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TikTok Lead Generation: How to Use TikTok to Increase Leads

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How to Use TikTok to Increase Leads

The most valuable thing in any business are the contacts that you have, the more contacts the more leads and sales you get!

That’s why it’s important to bring new visitors on your site daily, this strategy allows you to grow your audience and getting more followers on TikTok and from social media, because people are always interested in new trends and they want to be a part of it!

This article will show you how to use TikTok to generate leads through different landing pages: TikTok Lead Generation is a strategy that could save you tons of money using free traffic!


Finding an Audience

If you’re trying to build a lead-generation business, it can be easy to look at other companies that have made millions of dollars and think,

“Why haven’t I done that?”


But you need an audience—and what works for another company might not work for yours. So how do you get an audience quickly when your resources are limited?


One way is by using social media platforms, including video sharing apps like TikTok. There are hundreds of millions of people on these platforms (in fact, more than 200 million are on TikTok alone), so if you can grab their attention for even one second with your marketing message about how to turn them into leads, it’s worth it!


And don’t forget: That same marketing message can also help drive traffic to your website, so everything is working together in harmony.


It may seem complicated, but when executed well through an effective strategy, every piece feeds into each other: your app users or website visitors become leads; those leads then become customers;


and those customers then become promoters of your product or service which creates even more demand. Follow our step-by-step guide below to increase your own chances of success with TikTok.



tiktok lead generation




Creating your content

Before you make your video, here are a few questions to ask yourself: Who are you talking to? What do they care about? Why should they watch your video instead of any other? How can you make them fall in love with your brand or product? Write down a few points and phrases that will serve as key talking points for when you’re recording.


And make sure it’s relevant to what people are already watching on TikTok! Put yourself in their shoes.


These will be helpful tools to consider while editing later on. Also, shoot some B-roll footage before you start filming. You don’t want to miss an opportunity if something goes wrong during filming!


Now put everything together and get ready to hit record. You can even test out your script beforehand by speaking it aloud and/or reading it off a piece of paper.


That way, once you’re actually filming, you’ll feel more natural speaking off-the-cuff. Whatever method works best for you is fine; just go with it.


tiktok lead generation



Growing your Audience


Build your audience, especially before you launch. By growing your fan base through social media, engaging with users and posting regularly, you’ll be able to launch your campaign into an existing audience.


To grow your following on TikTok, watch influencers in your niche and interact with them by commenting on their posts and sharing them across other networks where you have followers.


You can also create a hashtag for any promotions or campaigns you run and invite people to share photos that use it in exchange for a prize or other incentive.


Once your following is large enough, reach out to brands and businesses who may want to work with you as a collaborator on their own marketing efforts.


And keep in mind that not all engagement is positive—if a user leaves inappropriate comments or spam, responding directly will help prevent it from happening again.


Here are some of our best ways for getting more followers! Additionally, when you post something, don’t just put up whatever; make sure to take time to curate quality content that your audience will enjoy!



Building Relationships with your audience

To create relationships, you have to communicate in a very natural and compelling way. Don’t just promote your product or service. Be real, be authentic and build trust. You will gain more followers than someone who only promotes their own products or services, every time.


After you have built relationships with your audience and created a level of trust, then it is ok to pitch products.

Your followers are far more likely to buy from you
If they know, like and trust you!

When trying out different new social platforms or marketing avenues for building relationships, it may take some time for things get going, but be patient and stay consistent!

They will come!


The other key element to using TikTok lead generation is that although most people are using it for fun, there are still a lot of people using these videos professionally because what they say actually relates to their business.


Here are few examples: Fulfillment by Amazon- Spotted @ fba – use delivery fulfillment centre (DFC) video and mention DFC in caption; Zappos – could use a video where one of their employees goes into detail about one shoe;


Nordstroms – how to select shoes for fitting? talk about tips on selecting shoes (this also can work well as content on YouTube).


I hope you enjoyed reading through my post on Using TikTok For Lead Generation til this point: Please click here to get an entire course answering you any questions you may have!


In today’s world of small businesses, startups, creative freelancers and small companies… content marketing is HUGE!

If you have amazing SEO friendly posts out there that people genuinely love … search engines LOVE that too!


Make sure your About Us page gives lots of information about yourself.

What else do they need to know before following? Are they local or international? This info should be easy to find either on your website homepage at least AND on your About Us page.

Once you are ready to start publishing relevant content consistently, here’s something else to consider…


How often should an individual person publish? The answer depends on so many factors, not all of which I understand… but for starters, let’s look at big websites versus individual bloggers.

Big websites tend to put out content once per day (maybe twice if really excited), while individual bloggers put up posts around 5–10 times per week. Either way, there needs to be consistency.


Content creation is so important that we can’t afford NOT to put something out even twice a week; again though-it all depends upon your niche and industry! It is important when thinking about consistency that we understand when we publish our pieces as well.





Generating Lead

There are many ways you can use Tiktok as a lead generation tool. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Establish Yourself as an Authority: One great way to generate leads is by using your profile and stories.

Showcase your expertise, share tips with your followers, or ask them questions and start meaningful conversations (which I will get into more detail in a bit).

This not only builds trust with potential clients but it also allows you to establish yourself as an authority within your niche.

Additionally, if you do all of these things right then others will want to follow along, which means more views on your Tiktok content!

Start Talking: Getting involved in conversation via comments and likes on other people’s stories/content is another great way to network with others on Tiktok who might be interested in working with you or whom may even know someone who would benefit from what you have to offer.

For example, if one of my followers has 10k followers and they like one of my videos then that automatically puts me in front 10k other viewers that may have never seen my content before!

Therefore, when people click over from their friend’s content then they see something new that could interest them…me!

An extremely powerful marketing tactic known as Word-of-Mouth Marketing where simply getting recommendations from friends is proven to increase sales.

Yet another reason why getting involved in conversations on Tiktok is so important!

Just Don’t Be A Dick!

Lastly, it’s important to mention that none of what we’ve discussed above matters if you’re just being a dickhead online. Sometimes we forget our audience isn’t just there for us but rather everyone else too.


So don’t think about how cool it would be to start a fight in order to grow your follower count; Instead, make sure you’re always professional and always give honest feedback–this makes it far more likely for people to work with you as opposed to against you! 🙂

Go Searching: Another really cool thing about Tiktok is that once someone follows you then every single person who’s been following them will now show up on your feed automatically.

Thus, as long as you have followed enough people yourself then it becomes almost impossible not to find thousands of active users looking for work each day!

Think about those numbers again – 200 million active users – multiplied by 100’s if not thousands of targeted potential customers showing up on your profile page everyday?

That could be HUGE for generating quality leads!!

All And All: Hopefully, after reading through these strategies you’ll begin to see how simple it actually is to drive tiktok traffic through various landing pages and/or social media platforms.

If used correctly however it can become a very powerful tool while saving you time & money off of traditional marketing methods such as SEO & PPC. Happy hunting guys 😉

tiktok lead generation

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