What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

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High ticket affiliate marketingMany marketers in the online marketing industry are turning to Affiliate Marketing as their new way of earning an income.

It’s easier, more flexible, and less stressful than standard affiliate marketing.

With the High Ticket Affiliate Marketing you don’t have to direct sell anything – just post a single hyperlink on your website or blog to any product you’d like and generate income in exchange for clicks on that link.


Now is a perfect time to get into this lucrative affiliate marketing field and take your first step towards financial independence with High Ticket Affiliate Marketing!

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is a way for website owners to earn commission on sales made by their visitors. The more the visitor purchases, the more the affiliate earns in commission. Most affiliates get paid by their ClickBank accounts within two weeks of completing their sales.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing has many applications beyond selling online and can be used as a marketing tool to promote products such as home-based businesses, products or services and even mobile apps, with future expansions planned that will eventually include entire industries.



Here’s how it works:

How High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Really Works

Initially the visitors is asked to input their email and name in a form, opt in page or pop up box.. This does not change in almost every types of marketing, cause once you have built an email list, you have an asset.

Email Marketing is in fact the only asset you can definately named as yours: every platform can ban you, but noone can take your email list away from you.

After that, typically, the visitor who has now turned into a lead, a prospect, is offered something very low cost. It’s called a tripwire.

A tripwire is an “irresistible” low priced offer, which is supposed to convert a visitor into an actual customer.

This is only a “hook”, but despite its initial low cost, it usually comes with tons of value for this purchase, exagerrated in comparision to the money the buyer has spent.

Thus to instill the idea of a lot more value hidden behind the curtains, and to “surprise” the lead: “if there is so much value on the front end, what if i buy something more from them?”

Then the prospect is expected to climb the value ladder, if the marketing is done into the right way. The initial lessons are full of values but also tryingPay Per Click Payment Technology Digital Marketing Internet Concept of  Virtual Screen. PPC Stock Illustration - Illustration of payment,  businessman: 228328345 to sell in a more acceptable way than direct cold selling to the customers without giving value upfront

As an example, the lessons, books, mentoring, can eventually show the function of a software, a tool,  and then he is offered to buy the tool through an affiliate link, which provides an income in a form of commissions for the affiliate marketer.

Then, especially using private mentoring via zoom, the coach tries to sell the customer more high ticket courses or items, leveraging the the trust of the customer gained with the previous content given only with a small investment.

This is called value ladder. Along with that, the customer is always given more value, followed by more expensive items and courses to buy. In order to get really in depth in the matter, is also offered a private coaching, and masterclass as well.


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There are also events and more stuff in terms of merchandises and additional courses that can be sold to the customer who has finished to consume the low ticket material.

Even if it may appear in the eye of a naive person a bit scammy, this is how the whole world works.

McDonald&#39;s Customers Hit Out as Chicken Selects Shortage Continues Let’s take an example: when are going to McDonald for buying a simple burger. 
This is a classic example taken to explain the concept in a more common way.

When you go to McDonald and you want to buy something, the machine or the human cashier is instructed to sell you more, as an example chips with your favourite burger, a cola, or a “menu” which is also an upsell.

The more you decide to buy, the more the company tries to sell you high ticket products.

At the end of your purchase, you usually end up buying more than the simple one burgher that you had in mind.

This is also happening into the digital world, where digital items are sold like the physical ones. The pros is that you as an affiliate do not have to handle with customer care, with clients directly or even with refunds.

Everything is handled by the company itself.



Mullen-Marketing-Ecosystem | Mullen Advertising | FlickrThe Marketing Ecosystem

The best choice you can eventually choose is promoting what is called an “Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem“.

This is an affiliate ecosystem of products related one to another, and once you introduce a customer into this ecosystem, the company tries to sell to those customers these products on you behalf. And you earn commissions.

As an example, let’s say that you introduce a customer through your affiliate link into a marketing ecosystem, via the purchase of a 7 dollar product.

After that, if you have partnered with a legit company and trustable one, which has your interests in mind, this company is going to educate the prospect and try to sell multiple products using YOUR affiliate link, so you don’t have to and can count on multiple commissions/revenue streams of income.

This will lead to a win-win partnership, where the company make profits from a continuous stream of new customers coming from affiliates, and the affiliates make profit from multiple revenues which allow them to repay the costs of the ads and live with the net money made.

Doing so, the company will keep the affiliates and make them loyal to the company itself!

It’s in fact good to partner with only trustable companies, because the brand name of the affiliate marketer is obviously linked to the products and company he promotes. 

If the products arent good, the brand of the affiliate marketer suffers of lack of realibility.

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