What is the best Landing Page builder ever made?

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okay this is John Vianney here now today
we are gonna discuss one of the most
crucial thing crucial aspect in your
email marketing business in your
internet marketing business the most
cultural aspect – one of the most ones
is landing page and opt-in page you need
to have a good strong reliable software
to build your opt-in pages and landing
pages as an example you may have to task
your new Facebook ads or you know
traffic source and you have to be able
to build how many opt-in pages are many
version different versions of your
opt-in pages you want instantly so I
will discourage you to use free program
to use wordpress templates and also to
use the temperature of your
autoresponder in most of the cases they
are very simple and they are over used
so I strongly advise you advise you to
use their software
I have using hit this several years and
never been disappointed it is leadpages
with leadpages you have a lot of
features but the most important aspect
is that you it is web-based
so you can send any amount of traffic it
never goes down and instead of putting
your opt-in page in your hosting account
in your site which can be not good if
you are going to send a massive traffic
to test a new source of income a new
source of traffic so I strongly advise
you to use leadpages leadpages is a
web-based app there are a lot of
features you can build inside opt-in
pages and landing page also pop-up box
etc there are a lot of features you can
as we are going to explore them now lot
of features in even in the most cheaper
plan all these pages comes with
mobile-friendly and you can also
instantly build a Facebook ad inside
your leadpages account which is very
good because they automatically sync
with Facebook you have a lot of matrix
and there are a lot of templates you see
here these are few of the templates
available the templates for everything
work obtain web even home page website
if I said and it’s directly integrated
with most of them of the sponsor and see
if it’s booked a snappier stripe also a
wearable get the husband’s
comic kit activecampaign Infusionsoft
you sure you found here your
now so the line learning section mmm
every month or a little bit is Jose who
have been asked also succeed where
capita something you may have seen my
opt-in page because maybe you were
opting in in this page you see this page
this is very clear very simple with this
also there’s a this check box
and it’s made by to leadpages okay now
I’m gonna enter in my lead pages account
this is my late pages account okay see a
lot of and I can customize every this is
a new page
I’m gonna build which is very similar to
the page you are opted in you see here
and I’m gonna show you that I can
customize everything and I can do a lot
of things inside this program you see a
bit slow but it’s important that you can
customize everything because you mmm
while you are learning new marketing
techniques you will found will find the
necessity to build several version of
your object pages and you can do this
you can instantly duplicate you see this
my computer now so because I have a lot
of things opening you see that there are
a lot of or even check out you can also
build check out inside leadpages people
can directly purchase here you can
change the page layout page styles and
also there’s a tracking Facebook
analytics able thing okay
and now I’m going to show you the
obtained suction this is for GDP our
Seder and you I can also add other
things but I prefer to take them to
leave them easy so if you see I can add
as many integration I want this is
acting cap and how to expand I’m
currently using this is lotto of course
I need meal and this is a checkbox for
come spam complaint and I can also tell
the program to deliver after people up
to name the PDF a PDF for free reputable
thing and it’s very useful because they
don’t wait the responder to sign them
but is easily I can preview the page in
different devices you see now top at a
person mobile tablet and on testa and I
can create Facebook ads inside this
there are also guide to the strong good
Facebook ads you can read okay and I can
publish this also WordPress after I
finished to build my opt-in page on
another server to load the HTML and it’s
automatically updated
anytime you make a change on leadpages
it will be automatically updated to all
your sites and I can Sheryl
this template there are a lot of
features to explore but I suggest you to
take everything very easy and to focus
on marketing I can export all A’s on CV
if I don’t make same if I don’t sync it
with another transponder okay
and it’s very crucial to a good
leadpages a good landing page creator
it’s very crucial and I can also see in
real time the statistics of every pages
I have and compare them
yes–we unique views conversion crush
rate you see my last pages were welfare
and so on
and of course you can integrate
analytics Google Analytics or more
deeper this is one of my holders okay of
course the analytics
here’s more in deep as I’m sure you use
use conversion okay I only use this for
so hard see I only use this for solo hat
one time and this is the best aspect of
leadpages you can do as much pages you
want for testing different vendors of so
hard different stream traffic okay and
you can also build up lead boxes which
are pop-up boxes say this this is a lead
boxes okay
I’m gonna show you this one I don’t use
lip boxes so much but it’s good in fact
if you see that this is the hold
behold leadpages
if you service after they hope to name a
software automatically send them the
record and it is very very good and for
now it’s all I instantly command you to
choose a good landing page and opt-in
page creator software it’s better if it
is web-based and if you want to learn
everything about building up not in page
berliner a squeeze page set up
autoresponders maze everything as
suggest you to put your man to go to
make money sandy maze calm the link
below and put your me okay or means

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