#Vlog First Day In London

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I’m just arrived in London…. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

so we just fired in London my friend is
trying to whistle self we are in this
room she’s in this room she one of the
rooms of Versailles LH a London hotels I
think it’s a very good idea for vanillin
without on a budget because it’s less
expensive than finding a house or going
or trying to have a good credit score
something like this or going to a B&B
because you can work in exchange of the
accommodation and the folds even if we
buy these rooms and see here it’s a
double room for girls it’s not it’s not
so I think it’s it’s enough for the for
the money it does which way it depends
if you want to be in a double room and
we have worked a lot we are trying to
mmm submit an application for five jobs
we also at the subscription for hostel
card and we paid 134 for heavy monthly
unlimited because it’s necessary if you
want to work you need to work a live in
London to take as many baths want and
also mmm this away you can you can’t in
you can’t pay for Harvey you need one
subscription for this zone one and two
if you if you plan to live in the zone
so mmm we made our car and also the
travel card membership
which costs 134 and now we can go
everywhere in zone 1 and 2 we submitted
as many application as we can mmm I will
have an interview tomorrow for job
because I want to work in it and mmm
trying to learn how to hope in a limited
here because it’s but it’s better than
hoping and in any kind of company in my
country which is so this is one of the
groups game now you can we are impacting
besides garden it’s how it’s it’s it’s a
which you see a lot of beautiful houses
but it’s everything is expensive in this
mmm in this area so you need to take the
bus and go elsewhere and try to buy
something but there are a lot of people
we met all the candy people we only can
people they are very very good a very
good manner and we made heart of France
I thought it was more more difficult
because we think that London is cold and
people are cold but here we didn’t we we
only really met any Londoner now a lot
of people coming from he’s young a lot
of people coming from abroad 3 for
London I in one day and we went to the
temple as we go we went to five
restaurants to submit to us for the jobs
made a saccade we arrived in the whole
South Sea three-hole salsa so since we
call so so that we with a lot of things
and now we we we have to have dinner I
had to do this under meditation and also
dinner so it’s but we yeah we know we
have to go so bye and this is my first
day in London I had no battery and a
very well start so I didn’t manage to
record anything outside tomorrow maybe

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