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The best ways to Use Solo Ads to Make Money Online

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solo ads that sellsNewsletter marketing has actually been getting a bad rap recently. Around every corner you can discover somebody grumbling about how it does not work.

Today we’re going to speak about precisely what type of solo advertisements offer and exactly what aspects are very important.

Let’s begin by going through the procedure of releasing a solo advertisement


  • Select a newsletter/ezine to release in.
  • Compose the solo advertisement.
  • Compose an efficient title
  • Style the site where your visitors will go …


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Select a newsletter/ezine

You should do your finest to pick the most targeted group possible. You should pick a “good-sized” list.

The very best browsing strategy is to go to the sites in your specific niche market that are popular and discover the links that state “marketing” or “promote with us.” It’s typically rather obvious from there …

I personally advise opting for no newsletter with less than 5,000 members – unless they are very targeted and really responsive.

To figure out how responsive a group is – ALWAYS ask or search for reviews from others who have actually marketed prior to. If the publisher hesitates to offer these – do not squander your time promoting there.


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Compose the Solo Advertisement

One word – story. That’s the very best method to offer somebody something – solo ads targeted traffictell them a story. The majority of people are so hesitant now whenever they get an email that the only genuine method to heat up to them is to inform them a story.

Start discussing how you went from a “absolutely nothing” to having this fantastic success. Or, how you went from unknowning anything about “such and such” to now ending up being a professional.

The next pointer is to provide a “sensation” of exactly what they will discover – * begin * to teach them about the subject then state “O. to find out the rest, click on this link.”

I’ve discovered that the very best solo advertisement never ever offers a thing, it just pre-sells and heat up to the reader. I think this is where the theory of “Pre-Sell” dominates.



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Compose an Effective Title

They * understand * when the routine problem comes and when the solo advertisements come. If you desire to capture their eye, you much better have a title that actually appeals to them.
This all belongs to an efficient Email Marketing Strategy.

Here are some excellent title suggestions:

Use Numbers – ex/ How to Get 2000+ Targeted Visitors A Day rather of “How to Get Traffic”

Specify – Your title should expose EXACTLY exactly what you discuss?

Keep It Short – The much shorter the title, the more it will read?

Prevent SPAM words – Don’t utilize “FREE” “MONEY” – These words are turn-offs now?

If you can compose an efficient title, you’ve one half the fight currently!





Design the site where your visitors land to

The BIGGEST mistake (error in my opinion) is to simply send your visitors to your main site.
Firstly make that visitor feel as if he or she is a VIP for coming in from that newsletter.

I recommend you set-up a SEPARATE website for THAT particular ezine. Make that visitor feel as if he/she is VIP for coming in from that newsletter.

Greet them with a “Hey! Glad you could make it from “INSERT NAME HERE” to our site!

This makes your website more individual and the visitor feels more comfy reading your message.

A fast suggestion for your site:

Constantly discuss the success YOU had with the program you are offering – narrate and expose how well YOU finished with it. You will see a HUGE boost in sales.

As soon as once again, individuals desire stories and they desire storied about YOU.

If you use these 4 elements the “ideal” method, you’re bound to do very well with Solo Ads. Personally, I make thousands a month offering my consulting service utilizing Solo Ads – so, nobody can tell me me they do not work.

Till we reunite, thumbs up to  ezine marketing!




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