#Vlog #London Convent Garden trip

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Going to Convent Garden.
Street Performer VERY fantastic!!! <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

all right now the hard part the jacket
the hard part that Jackie is gave my
head through my arms that wasn’t it – no
time lucky out now my head through my
arms all myself
almost thanks it’s the boy oh come on
Bob let go dude
all right the wiki I like the wedgie
girls I’m sorry about the view I’m with
one thunderous applause thank you for
wait hurts I got speech it hurts it
hurts when people walk away with that
playing the whole entire Jackie Baillie
straitjacket escape that is how you do
that and folks right before you leave
before you go nobody knows
folks here’s my heart here’s my heart
this is my job and this is my art please
come forward and fill up this little hat
with some money if you don’t have any
money just come and say thank you folks
and seriously though if you don’t have
any money
I do actually accept credit cards but
folks please guys please support Street
Theater and be proud to support the
street theatre I let everybody first tip
in the house five pound from a little
girl who doesn’t have a job she’s really
appreciate that
thank you so much thank you appreciate

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