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My Lead Generation Secret: Make Money Online in 2020

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The Problem with Lead Generation in 2020

list buildingAre you devastated by Building Your List?

If you have not jumped in the Internet Marketing niche yesterday, you’ve probably become aware of a terrible situation: the uprising cost of the ads.


For Building Your List

For Marketing Your Product

For Selling


…you will need to spend MORE AND MORE Money in the advertisement. Besides, Facebook is turning in a dictator and is banning ads account suddenly with no explanation.

And for reactivating it…. a pain in the ass.

Adwords has turned years ago in a solution only for large companies: how could a retail home-based marketer afford a 10 USD PER CLICK?

It’s quite impossible.

But as we all know, you NEED a list. So you need to generate leads every day, on a consistent continuous basis. Not randomly. Not when your wallet has not been drained by the sucking-money ads platform.

Last but not least, you need Tier-1 Leads. What are Tier-1 Leads? These are people who belong to Tier 1 Countries, which means people who have money to spend, in ‘rich countries’.

What are these countries? These are US, UK, New Zealand, Australia.

But the problem is: even with Solo Ads, leads coming from these countries COST A LOT OF MONEY to acquire.

If you are targeting ads to these countries, if you are buying solo ads of TIER-1 traffic, it will soon erase your monthly paycheck…

So, what is the solution? How can you become a self-made online email marketer without a mortgage?? The solution is My Lead Gen Secret


The Solution: My Lead Generation Secret

Imagine that you can share your cost of leads with other marketers.

If you’re buying your own leads it would not be so incredible but… WHAT IF great marketers share their leads with You?

The solution to the uprising cost of leads is sharing the cost of them. Of course, you don’t have the capital nor the fame to go asking Frank Kern to share his leads with you…

… but a large company can.

Here’s where My Lead Gen Secret comes: it provides a turnkey solution to allow you to have leads interested in the Make Money Online niche, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Leads exclusively sent to you.

100 PER DAY. All coming from US, UK, AU. And 90% of them are from the US.

How could be possible?

How My Lead Gen Secret Work

My Lead Gen Secret is a platform that gives you 100 to 200 Usa leads PER DAY.

Most of the leads provided by My Lead Gen Secret are coming from US.

This means that they have Name, Surname, Postal Code, Ip, etc. which makes them complain with rules and can be imported in autoresponders like ActiveCampaign.

So you can mail them whenever you want.

BUT….last but not least, they have an internal mailer. It’s not like an autoresponder. You can simply mail to those leads and send 1 mail per day using their forum.

Personally, I do not trust their statistics in the mailer: the click rate is insanely high and when you just compare with results there is a discrepancy.

They also do not allow the use of tracking links in their internal mailer, saying that it will lead in an error and they have their own, so they can track the clicks and open for you and show them in the ‘Statistics’ page.

Simply, consider the mail an add-on, use it once per day, but the money is in the leads My Lead Gen Secret gives you every single day, the leads that you can easily import in your autoresponder.


How Many Leads My Lead Gen Secret gives to you?

100 to 200. 100 as default. You click here, you pay the recurring fees, very small, only 30 usd, and then you will have every single day 100 leads at your disposal to download, to mail them using your autoresponder, and to mail them using the internal Mailer.

All done for you.

For 30 usd plus the initial installation fee, which is one time and is very small.

So with 30 usd per month, you will have 100 leads per day at least, which is 3000 leads per month! All Tier-1!

But you can have more…

There is also a referral program. What does it mean? You can promote the My Lead Gen Secret system itself using the mailer they give you, to the leads they give you and also outside.

All using a simple referral link.

And when at least one person subscribes using your link, the leads DOUBLED! So you will have 200 leads per day instead of 100, which is 6000 leads per month (considering a month of 30 days).

With only 30 usd.

But… the surprise does not end here…


The Referral Program

You can use these leads importing them in your autoresponder

You can use these leads emailing them using the integrated mailer.

But…last but not least, you can USE your integrated mailer in the program to promote the program itself!

Using the pre-made emails. Or the Master Email Swipes in the upsell, which I strongly recommend you to buy.

Anyway let’s get to the point: there is a commission referral program on Tier 1 – 2 – 3 basis. That means you can refer people and earn on the people they may refer too.

OK, stop. It’s not classical multi-level marketing or whatsoever. It’s a simple affiliate marketing on multiple layers.

The referral commission is, directly from the site:

The referral commission is, directly from the My Lead Generation site:

Earn Money as an Affiliate:
You receive $5/month on personal membership sales to customers who purchase directly from your affiliate link (Level 1)
You receive $4/month on your personally sponsored Affiliate’s membership sales (Level 2), $3/month on the membership sales of the people they personally sponsor (Level 3), $2/month on levels 4 and $1/month on level 5.
Level 1: $5/month
Level 2: $4/month
Level 3: $3/month
Level 4: $2/month
Level 5: $1/month
One time commissions are paid out on master swipe purchases at $5, $4, $3, $2, $1 (5 levels deep) on $29.95 pricing and $10, $8, $6, $4 & $2 (5 levels deep) on $59.95 pricing.

So you can also at least re-pay the cost of the monthly subscription, which is 30 usd, or escalate it to new levels.

If you wanna join the program, just click here…


The Ultimate Solution of your Lead Generation problem.

The most important factor of My Lead Generation Secret is this: a constant, unlimited source of leads.

Having 100 to 200 leads PER DAY of people interested in MMO/Work from Home, all from Tier 1 countries like Usa, most of them are Americans, assure you lifeblood furniture to your online business.

In fact, without a constant replenishing of new potential customers, any business is condemned to the worst failure.

But with My Lead Generation Secret, this problem is barely inexistent: so you can better focus on building a relationship with your list or market your products.

The infinite uses of a constant package of leads provided by My Lead Generation Secret do not end here.

As you can download the My Lead Generation Secret Leads, every single day, in a .csv format (or you can download in bulk instead of every day), you can easily import them on Facebook, Adwords, etc. and remarket them.

Yes, remarketing.

Nowadays it’s virtually impossible to close a deal with only an mail. You have to “follow” your leads everywhere and be “omnipresent” to the people you are targeting.

What does it mean?

It means that you have to display your message where they are most used to go, in the youtube channels they watch every day, in their Facebook news feed, on the internet websites they visit.

And you can do it using Facebook, Adwords, native ads, etc.

But for doing this you need a list of these people. An email list in 99% of cases. And My Lead Generation Secret gives you an every-day evergreen list of people interested in your product.

So you can import these lists day by day or in bulk to your Facebook ads account, to your AdWords and native ads accounts.

And display your ads, your message, to the people you have previously emailed to, so they will be more likely to turn into buyers.



How does it work Remarketing with My Lead Generation Secret?

Let’s say that you are marketing a new product regarding list building.

You send your email to your list, always bigger using My Lead Generation Secret.

Some people open, some clicks, eventually some buy your product.

Then you download the leads from My Lead Generation Secret using the program download function. You do the same exporting your list in your autoresponder.

You then import these lists to your Facebook Ads Account. After they have been imported and elaborated, you post an ad targeting this audience you have created through Facebook.

Then you’re all set. You can this also using Adwords, or native ads, or 99% of the other advertisement platforms.

What will happen?

The people who have read the email will see also the message on their Facebook.

And also the people who NOT read your emails.

They now have more info on you, they know your page, that you’re a real person AND they are exposed twice or more to your message.

So they ‘unconscious guard’ register that this message appears more than one or two, or three times and it may be important and worth attention.


Using a Lookalike Audience with My Lead Generation Secret

The use of Facebook and other platforms with the list provided by My Lead Generation Secret does not end here.

You can also reach people who are SIMILAR to the people of the list provided by My Lead Generation Secret


In the passage above, after creating an audience using the list provided by My Lead Generation Secret (and your List in your autoresponder), you can create a ‘lookalike audience’.


Just create an audience using the function in Facebook ads, and an audience SIMILAR to the audience you previously created which contains the ’emails’ of My Lead Generation Secret and your autoresponder ones.


Because you can reach people using the Facebook’ algorithm who are similar to the ones provided by the program itself and the ones you have in your autoresponder.

Even if they are the same people or you have imported My Lead Generation Secret leads in your autoresponder.

Reaching with your Ads these people may deliver in more sales cause these people have similar characteristics, behaviors of the people in your list.

Thanks to the Facebook algorithm and the immense Big Data the social network has, you can identify and reach a target that is immensely bigger than the one you have in your list.

This will lead to more exposure of your marketing message. You can grow your list. You can have more sales.


Join My Lead Generation Secret in practice

So, how you join My Lead Generation Secret?

Click Here. It’s that simple.

Pay the installment fee, very tiny and the subscription fee of 30 usd per month.

That, if you at least mail your leads using the internal mailer every day, you could repay very fast and have the software ‘for free’.

My Lead Generation Secret is the secret weapon of internet marketers: acquiring leads by dividing the upfront cost.

It’s the only solution to the uprising cost of leads in all the platforms you use.

I strongly suggest you buy the Master Email Swipes upsell: these are swipe emails that you can import directly using the program into the built-in Mailer.

Emails that are proven to convert.

And are particulary optimized for the leads the system itself provided to you.

Emails that you can use for promoting ANY make money online program, even the My Lead Generation System itself. Just buy the upsell Master Email Swipes and once you logged into My Lead Generation platform, you can directly click to one of the emails provided and it will be imported into the mailer.

There are tons of email swipes and are ready to be customized, copied, mailed by you.

My Lead Generation program is far the best the Lead Generation Program and Make Money Online System you need for starting the Laptop Lifestyle and make money on the internet.



Deal with Statistics in My Lead Gen Secret

In My Lead Gen secret, there’s a section reporting the statistics of every email you sent through the built-in mailer.
When you’re using the built-in Mailer, you’re strongly advised to not use any tracking link, as it ends in a loophole, and it’s not allowed.
Here’s what you are strongly recommended NOT to do:

And even when you’re using the HopLinks of Clickbank, which are basically tracking links, they prompt different results from the statistics of My Lead Gen Secret.

So have you to rely on the Statistics of My Lead Gen Secret?

In my opinion, no.

In my experience and in all the 99% of the other marketers experiences using this wonderful program, Statistics of My Lead Gen Secret are too optimistic and they do not match with tools like Google Analytics or any other page builder.

In fact, we see that the numbers always differ in terms of clicks in every link that points to a landing page where we can easily check the traffic.

Does that mean My Lead Gen Secret does not work? No, IT WORKS! Simply, the most important value is in your downloadable leads, and in the referral system.

We’ve also noticed that sometimes Clickbank Stats does not immediately report the clicks and traffic coming from My Lead Gen Secret internal Mailer, but after a while, you can see the sales coming, which are what ultimately matter for us.

Sometimes you can see in Clickbank Stats the traffic to hoplinks appearing after one day or two.

This carries to the conclusion: My Lead Gen Secret traffic does work. Those are real leads that you can export, and you can mail to using internal mailer too.

And these both practices turn into sales. So for me it worth.


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