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while today’s video is about resonating
resonating with the people who are
targeting first of all the most
important thing in facebook ads is
identify the right target okay if you
are making some advertisement playing
around with Facebook trying to make
money online with videos promoted videos
for interaction or something like this
you need to resonate with the public you
are targeting okay so and this is the
most important thing because if you are
targeting also the wrong audience you
won’t make any money so first of all you
have to identify the right target for
your advertisement there’s something
called Facebook inside where you can
simply put your keywords or put your
public figure in your market in every
marketer as public figures by well no
publicly or like for example annexing
all the party chants and they like this
you can put this in Facebook inside and
see what kind of people are interested
in this person that stuff in the public
figure is giving to the audience okay so
you can easily identify if there are men
or any work women okay so the first of
all you need to identify the right
audience divide people then you have to
have a message which resonate with these
people this is the most important thing
okay so mmm first of all in Facebook
most of the people are there for
entertainment they are not first buying
something okay this is not explicit
demand liking Google AdWords it’s very
different so you need to have us a
message which is a balance between
advertising something telling us oi
resonating with the public okay
entertainment infotainment is the best
choice even in the mails even in the
Facebook post facilities okay so for
making money you need to be something
like the episode you need to resonate
with the people you are targeting and
tell a story we’re in this story people
have to identify themselves easily this
is the most important thing your waste
donation with mmm the public you are
targeting okay so how can you tell story
which resonates with people you don’t
have to invent it you do not have to mmm
tell us something which is not real
because people easily understand easily
infer this okay so you can tell your
story something happening in your own
daily life which reminds you about a
particular problem and solved by your
products or also tells other one stories
okay stories of your customers so we
success stories of your testimonial all
success story of your public figure in
your market okay so this story easily
resonate with the public you are
targeting because our story is about
life we are so it that can be checked
also line and this can lead to a cell to
say okay so first of all tell a story
which resonate with your audience
secondly ciao
the truth okay I do not invent the story
turning is not about inventing it is not
about the tallying bullshit’s okay
third create a link between this story
to your product this links has to be a
slightly shift to your products okay
this not to be arty features shortcut
okay so in as an example you say that
you you encounter the problem and this
problem reminds you of the need the need
s of something and this need can be
easily solved to with your product of
the product you are advertising so this
is a tip for star with challenge so it’s
easy but lot of people try to invent
stories and this is not good at all this
is particularly good for lead generation
ok so not maybe not try to direct solve
but tell us that if you people want to
know more how to solve this problem and
they can put your mail as you can put
your meat rub in daily tips and go to
make money send emails that come and put
your mail to have daily tips about email
marketing lead generation mmm so they
can put your email to have daily tips
from you from your products ok all the
policy are advertising so but how much
frequently you have to do you are to
post these stories every day like means
you need to post every day stalls or
post videos mmm post something every day
which makes something like int
infotainment ins entertainment and
people have to feel the sensation to
watch something like a TV movie
I have a TV CBS okay not something only
made for selling to you a product
okay so mmm to Dhammapada okay so this
is a little tip if you want more if you
want daily tips in your mail
step-by-step coaching and how to make
money online with email marketing and
lead generation go to make money san
dimas calm or go to the link below okay

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