you want Clickbank sector
mmm Gesu etc but they give you one under
leaves per day and if you have at least
one subscription you elite stubborn to
200 leads every single day these lips
comes from USA so you stay sure that
these lips work I’m going to show you
that these leads come from USA you are
yourselves as you say you are Oh
everything so you can export this leads
important autoresponder and you have
also the statistics of the mail you said
I’d I advise you to do do not trust this
was 3 6 so much because they they are
pretty hard insanely high and you better
track your sale using the tracking link
I show you before are using your Auto
this is the Torah because I have just
sent an email okay so this is for ho
just going to the link below click to
make money send emails come or that is
your my Lydian secret and enjoy this
beautiful program which can be a very
good turnkey in your life okay bye

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