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How to Join My Lead Gen Secret & have a complete Training on Email Marketing?

This is my UPDATED review of My Lead Gen Secret as 1 August 2019.
I’ve finally reached the breakeven with subscriptions downline.

My Lead Gen Secret is a complete turnkey system to make money online
Every day the system gives you 100 fresh new leads.
When you’ll have at least one subscriber promoted by you, the system gives you 200 leads EVERY DAY.
You will also have a Mailer System to mail these leads daily
You can export leads in your autoresponder.

In a month you will have 3000 to 6000 leads.

For only 30 bucks per month.

In My Lead Gen Secret you would also be payed for every subscribers who signed up under you 5 USD, every month and more money in the downline.
These leads in My Lead Gen Secret are interested in MMO so you can promote any program you want, but better related to that niche.

#myleadgensecret <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

hi John Vianney from Mega Man ascend
amazed calm here is the payment proof
finally I’ve reached five subscription
using only my legion secret list why
I’ve used only this lately because I
want to give it a try I was skeptical
about this later
I don’t want to promote it using a
youtube or something like this just
track at least I wanna track where these
leads come from and I reached a five
subscription and I request a payout
now I’m gonna show you exactly what as a
parent just looking I’m logging in in my
Legion secret this is my account
okay so this is the mailings you see the
statistics of the mailer just don’t
don’t trust it soon too much because we
take it only as an example just because
we have found that the statuses may be
be different using your two responders
so going to affiliates and then we’re
going to see this Commission’s okay
commission okay
one two three four sound six six six
subscription why I am try it without
promoting it till I which six
subscription because it pays itself
defeat they were cooling feet ah my
Legion secret is thirty bucks every
month okay so if I have six subscription
it pays itself I’ve used only the leads
inside program the program gives you 100
leads every day when mmm when you have
at least one subscription under you so
this is the first one you will have two
hundred leads every day so this is six
subscription I will Cassidy payout and
it comes to my paper I’m gonna show you
the proof this is my email account
so new opiate requests one how ago to me
adjourn just seventeen thirty boxing
commission and one and fifty to cover
the people fear so it really they are
really nice because they even cover your
people feels okay when you refer five in
a week you her $100 as a bouncer didn’t
reach this but I asked this 30 bucks
subscription they withdraw all only to
check if it is real okay so now I’m
going to my people to show you that the
money really this is my balance and this
is where it comes from this is from my
legion secret okay this is the one of
August okay so my logistic has really
works you can see my downline now six
and now I’m going to stop promoting it
using also YouTube and Facebook and so
far early made that three videos on
YouTube and didn’t have any subscription
now you used only the leads coming from
this program you can mmm show you the
lead zoom now I have these are deletes
okay 200 every day I started to how 200
later almost the third day I was in my
liege s again so
you have only to bard my agent secret
by the email swipes Adele the first
uppsala really recommend you to buy hit
and import using the program to import
emails wives into the mailing system
okay one you can import Doug Lee like
this and you can send to your leads just
selecting your lid and it’s really
simple I have to wait one hour because I
sent me yesterday
and it’s really simple okay
this is all you have to do if you want
to promote line latency can using only
this method or if you don’t want to buy
the message email swipes they observe
they are pre-made emails also in your
affiliate from tools so you can import
this email into the mailing system so
you don’t really need that they’re
messing with muscle emails wives even if
I really strongly recommend you to buy
this email swipes of a new sign up but
for malignancy cut because are these are
they good emails if they really convert
it is also in their own interest to you
to give this to give you good emails
wives because you can promote their
program so you win their win okay
and this leads really convert they are
real people
otherwise they want to buy you can
export your list if you have an
autoresponder and with the mailing
system you can only promote one
you can only send one made that day okay
you can write your email you can use the
pre-made emails you can promote my
little secret itself you can promote any
program you want so it’s not really
necessary to promote my lydian secret
are you
I tried only to promote this because I
do I really want to test if the program
works if they are good leads if they are
real people and I wanted that program to
pay itself okay so for today’s all you
can sign up to my Legion secret clicking
the link below in this video may go to
make money cinemas calm you will have
the opportunity to join my little secret
the main swaps the webinar to learn how
to make money using email marketing and
I strongly recommend you after testing
that the program works or to use also
YouTube to use also social media to
build an ecosystem an environment
against your dragons sorry
using your program promoting my Legion
secret around this using your social
media using your YouTube at Sigma after
testing that it works I just tested and
it works so I’m gonna promote it more so
okay if you join under me you can also
join our group our in a group of people
were with my little secret with tips
other dashboards etc and also other
strategies to promote this program even
a strategy to build your own indoors
so for today’s or I can surely say that
my legion secrets we are mulligan see
that works these are real leads on
the majority our wheel just okay I
cannot really see if any leads is that
it’s a real person you don’t test it but
I can see that there are buyers so it’s
very good these leads come from USA for
the ninety thousand other comes from
Taiwan countries or United Kingdom
etcetera etcetera so these are very good
these are buyer click the link below
good to make money send image come put
your email and then we see feels freeze
wise free step-by-step coaching the
opportunity to join my Legion secret and
to build your financial income and extra
income using the program promoting the
program operatic other programs you may
have okay have a good day and subscribe
to the channel click the bell to get
updated to the new strategy and programs

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