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Seduce Your List! Email Marketing and Sex.

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email marketing sexEmail Marketing has a lot in common with Sex

Yes, i mean when you want to “get laid” with a woman….

not to be rude, but that’s a fact.

Every women receives TONS of proposals by men. Like every subscribers are in multiple lists (expecially if you build this with Solo Ads), and everyone say more or less the same thing, like every mails want to pitch something.

So you need to distinguish you from the others: pre-qualify and push back your subscribers.

Yes, push them back.

Like with women: not give flowers, poetries, etc. But let them fight for you, let then pre-qualify.


How to pre-qualify your Leads?

You need to write mails for setting up levels to reach you: like watch before this videos, pay before for this course, apply for membership and only after a private coaching.

You need to write mails as entertainment and these have to be all focused on force your leads to qualify to become your customers.

You can do this through setting a proper funnel and good copywriting, and set all to turn the value ladder of your prospects higher and higher…

value ladderWhat is a Value Ladder?

It’s basically the scale of the value your prospect get through buying more higher ticket products from you.

When people in your list ascend the “ladder”, they’re offered more value in terms of price: the more they buy from you, the more value ladder has the prospect.

So this implies that you have more than one product to sell: the marketing strategy consists in preparing a plan of subsequent offers, interspersed with webinars or free content, in order to bring the customer to spend more and request more value, entering in an increasingly elitist circle.

Create & Engage a Community


When all the factors are in place, a product to sell, a marketing strategy, and you have a buyers list, the next step is building a community around your products, your topic.

This is good for social proof: but could be a pain in the ass for managing that community, ban the lamers, etc.

In addition, there’s no way to automatically cut from a facebook group community, the people who have unsubscribed from your list, or do not pay the recurrent fee, etc: you have to do it manually.

The better here is outsourcing it, so you can focus your effort in providing extra value to your customers, in order to make them buy more advanced products/coaching.

The social proof and the feelings to be a part of an elite group is something very related to sex arousal: the excitement is strongly correlated to anyone who is a “scarce resource”. Noone likes what is common and easily avaiable.

Don’t be for everyone: be for the few people who wanna pay more for your stuff.

You may wanna build a Community for your buyers list on Facebook, and a more open Community for the people interested in your products: this can be important for reaching those who don’t open your emails, and only watch your facebook page, or youtube.

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